Global EV sales in September 2019 drop down 8%

Posted: November 1, 2019 by oldbrew in News, Travel

Chinese electric car [image credit:]

Sales of expensive electric vehicles predictably misfire as short-term subsidies inevitably slip. No signs of mass take-up despite endless climate hype.

Global sales are lower than a year ago because China lost incentives, while the U.S. is trying to overcome high Model 3 sales in 2018, reports Inside EVs.

The global plug-in passenger car sales were affected in September by a decrease in sales in China and in the U.S. Only the European market brings significant growth among the three biggest markets.

According to the EV Sales Blog, total sales amounted to over 183,000, which is 8% less than a year ago, at a market share of 2.3%.

The bad news is that all-electric cars were down in September by about 1% year-over-year, which is something not seen in years. Plug-in hybrids were down by 23%.

After nine months of 2019, sales exceed 1,608,000 at an average market share of 2.3%.

Full report here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    Governments haven’t hit the problem of how to replace all the taxes on motor fuel sales yet. Maybe they never will if EV sales stay low – unless/until buying EVs become compulsory.

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘After nine months of 2019, sales exceed 1,608,000’

    It’s good to know that there are that many people in the world who can afford to blow their money on an EV.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Re…Gamecock says: November 1, 2019 at 1:23 pm
    – – –
    According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a whopping 80 percent of new electric cars are leased. This excludes Tesla since lease data is unavailable and most people buy. Compare this number to only 30 percent for new car sales as a whole. So, why are people leasing EVs and why might it be a solid choice? Below are five reasons, in no particular order of importance.

    Example: As soon as you drive any car off the dealer lot, you’re flushing money down the toilet. This is even more true for most electric cars. Data from reputable car review websites like Edmunds cites an average of over 50 percent depreciation in the first year of EV ownership.

  4. Yes. Oldbrew. I would not accept a Tesla if it was given free. One still has to pay annual registration, & insurance and find somewhere to park it. One of our cars is a Subaru Forester which has lasted 15 years without any major repair (except tyres). It has done 335.000 km. It is used to pull the caravan. I suggest the Tesla could not get up our 13 degree drive with a caravan nor could it go on a 3000 km holiday in the outback where you may see no one for an hour or two driving. EVs will never catch on in Australia.

  5. Gamecock says:

    “I suggest the Tesla could not get up our 13 degree drive with a caravan”

    Not sure pulling a trailer is allowed with a Tesla. (I’ll check with my expert later today.)

    If you can pull a trailer with them, it would have no problem with your drive. Compared to other cars, the electric drive in a Tesla is quite powerful.

    So I wonder about the practicality of putting a generator in your caravan.

    ‘nor could it go on a 3000 km holiday in the outback’

    With fuel and a generator back there, why not? (Other than looking stupid, and trying a little too hard. Certainly would give you something to talk about at campsites.)

    Of course, simple solution is to just rent a vehicle for the holiday. No need to have holiday capability in your daily driver the other 11 months of the year.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    While having an Electric Car is an exciting thought, the Logic of it escapes me. The Tesla is an expensive toy for Rich people that can afford to own other options…pg

  7. Gamecock says:

    You are correct, p.g.sharrow.


    I checked with my expert. It is okay to pull a trailer with a Tesla.

    In fact, they had an ad with a Model X pulling an Alfalfa Romeo while beating another Alfa.

    A Tesla cannot be driven while being charged. So you’d have to pull off the road and run the generator to charge it. Will have to be a pretty substantial generator to charge it quickly.

    Thus spoke my expert.

  8. Gamecock, the Forester has manual gears with high and low ratio making 10 gears and of course AWD. I read somewhere that 50% of vehicles sold in USA are utilities or USA pick-up trucks. I think around where I live 80% of the vehicles are SUV (eg the Forester, Toyota , Hyundai -my daughter has one, Jeeps -although rubbish, etc) or Utes like the Toyota Hilux (which is the biggest selling vehicle in Australia, normally 4 wheel drive)
    I do not know of any tradesman who would have an EV vehicle

  9. oldbrew says:

    With a hybrid or range extender no separate generator is needed.

    Then there’s the genset trailer.

  10. Gamecock says:

    “I do not know of any tradesman who would have an EV vehicle”

    Nor do I, though a niche may exist. But that has nothing to do with the conversation.

    You said, “I suggest the Tesla could not get up our 13 degree drive with a caravan.”

    That is wrong. Regardless of what tradesmen do.

  11. Just saw a graph in a Stocks Report. “Truck” sales in USA 11.8 M in 2018-2019 and has been rising about 1 M per year since 2011 while “car” sales 5.5M in 2018-19 and has been declining by about 0.5M /yr since 2014. Article says people are no longer interested in sedans except Tesla. In last quarter Tesla sales in USA reduced. and they made a loss. Would you risk buying shares that maybe worthless in a year or two?

  12. oldbrew says:

    US State subsidies for Teslas are declining as their sales exceed the quotas, or EV policy changes.

    …the last paragraph of its earnings release warned that Tesla’s future growth “Risk Factor” was the “unavailability, reduction or elimination of government and economic incentives for electric vehicles and energy products.”

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