A Full Yorkshire Brexit

Posted: December 16, 2019 by tallbloke in democracy, EU Referendum, government, People power
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Nigel and Tallbloke chatting to stallholders on Barnsley market

Financial Times Dec 13:

“Where the Brexit party contested seats, they took more votes from Labour than the Tories, and Labour suffered greater losses on average where the Brexit party stood than where it did not.

“This was most evident in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber where the Brexit party had their best performances. For example, in the Don Valley seat, the Brexit party picked up 15 per cent of the vote as Labour’s share fell by 19 percentage points. Despite the strong showing by the Brexit party, the Conservative vote share ticked up from 42 to 43 per cent, allowing the Tories to unseat Labour’s Caroline Flint.”

We like data at the talkshop, so here it is:

Stitch that Jeremy

This result vindicates Nigel Farage’s pre-election contention that the Brexit Party would take far more votes from Labour than the Conservatives in the North of England and his strategy to put country before party by standing down our candidates in Conservative held seats to head off the Liberal Democrats and their plan to revoke the 2016 referendum result or support a second referendum in a remainer coalition with the Labour Party.

We had some great candidates in Yorkshire. After the stand-down, there were still 37 seats to contest, and as regional campaign manager I did a lot of last-minute driving around the county to get nomination packs and signatures sorted out. Our most successful seats were in the former ‘People’s Republic of South Yorkshire’, the mining areas which had been a Labour stronghold since forever.

In the two Barnsley seats we took strong second places with 30% of the vote share in each. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to get around all the doors to get our message across to voters that the Brexit Party was the direct challenger to Labour. Another two weeks canvassing time and we’d have won there.

Barnsley East candidate Jim Ferguson with his support crew

Honourable mentions also go to members of the Democrats and Veterans Direct Democracy Party who worked hard in the region on the ground campaign, and David of tactical voting outfit Brexit Kitemark for his endorsements of our candidates in seats where we were the main challengers to Labour.


Although it was a ‘unilateral alliance’ there’s no doubt that along with the Conservatives, we saved Brexit last Thursday night by putting a pro-Brexit government with a large majority into Parliament. However, we didn’t get Brexit Party MPs in place to keep Boris Johnson on the straight and narrow. We can only hope he doesn’t squander the huge advantage he has been given with our assistance. We still want full independence for our country, and any backsliding on the part of the Conservatives will be met with renewed vigour and an even better organised and renewed campaign.

  1. ivan says:

    Will green Boris actually follow through with a clean Brexit or will it end up as Brexit lite?

    It appears that he is going full steam ahead with the green deal that will ruin the country because there will be the usual rolling blackouts caused by the unreliable renewables.

  2. tallbloke says:

  3. oldbrew says:

    Even the Brexit-negative Guardian had to admit it – quote: ‘Farage won it for Johnson.’

    Backed up by good work from the likes of Tallbloke and his crew of course.



    To write off all Euroscepticism as driven by bigotry or small mindedness, or to pretend that voters don’t understand what they are being asked, is itself the most dreadful bigotry.

  4. tallbloke says:

    Yeah, but you just know that with the graun, it’s less of a compliment to Farage and more of a slur on “far right” Johnson. But who cares? We’ve won Brexit, again, for the fifth time.

  5. MrGrimNasty says:

    I think Farage coming back and dominating the European parliament election has precipitated the fortunate likely final outcome. That was the master stroke. It sent a very clear message to the EU and the Tories. If you ask me, contesting this election was perhaps a bridge too far. It could have easily backfired. But hindsight and all that…….

  6. tallbloke says:

  7. Gamecock says:

    ‘We’ve won Brexit, again, for the fifth time.’

    Amen. One wonders when the sixth time will be.

  8. tallbloke says:

    Well it looks like our top team are prepared to face the sixth eventuality, and the aftermath of Brexit. This is part of an email to every supporter just in from Richard Tice:

    “Nigel and I, and the whole Brexit Party team, thank you for your continued support and commitment to the party. We must continue to ensure a proper Brexit will be delivered, and one thing’s for sure — we know we can make change and we know there is more to make. We need reform.”

  9. oldbrew says:

    Just came across this …

    EU stars disappear from British disabled drivers’ blue badges
    DfT refuses to say who made decision as it would breach election ‘purdah’ rules
    Mon 25 Nov 2019

    The government has removed the EU emblem and its 12 gold stars from British disabled drivers’ parking badges even though the UK has not left the bloc, it has emerged.

    The move comes months after the row over the government decision to remove the words “European Union” from British passports.

    – – –
    Shock horror 😮
    = = =
    Good news for Guardian readers: the EU 12-star circle is still on my new EHIC health card that arrived last week.

  10. phil salmon says:

    Great photo of you with Nige!
    Good to celebrate the Brexit-positive outcome.

    Here’s an image summing up reactions to the election result (at least in my family)


  11. phil salmon says:

    I meant this picture only!

  12. oldmanK says:

    No connection to British affairs here, but that pic is what is said of two who share a common purse. One sings and the other cries.

  13. Eric Johnson says:

    Pleased beyond belief that there were, and still are, enough sensible people to value freedom, independence and sel-reliance. EU’s unaccountable mystery ‘leaders (of what?) will be rewriting the ‘rules’ to ensure their fifedim, with all its personal benefits, remains intact by preventing any more revenue loss. Er, country departures.

    Political shenanigans on both sides of the Atlantic are identical, at least where one’s vote still counts for something.

    The ‘loosers’ denounce their opponents by simply accusing them of exactly what they’re doing. Only have to do it repetitively – “A lie repeated…” – and loudly, preventing any public discussion through simple bullying and violence, or threat of, convinces those fence sitters.

    Locally, watching state, county and city governments using the courts to overturn a citizens’ referendum to reduce taxes…, er… ‘fees’.

    Big bucks/pounds/yen/yuan/francs/marks/lira/etc all have big/powerful interests that invariably run counter to those forced to fund their project de jour.

    Our ‘leaders’, represenatives, rulers, kings/queens, despots, thugs, etc all come in a continuum of unpleasantness. However, historically, the most people ever are relatively free. At least for awhile.

    Disconcerting to see the belief that Brexit VI may be on the horizon. Or emanating from from the below ground effluent discharge system. Or, Brexit Six, abbreviated, BS? Oops, B.S.?

  14. oldbrew says:

    The pound dipped when the new Brexit law fixing an end date of UK-EU negotiations was announced. Turbulence is far from over …

  15. Paul Vaughan says:

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  16. tallbloke says:

    Lest we forget how long the road has been.

  17. oldbrew says:

    Your DIY Big Ben Brexit Bongs…