Terrorism police list Extinction Rebellion as extremist ideology: But soon back down

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After their unlawful antics costing taxpayers millions of pounds and disrupting thousands of people trying to go about their daily lives, anti-terrorism police included XR in a booklet they send to statutary partners.

But climate campaigning media org the Guardian has been on the case, and the counter-terror police have backtracked:

DCS Kath Barnes, head of CTPSE, said: “I would like to make it quite clear that we do not classify Extinction Rebellion as an extremist organisation. The inclusion of Extinction Rebellion in this document was an error of judgment and we will now be reviewing all of the contents as a result.

“It was produced by CTPSE to assist our statutory partners – including police forces and government organisations – in identifying people who may be vulnerable as a result of their links to some organisations.

“The document was designed for a very specific audience who understand the complexities of the safeguarding environment we work within and who have statutory duties under Prevent. We are in the process of confirming who it has been shared with and recalling it.

The key passage in the document characterising XR is this:

Anti-establishment philosophy that seeks system change underlies its activism; the group attracts to its events school-age children and adults unlikely to be aware of this. While non-violent against persons, the campaign encourages other law-breaking activities. While concern about climate change is not in itself extreme, activists may encourage vulnerable people to perform acts of violence, or commit such acts themselves.

Which, given the stated aims of its leadership, and its ‘demands’ seems fair enough, and a cause for concern. Think tank Policy Exchange produced a detailed report on XR. Here’s a snippet:

• Extinction Rebellion’s execution of its strategy has put pressure on UK policing resources and tactics, exposing weaknesses in existing legislation for policing protest and diverting police resources away from addressing other crime challenges. Extinction Rebellion’s ten-day protest in London in April of this year is estimated to have cost the Metropolitan Police £16 million in resources and involved the deployment of 10,000 police officers over the two weeks.

• Extinction Rebellion’s tactics have caused serious economic and social disruption to London. The impact of the first week of their protests during April 2019 was estimated to have cost shops £12 million in lost takings and to have delayed 500,000 commuters attempting to travel on London’s road and transport system.

• While Extinction Rebellion espouses non-violent tactics, its leaders have considered using drones to disrupt flights at Heathrow Airport with the intention of bringing the airport to a standstill. Had they pursued this action the public would have been put at risk and the campaigners may have crossed the threshold into a terrorism offence. Given the extreme objectives of Extinction Rebellion, therefore, it is not inconceivable that some on the fringes of the movement might at some point break with organisational discipline and engage in violence.

• A leading figure in Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam, has spoken about people dying for its cause. In an address to one audience, he said: “we are not just sending out e-mails and asking for donations. We are going to force the governments to act. And if they don’t, we will bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose… and yes, some may die in the process”.

What lies behind such a fervent desire to remould ‘a democracy’ nearer to his heart’s desire? Another Guardian article gives a clue:

Tino Pfaff, a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion Germany, told German media he was in favour of excluding Hallam from the movement.

Hallam claimed his comments had been taken out of context. “

I want to fully acknowledge the unimaginable suffering caused by the Nazi Holocaust that led to all of Europe saying ‘never again’. But it is happening again, on a far greater scale and in plain sight. The global north is pumping lethal levels of CO2 into the atmosphere and simultaneously erecting ever greater barriers to immigration, turning whole regions of the world into death zones. That is the grim reality. We are allowing our governments to willingly, and in full knowledge of the science, engage in genocide of our young people and those in the global south by refusing to take emergency action to reduce carbon emissions.

Many might think such extreme ignorance of science coupled with his extreme desire to bring down governments and modern economies by causing extreme disruption might mean the police were just doing their job.

Others think we should publicise their leadership’s views widely, so people know what they’re dealing with. Some think we should start charging XR protestors proportionately to the cost of the disruption they cause. Still others have been engaging in a bit of direct action of their own to deal with the problems XR protestors cause on their daily commute.

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