UK Government pledges £800M carbon capture and storage fund 

Posted: March 14, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Energy, government, Travel
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National energy supplies will be manipulated by the government long into the future, under the dubious banner of climate concerns. Providers will have to go along with whatever the latest prescriptive policies are, including forcing up the price of gas. Forget market forces and open competition. What could possibly go wrong?

In his Budget announcement [this week], chancellor Rishi Sunak said the CCS Infrastructure Fund would be worth “at least £800M”, with the first site to be established by the mid-2020s, reports New Civil Engineer.

The initiatives will create up to 6,000 jobs in Teesside, Humberside, Merseyside and St Fergus in Scotland – in a move described by Sunak as “levelling up in action”.

CCS can provide flexible low carbon power and decarbonise many industrial processes. It is important for the UK since other key sources of low carbon electricity – such as offshore and onshore wind and solar – are weather dependent.

Drax Group is currently running a bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (Beccs) pilot at its North Yorkshire power station.

Drax chief executive Will Gardiner said that the Budget funding for the development of the CCS clusters “demonstrates the government’s commitment to communities and businesses in the North”.

He added: “By accelerating the development of vital negative emissions technologies like Beccs, which is being pioneered by Drax, we can permanently remove millions of tonnes of CO2 each year from the atmosphere.”

The chancellor also said he would remove incentives to choose gas over the cleaner option of electricity. From April 2022, it will raise gas prices and freeze electricity charges.

Ramboll UK district energy head of department Paul Steen said this would be “a commercial incentive for businesses to make positive decisions on decarbonisation and move away from natural gas fuels to low carbon sources”.

Meanwhile, an additional £900M investment in high-potential technologies was also announced. This will involve commercialising nuclear fusion technology, offering potentially limitless clean energy, and supporting the government’s National Space Strategy and space innovation fund.

A portion of this funding contributes to a wider investment of up to £1bn to develop UK supply chains for the largescale production of electric vehicles, as announced in September.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure will ensure that motorists are never more than 50km from a rapid charging station.

According to Steen, this is “positive news for the industry and for the decarbonisation of transport as a whole”.

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  1. Chaswarnertoo says:

    FFS. The looneys are in charge.

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘with the first site to be established by the mid-2020s’

    Why the rush? The climate emergency is NOW. This week.

  3. Saighdear says:

    The firs shite ? thoughtthey’d already been doing research , here in Scotland…..?
    Pardon my finger stuttering typos here – but , erm, kinda summs up the inner mind on this CCS rubbish.
    Yes I heard it all formyself on the Budget day – Toll on Virus and take em out ! Sometimes Mother Nature flicks her tail ! Watch the backlash

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    Wow, there is no idea too stupid for pols to figure out how to waste astronomical amounts a other people’s money, usually in a lame attempt at garnering Pious Points.

    Apparently there’s a pandemic of that disease across the planet and it’s taken a serious foothold. The one certain cure for the disease seems to be a tax and spend pol, torches, pitchforks, tar, feathers, a wooden post/rail and a herd of PO’d citizens. Some assembly required.

  5. tom0mason says:

    The con-men & profiteers have the ear of the government idiots, and they will bend that ear with sweet fiction to maximize the public cash they can purloin, before disappearing leaving nought but a mess.
    Political fools with public money are easily parted.

  6. dennisambler says:

    Is the “digging holes and filling them” in policy for reducing unemployment? All environmental taxes and subsidies should be scrapped to allow a rapid recovery from the economic effect of coronavirus.

  7. oldbrew says:

    We’ve been here before…

    UK government carbon capture £1bn grant dropped
    25 November 2015

  8. Phoenix44 says:

    Higher taxes, higher prices, more state intervention, more borrowing, more state “champions”, fewer choices, more intervention in markets…

    As the Left claim, truly the most right-wing government ever…

  9. Coeur de Lion says:

    Erm, just answer a simple question for me please. What ‘carbon’ is to be captured? I suppose they mean atmospheric carbon dioxide? So this machine will be sucking Germany’s, no, sorry, French, no, golly, WORLD CO2 out of the air? At our taxpayers’ expense and what difference will it make? It’s like importing saplings. (BBC yesterdsy). Can anyone gimme an answer?

  10. cognog2 says:

    An £800million austerity creation fund with the tab being picked up by the long suffering consumer.
    Time the Climate Change Act 2008 was dumped.

  11. Russ Wood says:

    To anyone who is seriously considering CCS – “REMEMBER LAKE NYOS!”

  12. oldbrew says:

    Coeur de Lion says: Erm, just answer a simple question for me please. What ‘carbon’ is to be captured? I suppose they mean atmospheric carbon dioxide?

    More likely CO2 from burning gas.

  13. ivan says:

    We should give them credit for admitting their idea of all renewable energy won’t work but it does leave the question of what they are going to do when all the green things start to wither and die from lack of food which will lead to human food shortage as well.

    Where is the modern Cromwell when we need him?

  14. Russell Johnson says:

    Monumental waste of money…

  15. oldbrew says:

    From April 2022, it will raise gas prices and freeze electricity charges.

    Regardless of market conditions by the sound of it. Gas revenue will subsidise renewables in effect.

  16. dennisambler says:

    Look who’s an international advisor to the Global CCS institute, Nick Stern of the Grantham LSE

  17. oldbrew says:

    Germany getting desperate about its ’emissions’…

    Quest for climate neutrality puts CCS back on the table in Germany

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