Chile explodes: Expensive climate policies spark mass riots, just like the Yellow Vest protests in France

Posted: October 26, 2019 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, government, People power
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Santiago metro train, Chile

Another case of out-of-touch politicians trying to impose their costly climate obsessions on the people and meeting strong resistance. Not getting the message yet?
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UPDATE 30 Oct. 2019: COP 25 climate conference cancelled
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Climate activists and the United Nations are suffering a major black eye this week as protests and riots resulting from high energy prices have erupted in Santiago, Chile, says The Epoch Times (via The GWPF).

Chile, which is hosting a major U.N. climate conference in December, earned praise from climate activists for recently imposing a carbon dioxide tax on conventional energy sources and switching the Santiago Metro system to renewable power.

Now, the people of Chile are rising up and firing a shot across the bow of other nations considering similar energy taxes and expensive renewable energy programs.

On Friday, protesters took to the streets throughout Santiago in response to Metro fare hikes. The protests soon spread to other cities and led to rioting and at least five reported deaths.

The Chilean government and the legacy media blamed the fare hikes on rising oil prices. But that is not true.

In Chile, gasoline prices reflect the lower oil prices. Chilean gasoline prices were $1.12 U.S. per liter in August 2019 (the last month for which data are available), compared to $1.28 a year ago. Five years ago, Chilean gasoline sold at $1.50 U.S.

Santiago Metro fares are rising, despite falling oil and gasoline prices, because government officials in 2018 traded out most of the Metro’s energy sources from conventional power to wind and solar power. The Chilean government also hit the portion of conventional power that remains with new carbon dioxide taxes.

As a result, Chileans are now burdened by higher Metro fares reflecting unnecessary energy price hikes. As Chileans protest in the streets, climate activists and their media allies want people to believe oil is to blame rather than government climate programs that raise energy prices and impoverish people.

Unlike speculative climate change harms that never seem to really happen, carbon dioxide taxes and renewable energy mandates immediately and measurably raise living costs and reduce living standards.

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  1. auspeterb says:

    Carbon and/or Green taxes/subsidies are the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich since the Sherrif of Nottingham rode for Prince John.

  2. ivan says:

    The attitude of the Climate activists and the United Nations reminds me of the response of the king in the comic strip ‘The Wizard of Id’ when told ‘the peasants are revolting’ responded with ‘you can say that again’.

    Hopefully more of the world’s peasants will start to revolt against the stupidity of the Climate activists and the United Nations and say ‘enough is enough we don’t want your stupidity we want our money and life back’.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Back in the day, politicians used to put their policy proposals before the voters first. Doesn’t seem to apply to climate ideology unless or until the voters rise up and cause trouble.

  4. craigm350 says:

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  5. oldbrew says:

    Climate change autocrats can expect more of the same.

  6. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Geez, did this building have flammable cladding too?

  7. Phoenix44 says:

    I’m not entirely convinced by these claims. The Metro hike was two cents. A great deal of these protests are Left-wing anger at a right-wing President. I would be very careful reading “climate” into it.

  8. oldbrew says:

    The fare rise was linked to buying high-cost electric buses.

    Some specialists, such as former Minister Paola Tapia, have indicated that there are other factors that explain the rise. Among these factors would be the purchase without tender of a new fleet of electric buses for the Metropolitan Mobility Network

    Santiago (Chile) Adding 200 Electric Buses In 2019

    In the fourth quarter, an additional 25 electric buses will be added to the fleet for a total of more than 400 fully electric buses operating in Santiago. At that point, Santiago will take the prestigious position of the city with the second largest number of electric buses outside of China

    Transport Minister Hutt said that the city started 2019 with just 203 electric buses and will end the year with more than double that number.

    Chile is making a concerted effort to reduce its emissions and air pollution moving forward with the adoption of electric buses. The country will host the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in December. Conference president and Chile’s Minister of Environment Carolina Schmidt noted the importance of shifting the country’s fleet toward electric:

    To decisively confront climate change, electromobility is critical. We are taking a leap towards a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable transport system.” [bold added]
    – – –
    That’s the spin, but the real reason looks like the air pollution. The fares were already higher than other cities in Latin America and the new rise was the last straw.

    In relative terms, the average monthly cost per person for the city’s public transport is equivalent to 13.8% of the minimum wage, well above other cities such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City or Lima, where it does not exceed 10%.

  9. There is a theory that a number of ancient empires maintained control by controlling water. Called Hydraulic Empires, they could shut off the tap and force compliance. (Egypt and China were two of the biggest Hydraulic Empires of antiquity.) What the modern Ruling Class is doing is creating a petrochemical empire. By limiting the use of fossil fuels they can control wealth, and strangle anyone who opposes them.

    Emergy is the measure of wealth in modernity. If they can regulate how energy is produced and used they can impoverish some or enrich others. It’s a revival of the hydraulic empire theory on a global scale. And of course they will be the biggest beneficiaries.

    That is why the global elites are all on board with this Climate Change business while the hoi poloi oppose it. It’s a trap for the country class. And it’s the key to creating the utopian socialist paradise that the Progressives have always dreamed of, but have been prevented from creating by the “ignorant” peasants.

    It looks like those ignorant peasants are catching on.

  10. oldbrew says:

    All the climateers will be roaring into Chile on long-haul jets soon to tell the plebs that air travel is a no-no for the climate. The annual farce goes on, and on – the title says it all: COP 25.

  11. It doesn't add up... says:

    Perhaps they should have bought nuclear power stations rather than a metro system from the French. Chile has no need to waste resources on wind and solar. The Atacama desert may be one of the sunniest spots on earth – its clear skies making it a good place for astronomical telescopes – but even there solar is a poor match for diurnal demand patterns, and they can’t seem to make pumped storage economics work.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Another one bites the dust…

    Sri Lanka scraps controversial carbon tax
    Sunday October 27, 2019