The real western civilisation emergency-Melanie Phillips

Posted: February 22, 2020 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, government
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Another fiasco on the way is the EU’s plan to go ‘carbon neutral’ at vast expense, with no obvious post-Brexit source of funding.


By Paul Homewood

Melanie Phillips is one of the few who have been fighting back against global warming dogma since the early days.

Despite being marginalised by the Daily Mail, she is still continuing the fight:


A few commentators have begun to stumble towards the fact that the policy of becoming “carbon neutral” by 2050, as adopted by the UK and the EU, would undo modernity itself.

On Unherd, Peter Franklin observes that, if carried through, the policy will have a far greater effect than Brexit or anything else; it will transform society altogether.

“It will continue to transform the power industry, and much else besides: every mode of transport; how we build, warm and cool our homes; food, agriculture and land use; trade, industry, every part of the economy”.

Franklin is correct. Even so, he seems not to grasp the full implications of the disaster he intuits –…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    The author concludes:

    The “climate emergency”, which we are told threatens the imminent collapse of civilisation and the extinction of humanity, is a dogma being enforced by a culturally totalitarian tyranny. Threatening the living standards of millions, permitting no challenge and wrecking the livelihoods and reputations of any who dares dissent, it has been created by a repudiation of science, humanity and reason: the very markers of modernity and the west. This is the real emergency.
    – – –
    The inevitable problems with so-called climate policies will surface more and more as time goes by.

    Pontificating Politicians Plan To Outlaw The Engine, But Forecasters Say Nothing Much Changes
    Date: 20/02/20 Neil Winton, Forbes

    Virtue signalling politicians compete with each other to bring forward the theoretical day when carbon dioxide (CO2) is eliminated from our cars, trucks, ships and airliners, but experts say this is not going to happen any time soon and traditional engines will retain dominance for years to come.

    For ‘virtue signalling’ read ‘hopelessly misguided’, or similar…

  2. Tish Farrell says:

    Many thanks for the link to this article. Phillips succinctly states conclusions I have been reaching myself (this after months of reading and questioning my own received AGW beliefs). The global-group-think truly is alarming. And the grief it is creating!

  3. oldbrew says:

    What the globalists want…

    JP Morgan warns of end to human life in climate report
    An explosive new report sees economists at the bank calling for a global carbon tax
    21 February 2020

    The human race could cease to exist without massive worldwide action to tackle global warming, economists at JP Morgan have warned in a hard-hitting report on the “catastrophic” potential of climate change.

    In an alarming document sent to clients, they said that deaths, immigration and conflicts will soar as the planet heats and water supplies dry up. Famines will increase and species will be wiped out.
    – – –
    Who benefits from the desired ‘global carbon tax’ – JP Morgan bankers by any chance?

    Then there’s the ‘carbon offsets’ fraud/fiasco/ripoff…

  4. Stephen Riochards says:

    What is really concerning is the attitude of Gullible Gove and barmy Boris. Lemmings is hardly a strong enough description of where these two are taking the UK.

  5. oldbrew says:

  6. oldbrew says:

    Electric cars are a hazard on motorways, Government admits

    Transport minister orders urgent safety review after concerns that electric vehicles stopping on busy roads could cause accidents

    22 February 2020

  7. tom0mason says:

    I dearly miss hearing Melanie Phillips on the BBC R4 ‘The Moral Maze’, so often she was the lone voice of sanity there. I’ve remove TV from my life about 30 years ago, and now R4 as it only broadcasts lefty baloney.
    Thankfully Melanie Phillips still writes about what goes on there at .

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