CLINTEL President Says Zero Carbon Is A Crime Against Humanity

Posted: March 21, 2020 by oldbrew in Accountability, Energy, government, opinion
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Making electricity unreliable and expensive when it used not be — sounds idiotic, but seems to be the norm with climate-obsessed governments these days.

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

I recently got an intriguing email from Professor Guus Berkhout, president of the Climate Intelligence Foundation or CLINTEL. It contained this striking paragraph and the last sentence really got me thinking:

“The past 150 years show that affordable and reliable energy is the key to prosperity. The past 150 years also show that more CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth and increasing the yields of crops. Why do governments ignore these hard facts? Why do they do the opposite and lower the quality of life by forcing high-cost, dubious low-carbon energy technologies upon their citizens? The zero-emission act is a crime against humanity.” (Emphasis added.)

So I looked into the law on crimes against humanity and Professor Berkhout may have a strong case. At its simplest, a crime against humanity is a government policy that systematically and knowingly harms a specific group…

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  1. JB says:

    Reading comprehension deficit seems to be an universal educational defect, not restricted to just the rising generation. –Especially when it comes to specific and essential data that requires contemplation.

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    Systematic Sci11UNsing

    The boldness of the deep state is escalating exponentially.

    Cyan Gin a Calm Policed

    The present scenario presented a perfect opportunity — complete with effective media black-out — for SatUN to pull a mammoth bait and switch. It’s AIready D-UN. Predators instinctively seized on ripening opportunity. IT appears the young and financially vulnerable in our society were destined for vi rule ant “re-education camps”, disguised write at home as the new norm for everyday living.

    The deep state message:
    “We are the borg. There’s no hope left to die — or even live — as a free citizen.”

    Deep Penning Sci11UNs Communication

    IT’s cruel. The people who die die knowing we lost our freedom. Maybe if we survive this time we won’t be so easily tricked next time into surrendering our bravery and along with it our freedom.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    Decayed Chill Lingers via Rule Ants’ UNintended Con Sequences

    The invent tory of lost opportunities already stretches a decade.


    The message being received by citizens:
    “We are the borg. You will spend the last days of your life locked down either at home, in hospital, or jail. If you survive, you will be homeless.”

  4. oldbrew says:

    Climate change: Green energy plant threat to wilderness areas
    By Matt McGrath
    Environment correspondent
    5 hours ago

    Wind, solar and hydro power installations pose a growing threat to key conservation areas, say researchers.

    Researchers found that over 2,200 green energy plants have been built within the boundaries of the Earth’s remaining wilderness.

    They say that around 17% of renewable facilities globally are located in protected regions.

    A further 900 plants are now being developed in key areas of biodiversity.

    Photo caption: All over Europe, renewable installations are often located in protected areas
    – – –
    For anything else, rent-a-mob would be on the spot in droves to wail about the damage and demand an end to it.

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