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Posted: April 5, 2020 by oldbrew in ENSO, geothermal, volcanos
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A recent online comment by meteorologist Joe Bastardi saying ‘underwater volcanic activity is huge’ and linking to this, led to finding this animation.

Zoe's Insights

Geothermal Emission @ the Surface

This was derived from NCEP Reanalysis data, in the tradition of Measuring Geothermal …

Enjoy 🙂 -Zoe


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  1. oldbrew says:

    The article Joe Bastardi linked to:
    ‘Further Proof El Niños are Fueled by Deep-Sea Geological Heat Flow’ – Plate Climatology

    In summary, the 2014-2017 El Niño “warm blob” was created, maintained, and is now being partially recharged by massive pulses of super-heated and chemically charged seawater from deep-sea geological features. Man-made atmospheric global warming had nothing to do with this El Niño, nor any previous El Niño.
    – – –

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    Multivariate coupling: the animated pattern is not independent of wind-driven circulatory hydrology.

    4 key illustrations nearly a decade ago revealed a deep state of learning deficits.

    Then we moved on to exploring other things ….without looking back — i.e. without doubting our commitment freedom.

    Google tore the images D-own? So what?
    AI does UN change our comm. IT meant to free dome!

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    The animation was made before we were aware of the Antarctic volcanoes. Needs an update.

  4. Do not understand the yellow around Australia. There are no geothermal issues around the wide continental shelf around Australia, Off the coast of Queensland is the Great barrier reef where the water is shallow. There is a warm current that flows down the east coast to south of Sydney. Went in the surf today (a bit north of Brisbane) water temperature in summer is 24-26C, Probably today it was 24-25C with air temp. about 27C. The waters of northern WA also have coral reefs and shallow water. One can see the reefs from space so I suggest that the emissivity is below 0.9 maybe more like 0.7 or else they would not be seen. I suggest the calculations are faulty.

  5. oldbrew says:

    This refers to onshore, but presumably shallow coastal areas of Australia could be similar?

    There is significant potential for geothermal energy in Australia. It is estimated that one per cent of the geothermal energy shallower than five kilometres and hotter than 150°C could supply Australia’s total energy requirements for 26 000 years (based on 2004-05 figures).
    – – –
    Most undersea areas of the world (say 95%) have never been surveyed.

    Former IPCC Chairman: Global Warming Not Linked To Record Breaking El Niño
    May 09, 2016

    A former United Nations climate scientist has told a Malaysian news outlet that there’s no evidence man-made global warming was behind the incredibly strong El Niño that was a major force behind the record warmth experienced in 2015.

    “There is no conclusive evidence that the occurrence of El Niño (frequency and intensity) is influenced by climate change,” Dr. Fredolin Tangang, a climatologist at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia. who also served as vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) from 2008 to 2015, told the news site Malaysiakini.

  6. Zoe Phin says:

    A note:
    My animation shows where geothermal energy comes out of the surface. It may NOT come directly from below. Ocean circulation may move this energy from its origin, and then have it appear elsewhere.

  7. Curious George says:

    Geothermal? Surely not. I wonder what that colorful picture means. The color scale is to 700 W/m2. An average geothermal flux is estimated to be 0.1 W/m2. It shows a surprising warming along the US atlantic seaboard, but none around Hawaii.

    Looks like a very fake science.

  8. oldbrew says:

    George – re. Atlantic seaboard, no fakery…

    Geologic heat linked to East Coast ocean warming trend
    Posted: March 1, 2020

    This trend has shown up on shallow Sea Surface (SST) maps since their advent in 1997 and has likely been present for thousands of years.

  9. Zoe Phin says:

    Curious George,

    “An average geothermal flux is estimated to be 0.1 W/m2”

    I cover the irrelevance of this figure here:

    And here (with videos):

    I agree that dismissing geothermal based on conductive heat flux, which has an inverse length factor while other fluxes do not is very very fake science. Yet this what climate junk scientists wish to do in order to generate fake concern and alarm.

    One way to think about this small flux is to see 700 W/m^2 (for example) going in one direction and 699.9 W/m^2 going in the other.

  10. wazz says:

    I have decades experience understanding earth’s crust and your animation means near zero to me.

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    I have several animations to share if a talkshop rep contacts me by e-mail.