COP26: Climate summit may cost UK ‘several hundred million pounds’

Posted: January 15, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, government, IPCC, Taxpayer

This candidate for the UK’s most expensive non-event ever is already hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. We’re informed ‘that COP26 attendees will peak at 15,000 on the busiest day, but the overall figure could rise to 90,000 over the period of the conference’. Don’t mention the ’emissions’ – which are what it’s supposed to be all about – as they all fly in and out again.

The cost of a UN climate change conference in Glasgow could be “several hundred million pounds”, police say.

Up to 90,000 people – delegates, observers, heads of state and media – are expected to attend COP26, over 12 days in November, says BBC News.

A Scottish Police Authority report says it will be the largest mobilisation of police officers in the UK.

Scottish ministers say they expect the UK government to cover the “core costs” including emergency services funding.

But a spokesperson added there was a “lack of clarity” from Westminster over the issue.

Costs associated with a Nato summit in Wales in 2014 have been used to draw up the estimated cost of this year’s conference.

The report says: “Taking into consideration the planning assumptions and based on previous major summits/conferences (e.g. Nato Summit Wales 2014), the initial costings demonstrate that the event will cost potentially several hundred million pounds.

“Detailed financial planning is being developed and dialogue remains ongoing with the Cabinet Office relative to the cost recovery model that will be utilised.”

Police said the safety and wellbeing of conference attendees, the wider public and any protesters would be their “paramount” concern.

The COP26 will be the largest summit the UK has held, with up to 200 world leaders expected for the final weekend of talks.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    If you think that looks expensive…

    JANUARY 14, 2020

    EU lays out trillion-euro ‘Green Deal’

    Stump up, EU citizens.

  2. JohnM says:

    Charge (say) £1000 for each specific ‘plane that brings “delegates, observers, heads of state and media” to every UK aeroport; and £100 for every individual, that will help with the cost.

  3. Gamecock says:

    ‘A Scottish Police Authority report says it will be the largest mobilisation of police officers in the UK.’

    Green jobs.

    90,000 people visiting Glasgow, and they aren’t going to spend a penny.

    Internet search returns are somewhat ambiguous, but it appears the UK national government was involved with the selection of Glasgow. So I think it quite reasonable of Glasgow to ask for help from the national government.

    “You brought this plague upon us!”

  4. oldbrew says:

    Boris Johnson, Sep. 2019:
    “I don’t want to see Nicola Sturgeon anywhere near it because the Scottish nationalist party didn’t secure that summit in Glasgow, it was the United Kingdom Government.”

  5. ivan says:

    This is a UN deal so logically the UN should shoulder the costs from their Climate Change Fund rather than the UK tax payers.

    Unfortunately Green Boris will stump up the money because his GF tells him to. What a way to run a country!!

  6. Adam Gallon says:

    ivan, that assumes he’s still bonking her in December.
    Also assumes he’s still PM.

  7. EternalOptimist says:

    half the cost by letting them in but not letting them out. then tax lobsters,lattes & deep fried mars bars double

  8. Saighdear says:

    Field day for criminals ….Don’t be encouraging them – when the bobbies are busy !

  9. dennisambler says:

    Old Brew: EU lays out trillion-euro ‘Green Deal’ More here:

    “Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday in Luxembourg committed to raising, by 2030, €1 trillion for the fight against climate change. How exactly she plans to do that, and who will profit most from the money, she left for today’s College meeting to answer:

    The Commission will adopt and unveil its Just Transition plans (part of the broader, €1-trillion Sustainable Europe Investment Plan) in Strasbourg today.

    “Climate change is an enormous challenge, so we have to think and act big,” Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis told Playbook, “We put the Green Deal on the table last month and, to put it bluntly, we now need to put our money where our mouth is,” he said.

    Dombrovskis said that what will be unveiled today is a “comprehensive funding plan to transition to a greener Europe.” He added: “We need at least an additional €260 billion a year to meet the 2030 climate goals. The Sustainable Europe Investment Plan will give us real financing clout — €1 trillion over a decade — to fund sustainable projects across the EU.”

    “The plan will encourage everyone — from public authorities down to private investors — to think green,” Dombrovskis said.

    Some might yet need more convincing, and what’s more convincing than a pile of cash?”

    Ursula von der Leyen wiped the data from a second mobile phone before returning it to the German defense ministry, Spiegel reports.

    The European Commission president is being investigated by a German parliamentary committee about how lucrative contracts from the defense ministry, which von der Leyen led until last August, were awarded to outside consultants.

    “Ursula von der Leyen was back in the spotlight over a contracting scandal after it emerged that a mobile phone she used as German defense minister had been wiped clean of all data. Members of a German parliamentary committee investigating the scandal cried foul over the deletion.

    They had wanted to examine the phone as part of their probe into how lucrative contracts from the defense ministry were awarded to outside consultants without proper oversight, and whether a network of informal personal connections facilitated those deals.

    An official from the ministry told the committee on Thursday that the phone, which lawmakers had demanded since February be examined as evidence, had been wiped in August — the same month that von der Leyen left the ministry after she had been elected as European Commission president (German newspaper Welt first reported about the wiped phone).”

    Hillary 2?

    “A criminal complaint has been filed after it was revealed that Germany’s Defence Ministry wiped data from the phone of its former boss and new European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen — echoing similar incidents involving Hillary Clinton in the United States.”

    Ursula and Hillary met some time ago, maybe Hillary gave her a few tips. This is from 2014, before Hillary lost, picture here:

    (Google translate)

    “Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defense minister, who was invited because she is considered to be as ambitious as Clinton, laughingly denies the desire for Merkel’s chair. Instead, von der Leyen tried to create a lot of transatlantic pathos. Germans and Americans shared values, the relationships were deep.

    At the end of the show, they stand side by side, Clinton and von der Leyen. Reinforced with bouquets. Smiled on. You have not given a single original answer, but you have not made any mistakes. And that’s another step on their way to power.”

  10. oldbrew says:

    COP26: Mark Carney appointed as Finance Adviser for climate summit in Glasgow

    He will help the UK Government to mobilise ambitious action from across the financial sector ahead of the conference in November

    Of course 🙄

  11. Coeur de Lion says:

    In one of my Complaints to the BBC I recommended that they distance themselves from COP26 as it is bound to fail as did COP25, 24, 23 , 22. Etc. Some hopes. I also suggested that impoverished Guinea will field over 400 delegates as they did for 25 and 26. Ludicrous.
    I hope Sturgeon gets involved with COP26. We are going to see a lot more of the detail at Glasgow than was ever appreciated by the rational public during Madrid or Katowice. Extremists. Weird subcommittees. Street demos in blinding snowstorms. Bring it on