Coronavirus throws EU’s Green Deal into disarray

Posted: March 24, 2020 by oldbrew in Big Green, climate, government, Politics


Less money available to waste on absurd and costly schemes for climate obsessives? What a shame – not. A harsh new reality has arrived.
– – –
Much remains uncertain as the effects of the Coronavirus ravage economies, says Dave Keating @ Forbes.

But what seems clear is that any assumptions made about transitioning to the green economy have now been rendered obsolete.

[…] The EU’s Green Deal, with its target to completely decarbonize by 2050 proposed earlier this month, has not taken the massive economic and social disruption of Coronavirus into account.

Assumptions made just a few weeks ago will now have to be completely revised. There is particular urgency to revise the EU’s medium-term goal of reducing emissions by 40% by 2030, adopted in 2014.

Máximo Miccinilli, Energy Director at the Center on Regulation in Europe (CERRE), says this 2030 strategy is the “most exposed element” of EU climate policy to Coronavirus risks, after the ETS.

The European Commission’s climate plan aims at defining mandatory trajectories over the next three decades.” he says. “There is, however, an urgent need for including in the modelling exercise the implications of a global sanitary-economic crisis of the magnitude of COVID-19.”

He says the Commission must define “new scenarios that include lower industrial outputs, crises in strategic sectors – e.g. aviation, automobile, tourism, etcetera – lower carbon prices and other fundamental, socio-demographic developments which would result from a potential five-year long recession.”

This should be in addition to urgent measures taken to adjust the ETS, he says.

Climate campaigners have argued that economic recovery measures that don’t take the Green Deal into account risk destroying Europe’s chances of meeting the Paris Agreement goals.

As the EU and national governments flood the economy with unprecedented bailout funding, much of that funding will go to emissions-intensive sectors like aviation and industry.

And politicians that have been sceptical about EU climate action are already saying the outbreak means that efforts to tackle climate change should be suspended, while industry is propped up.

Forbes article here.

  1. Dodgy Geezer says:

    Hmmm…TWO exaggerated and implausible threats engage our political masters, and they make a complete balls-up of addressing both of them….

  2. Saighdear says:

    Well let’s hope so – and then they’ll find that the Earth will return back to “normal” sometime later as the Sun wakes up.
    Shall we be magnanimous and let them think that he current reduction in Earthly Evil activities was sufficient to make the change to Global whatever ?
    Meanwhile and after ( hope so) the disease cools down, will the Pendulum of business as usual swing back sympathetically , OR ? well, er em D U C K !!

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    SatUN WANTS the longest possible damage to the financially vulnerable to FORCE a Satanic social credit scheme. You may never work again because administrative bullIDevils “BUILD IN DELAYS”. IT’s what they do. They don’t give a shit. They have TONS of money in the bank. They can outlast a Great Depression. That’s all THEY care. They don’t even understand that the people volunteering at food banks were “locked down”. They’re single-issue people. They actually don’t care. They’re fool-masters. Last week they fooled 3 billion human-beings into financial self-sabotage.

    Neil Young: That’s one more kid that’ll never go to school, never get to fall in love, never get to be cool. — “Keep on Rockin’ in the free world”

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    Texas official suggests grandparents are willing to risk their lives for economy”

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! (if this is true)

    Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday night that he’s “not living in fear” of the novel coronavirus pandemic and is “all in” […] in order to help the economy.
    “No one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’ And if that is the exchange, I’m all in”
    He added, “My messages is that let’s get back to work, let’s get back to living. Let’s be smart about it and those of us who are 70+, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country.”
    “get people their jobs back — while following […] guidelines in a smart way.”
    “sooner rather than later, we must get back to work before our nation totally collapses.”
    “Our country wasn’t built to be shut down. This is not a country that was built for this. It was not built to be shut down,” the President said during a Monday evening briefing at the White House
    Reacting to Trump’s comments, Patrick said […] that his “heart is lifted tonight by what I heard the President say […]”

    The 21-day lockdown countries are absolute terrorists. People will start committing suicide. Quick death by virus is less frightening than surrendering freedom to SatUN, who might extend the terrifying brutality of LOST freedom for a year ….or 208 years ….or 504 years ….or 980 years ….or 2310 years. I DON’T TRUST SATUN.

    I suggest avenues for dignified hospital exit when doctors and nurses decide they’ve been overwhelmed. I suggest hassle-free euthanasia be available to anyone who wants it.

    By all means let’s keep doing physical distancing. It’s easy. Fining people who travel in packs when they don’t need to — that makes sense too — i.e. move freely but solo if there’s no good reason it can’t be done.

    Winter 2020/21 is coming. Will we face it homeless and with no food??? I firmly believe that’s exactly what SatUN is aiming for and I don’t feel any love from SatUN.

    What I want to say to SatUN right now is this plain and clear:

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    Trump says he wants the U.S. ‘opened up and just raring to go by Easter’

    You know, I was getting pissed off at him for one thing he did, but if he is able to counterbalance THE BORG (i.e. California, NY, France, 21-day India, 21-day South Africa) I’m ready to become his biggest supporter anywhere on the planet.

    U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he wants the nation “opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” a date just more than two weeks away
    “I give it two weeks,” Trump said […] “I guess by Monday or Tuesday, it’s about two weeks. […] We have to open this country up.”
    “Somehow, the word got out that this is the thing we are supposed to be doing”
    “It’s been […] very destabilizing.”

    As his advisers prepare options for returning the country to work, Trump suggested that Americans would still be able to exercise good health practices while still returning to normal.

    “We have to go back to work much sooner than people thought,” he said.
    “We don’t turn the country off”


    Friends: This is a different kind of a fight.
    Ever seen a lion backed into a corner?

    Middle Class People Opportunistically Pushed Down By Bullies Through Deep State Cracks

    Let’s clean up the homelessness and housing crisis. (Read the next paragraph.)
    Those people suffer deep agony for decades.

    Soon they will be joined by many tens of thousands more if the world follows SatUN, who is ready to invoke harsh censorship to make sure people are not allowed to highlight the current terrifying plight of the the financially vulnerable. SatUN says no competition for the spotlight is allowed!! SatUN says: Other peoples’ lives are more important than yours!! SatUN says: Die in silence in the cold on the street!!! SatUN says: You are not free to speak!!!

    “Don’t feel like SatUN but I am to them” — Neil Young “Keep on rockin’ in the free world!”

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    It ain’t right. The left is willing to destroy the civilization we had a few weeks ago.

    This is a fight for freedom and nature is not forgiving.

    We are 1 inch from losing our freedom and people are caught up in too much panic to see it.

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    One “threat” was beyond them, in that ‘decarbonising the economy’ is impossible without massive loss of living standards.Two is beyond their capacity.
    It is likely that being forced into fighting a pandemic that the politicians will realise that they need public approval. Forcing through dictatorial controls can only be a temporary measure.

  8. Saighdear says:

    Everything is just sooooh DISJOINTED. Listening to Media this morning: Self-employed v Employee’s remuneration, Single families and their kids- sharing across split households, etc…. and then it comes down to PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Brenda? “not another wan?” the Elephant in the room – Future Green plans – greater use of public transport …. and the rest of it.
    LOCKDOWN is LOCKDOWN never hawf n hawf
    So what are the Greens saying now? Forgotten what ‘our’ Patrick Harvey was bumpin his gums about yesterday- but wasn’t exactly about his great green policies ( lying low) – or maybe just lying!

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    On the lighter side of things I’ve learned to use less toilet paper

    ….but responsibility demands standing up to NAKED BULLYING by bullIDevil SatUN:

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    Confronting SatUN’s Evil Designs for Winter 2020/21

    Who wants you to die with no freedom.
    Who wants you to live with no freedom.

    Who wants foodbank volunteers locked down.
    Who wants citizens harassed by drones and helicopters for a decade on French soil.

    Who psychologically torments billions by stealing housing and freedom while threatening jail at gunpoint.
    Who said they want civilization to UNnecessarily collapse itself.

    Who wants to make sure there’s severe punishment for billions surviving as a living human beings with no hope for housing and freedom.
    Who are the real rebels.

    If America’s response to a defense buzz is instant “total” “commplete” surrender, We have no need for NATO.

    Observing how easily our system just collapsed underscored the need for supreme deterence.

    The engines of freedom NEED TO BE RUNNING AT ALL TIMES NO MATTER WHAT and the mechanics need ALL supply lines FEEDING so they can RELIABLY access CRUCIAL parts WHEN THEY NEEED THEM.

    SatUN will try to build and billed in delay and D-lay. UN know who Sat around requiring nothing to be D-UN as billions fell DEEP into the Satanic clutches of lost freedom and housing.

    Turnover will need to be managed SUCCESSFULLY to RECOVER freedom, which we DON’T have right now.

    Ramp up recruitment under the job-posting:

    _ __

    Trump may go down in history as the president presiding over USA’s SUDDEN surrender of bravery and freedom.
    _ __

    Divine Handlers: USA used to be a different kind of animal, ALWAYS ready to bite when abused by SatUN.

    USA’s fiercely resolved methods to vigilantly accommodate freedom every step of the way no matter what — if they can be revived — differentiate it from SatUN in the fight for FREE hearts and minds.

    To regain lost freedom USA’s solutions can look NOTHING like SatUN’s prescribed abuse of FREE hearts and minds.

    Preparing Survivors for Winter 2020/21: We need leadership many levels above the single-issue addiction that’s threatening to collapse civilization.

    Heaven Scent Primorial Vision

    Imagine that now and again you could thoughtlessly catch a glimpse of remote sensing from a divinely-free world to see who on Earth readily surrenders freedom to SatUN when buzzed.

    “They say they can smell your UNtensions”21 Pilots

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    Talk No. Crew See Who Sci11UNs

    The money-quote HEADLINE HOPE for a brave and free world:

    Abusive Dictators SWIFTLY Tried in The Court of Human Writes for 21 Daze

    By God’s FREE WILL judge SatUN’s Vert Dict’s in hell WHO’ll.

    Dear conservative saints: Let US introduce a dialogue about accountability for the conseequences of civilization-crushing 21-day lockdowns. Who ever fell for SatUN’s opportunistically monstrous bait and switch predatorial strike is due for trial and there will be demanding screams and tears in God’s court.

    So-called “experts”:

    “[…] never realized the way love dies when you crucify it’s soul” — Heart “Heartless”

  12. oldbrew says:

    Poland says virus fallout makes it tough to hit EU climate goal
    Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020

    “As a consequence of this crisis our economies will be weaker, companies will not have enough funds to invest, completion of some important energy projects may be delayed or even suspended,” Poland’s climate ministry told Reuters.

    “These are real problems that we will be facing soon and achievement of our climate goals will be even more difficult because of them,” it said in a written response to questions.

    Poland has already said the EU should scrap its emissions trading scheme or exempt Poland from the scheme.

    Some diplomats in Brussels have signalled the need to rethink climate plans because of the economic turmoil.
    – – –
    Either the EU tries to carry on regardless with its madcap so-called climate plans, or it doesn’t. Time will tell.

  13. P.A.Semi says:

    Green Nature loves CO2 and needs CO2 to thrive, and the more the better.

    That “Green Deal” is actually very “ANTI-GREEN”, that’s why the ruling Liars call it “Green” to make people not thinking…

    Banning use of coal heating, which many poor people still use in this cold northern part of world to sustain their life during winters, is a crime against humanity…

  14. Paul Vaughan says:

    Way back when “green” and “science” were good words, highly effective tricksters infiltrated and sabotaged the real green movement that now only exists in rare and scattered embers.

    I’m still hard-core about parks. I would rip up urban sprawl to make parks if I were a dictator (I might face mutiny) and I would move jobs to beautiful fjords where (at least some) people could hike and kayak year-round without using a car much.

    Nowadays there are very few — if any — park allies whose climate thinking hasn’t been corrupted. I listen compassionately — and briefly — usually without speaking. They’re too emotional to be corrected. Rarely there’s an enlightened one, but the thinking is usually full of holes. In that case I nudge a few misconceptions and that’s all I have time for.

    Despite all that we still have some parks and for that I’m deeply thankful.

    Now back to an important responsibility for a minute:

  15. Paul Vaughan says:

    Bolsonaro argues that a shutdown of activity would deeply wound the country’s already beleaguered economy and spark social unrest worse than the impact of addressing the virus with only limited isolation measures. He told reporters in the capital, Brasilia, that he has listened to his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, and found their perspectives to be rather similar.

    “What needs to be done? Put the people to work. Preserve the elderly, preserve those who have health problems. But nothing more than that,” Bolsonaro said. “If we cower, opt for the easy discourse, everyone stays home, it will be chaos. No one will produce anything, there will be unemployment, refrigerators will go empty, no one will be able to pay bills.

    Based on how some of the Brazilian governors are reacting it’s clear they are aiming for maximal, severe damage to civilization (whether accidentally or intentionally).

    This is getting serious enough that I am beginning to hope the US Military will have some way to intervene to correct the severe naivety about what happens when supply chains and production are PREVENTABLY disrupted for so long.

    Most people actually don’t understand this through life experience of cut-off supplies (as they’ve never experienced that) — or they’re too emotionally motivated by dangerous single-issue obsession to adjust course.

    Look at what one of the Brazilian governors said:

    “I cannot allow the president to wash his hands and hold others responsible for coming economic collapse and loss of jobs,” Caiado said. “That is not the behaviour of a leader.”

    It’s the lockdowns that can cause a collapse, not the virus.

    Caiado’s a reprehensibly dangerous influence by assuming a preventable collapse is inevitable.

    Recruitment of replacement workers is all that’s needed to manage worker turn-over if there are manageable losses to the virus. Since the death rate is so low it will be no worse than peak season in many industries.

    Most people can’t stomach this thinking, but it’s reprehensibly irresponsible to ignore a danger of this level.

    Under coercion from hopelessly naive media with dangerously narrow focus, a dangerous proportion of citizens are unwilling and/or unable to see that it’s the lockdowns — not the virus — that will cause a preventable collapse.

    A significant proportion of people are too frightened to hear it, but if the authorities simply let the virus run it’s course through the population as rapidly as possible worldwide, the length of the disruption to civilization will be minimized. Instead they have opted to drag it out in a very dangerous manner.

    It would crush many people to read that paragraph. Obviously we have to stay aware of that as we aim to save as many people as possible from severe financial distress.

    The inflation alone could destroy life-savings. That may be the target of the attackers — i.e. the people controlling shallow media thinking to misdirect the public and ensure collapse (whether accidentally or by design).

    The Chinese example is a poor fit with the mindset in other parts of the world. One size does not fit all. Success in other places will look TOTALLY different, probably with far higher mortality but that does NOT have to mean accepting financial collapse.

    The people assuming there has to be financial collapse are terrifying. They are the real fatal obstacle and I hope the secret services are ready to correct them swiftly. They’re already past due.

    It truly may be one of those situations where some other major event is the only way to correct the dangerous short-term thinking, but that could backfire so it might have to be something applying top secret information that has been held in reserve for extenuating circumstances. The present circumstances didn’t have to reach extenuating, but they did because the common leadership level wasn’t big-league enough.

    I have a history of being provocative in climate discussion and that’s because I was very angry about 4 savagely-repeated “expert” lies about the MEASURED nature of solar-terrestrial spatiotemporal relations, but I am able to be more level and measured than anyone I know when I decide to do so. I score perfect on tests of judgement and spatial skills, but in a context with so much dangerous psychology I can only be a contributing team-member, depending critically on whatever gets done to prevent collapse just like so many others.

    Bolsonaro may need stable lifelines of one form or another from able parties.

  16. oldbrew says:

    Bored at home due to the virus?

    BBC: Help needed to rescue UK’s old rainfall records
    By Jonathan Amos
    Science correspondent
    7 hours ago

    The UK has rainfall records dating back 200 years or so, but the vast majority of these are in handwritten form and can’t easily be used to analyse past periods of flooding and drought.

    The Rainfall Rescue Project is seeking volunteers to transfer all the data into online spreadsheets.

    You’re not required to rummage through old bound volumes; the Met Office has already scanned the necessary documents – all 65,000 sheets.

    You simply have to visit a website, read the scribbled rainfall amounts and enter the numbers into a series of boxes.

  17. oldbrew says:

    The Guardian: Coronavirus exposes the problems and pitfalls of modelling

    Models based on assumptions in the absence of data can be over-speculative and ‘open to gross over-interpretation’
    – – –
    Likewise climate models?

  18. oldbrew says:

    Report: Military to Build Ten More Coronavirus Field Hospitals Across UK
    26 Mar 2020

    The east London field hospital, designated NHS Hospital Nightingale, will hold 4,000 beds on two wards and will be staffed by both NHS staff and military medics. It has previously hosted a G20 summit, the 2012 Olympics, and one of the world’s largest armaments fairs.

  19. Paul Vaughan says:

    The Free-Reigning Terror of Forced Lockdowns Cannot Be Overstated

    Quoting one of Satan’s American operatives: “It doesn’t help to save the economy”

    I suggest to secret services and strong militaries worldwide that it doesn’t take much common sense to understand how severe is the threat of such naive thinking. We can afford no more delay in swiftly correcting for such sources of severe instability. The people pushing such thinking are absolute terrorists.

    “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible […]” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!

    IF this is truly going to happen: God bless America.

    Lockdown is suicide. The people pushing lockdown should be tried and the penalty should be _____. Is it legal to suggest this when fighting for free access to the outdoor activity needed to live in good health?

    “There’s a lot of people saying we’d be BETTER OFF DEAD” — Neil Young “Keep on rockin’ in the free world”

    At this point I volunteer to be one of the first to say I don’t even care about the death toll (including my own) if I’m locked down. However, read on for an altruistic twist that comes later in this message.

    First, this is a deep matter of principle to fit the times: I will choose to believe God is in control of the way I think about the regular outdoor activity needed for health.

    Right now mainstream media reporting is dangerously imbalanced. Observing how they are terrorizing the population with lockdowns, I would advise the secret services and strong militaries worldwide that it sure looks like Satan is operating through dangerous technocrats to fatally undermine civilization during the fall and winter or 2020/21.

    But dear technocrats (hint, hint), maybe guaranteed permanent access to that needed walk on the trail everyday miraculously “cures” nice people of periodic thinking you don’t like.

    People need to go out for exercise to stay healthy.
    God knows that denying that crosses a red line.

    Don’t worry that I’m about to do something rash.

    All I want to do is be free to take a walk and paddle my kayak as much as needed at any time no matter the circumstances, even if a nuke just went off and I’ve received a fatal dose of radiation that will eventually kill me and even if a biological weapon just went off in my neighborhood.

    The Write to Live and Die FREE

    The beliefs of the people I’m allied with matter less than their ability to guarantee access to simple needs.

    I propose an ammendment to the world’s laws as follows:
    Any citizen confronted with lockdown — NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES — MUST be given the option of instant euthanasia. I propose a fatal penalty for any official disobeying this law.

    Just so everyone knows: I would readily accept death by instant euthanasia to protect other citizens, BUT NOT LOCKDOWN. Lockdown is Satan’s tool. God has simpler and infinitely more beautiful methods.


    Stepping back from efforts to preserve human life in the midst of an event of this scale could also have enormous impact on the trust of institutions for generations to come, said […] Ropeik […]

    “The benefit of an all-out fight against a virus includes reassuring the public that the government is on their side. Backing off that fight reasonably questions whether the government we have created to protect us from things like this crisis will do so,” said Ropeik […]

    “The loss of that to protect the economy is undermining that faith. How can you price that?” he asked.

    He’s implicitly focused on the wealthy people who have 2 years-worth of toilet paper and food hoarded in secure housing filled with old reserve items that can substitute (e.g. old shoes, winter jackets, and blankets that were put in the closet in a spare room only because of how they look cosmetically in the context of changing fashion).

    I regard Ropeik’s take as terrorist:

    Financial Terrorism

    In his vision too many innocents are assured to become unhealthy, homeless, or fatally dependent on hopelessly corrupt government very quickly. From there many can never recover no matter the amount of support — and no matter how good and nice they are — as they’ve been destroyed so badly by learning that society can just rip away their housing and independence. They become a permanent burden on society for everyone and their own day-to-day lives are an extreme nightmare. People with luxury at Ropeik’s level could at least offer euthanasia now as a humane alternative to lockdown.

    The symbolism alone of expressing it that way will help highlight the terror of winter 2020/21 and frame anti-terrorism measures needed by secret services and strong militaries to deal with psychological terrorism (how I regard Ropeik’s take) that’s threatening the vulnerable with crushing information right at the worst moment.

    Choosing Allies

    Many times I’ve advocated an alliance of USA, Russia, China, and EU.
    Some may wonder why I’ve mentioned India only a fraction as much.

    “After he’s been hooked I’ll play the one that’s on his heart” — Lady G “Pokerface”

    I love Chinese people, but the way the Chinese government locked citizens down for so long is a nightmare that clarified perfectly for me what role the Chinese government (not be confused with the citizens) cannot play in a free world.

    I’m watching to see if India humanely cancels the 21-day lockdown to powerfully symbolize to China — and others — the real value of freedom (in sharp calculation of “the value of a statistical life”).

    Indians have the potential to be more than brave enough to successfully defend freedom. Is there any hope that potential will be realized? Maybe. Maybe not.

    I’m always ready to change political alignment so I can hike and kayak as needed for health at any time under any circumstances. It’s pretty simple. If society goes the brutal-lockdown route (i.e. no outdoor exercise allowed), hassle-free euthanasia is the humane alternative needed. I would submit to that in calm, peaceful silence to be free of the terror of lockdown, even if it’s only 4 a minute. I’m readily defining exactly how I’m freely willing to sacrifice myself for fellow citizens iff needed — and also underscoring that I regard it as brutally inhumane to give no choice.

    This might all look very strange on the record if normal ever returns, but I’m convinced that FREEDOM can’t and won’t return (we don’t have freedom right now) if we don’t freely and bravely put God’s symbols before satanic silence. Thus human writes becomes a natural choice.

    People can only take this input in scattered doses, so I will write up some numbers to share next. Having clarified my UN price maybe it’s back to posting just numbers if the parks can SURELY stay open for the regular physical exercise needed for health.

  20. oldbrew says:

  21. Paul Vaughan says:

    Dead Lie DO MI Nos.

    Someone should remind today’s healthcare system what else it could face if everything remains locked down:

    The people of France feared the millennial year 1000 A.D. marked the end of the world, so they stopped working; abandoned farming. And guess what followed!

    And today we have billions of poor people — all locked down simultaneously.

    Imagine historians of the distant — and must closer — future:
    “How could they have “reasoned” to “never mind” the foreseeable domino effect?”

    Of course the reason to talk about the aftermath of nuclear war is to prevent it, not to give bad people creative ideas.

    “1000 A.D. […] France experienced a famine in the year 1000. The cause was rather unusual. The year 1000 was a time of extraordinary suffering, for the whole country was seized with a panic […] obstructing the whole normal course of their existence […] and since the world did not come to an end, starvation set in. […] 84. Ralph A. Graves, Fearful Famines of the Past, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume XXXII, No. 1, July 1917.”

    “Magic Car Pet Ride” STOP UN WOLF

  22. oldmanK says:

    PV, thanks for the link; interesting reading – from a first cursory read.

    One may find this of interest. The observations of an erudite man – Ibn Khaldun – 14th c., heading out of the MWP (Eddy peak). link:

    Climate in general and weather in particular, dictates; but human reaction is also a deciding factor.

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