Who Will Win The World’s Biggest Scientific Experiment In History?

Posted: April 8, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Natural Variation
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When we had ‘the pause’ it was claimed to be a temporary blip, despite lasting for well over a decade. An even longer period of non-warming would be needed to convince doubters aka IPCC-backed alarmists that their climate models don’t work, or at least nowhere near as well as they would like to think.
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We are moving into one of the biggest scientific experiments of all time, says The GWPF.

Since the invention of the telescope, the Sun’s activity has been recorded by counting the number of sunspots on its surface. 

According to these records, the number of sunspots rises and falls in an eleven year cycle. 

But scientists have detected a change in the most recent cycle.

There have been fewer sunspots.

This suggests that a change is happening inside the Sun, causing a new solar minimum in which the Sun’s output is reduced.

This has not been seen since the seventeen-hundreds and could mean a slight cooling here on Earth.

It could also help scientists answer questions arising from competing scientific ideas about what is driving climate change.

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  1. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Next glaciation? I’m buying new skis!

  2. JB says:

    If the procedures presented in the video are thought to be a real experiment, it is no wonder the “scientists” have no idea what is going on.

  3. Curious George says:

    This has never happened before the introduction of telescopes. Telescopes clearly drive this dangerous development with untold risks not just for the planet, but for the whole galaxy. Telescopes must be banned immediately.

  4. Damian says:

    “ This has never happened before the introduction of telescopes. Telescopes clearly drive this dangerous development with untold risks not just for the planet, but for the whole galaxy. Telescopes must be banned immediately.”
    There was a paper published a few years back stating that by observing the Universe through telescopes we had caused it to collapse to one energy state and therefore limited the possibilities of the Universe due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

  5. ren says:

    Very high galactic radiation indicates minimal solar activity. The 25th cycle spots are extremely weak and disappear after a few days.

  6. oldbrew says:

    ‘Who Will Win The World’s Biggest Scientific Experiment In History?’

    In the blue corner – the Sun, in the red corner – the IPCC and its imaginary greenhouse.

    Tell us who is/are the referee(s) 😎

  7. ren says:

    In August, La Niña will.

  8. Saighdear says:

    Could someone PLEASE explain how this is an experiment? Surely it is simply an ongoing event which we can only sit and observe, talk rubbish about and whatever else we fret about, we have no control over it, ONCE & FOR ALL.

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Who Will Win The World’s Biggest Scientific Experiment In History?”

    “the WHO opposes most international travel restrictions and sees them as ineffectual”

    “the WHO said that it did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions, saying that “such measures may have a public health rationale at the beginning of the containment phase of an outbreak” but that they should only be short in duration if over 24 hours because they are not very effective.”

    OK got IT: “Who”, “Will Win“.
    Who jet-sets globe-trot = appointed smug technocrats locking down billions as hostages.
    They go fetch the problem, bring IT home, and use it as an excuse to take many billion hostages.

    Why are we employing this savage experiment of psychological and financial terror and torture?

    I don’t want to pay for this. I need the money for shelter and food and exponential price-rises as shortages start killing with dead-serious killer-inflation in winter 2020/21.

    Meanwhile I have solar counsel if a talkshop rep makes e-mail contact so I can send images that are repeatedly ripped down from the web — if they’re posted on the talkshop they may have a hope of enduring WHO ever’s severely savage, cruel, inhumane AB use.

    The present situation is nowhere near as sobering as what we’ll face come winter 2020/21.
    “PC” Sci11UNs is the answer in neither climate nor health.
    Taste the aftermath needed to balance new clear deterrence.

    I’m going to suggest that the talkshop start a key-climate-image archive. This can be pursued informally and casually. The reservoir can accumulate lost history one step at a time. There are countless images that have been posted and ripped down repeatedly.

    WHO will stop the spread of true information??

    Most of the speculation I see about what a drop in sunspots means is not consistent with observation. Now may be the time for review with communication on a knew level.

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    Macron is the most dangerous leader on Earth. If left unchecked, he will for sure destroy freedom.

    On a lighter note: I’m actually quite eager to start reviewing solar-terrestrial (and galaxy-solar) relations with communication capabilities now on a whole knew level.

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    More explicit: Macron should be tried for severe human rights abuses and the penalty should be commensurately severe. This man is capable of triggering a series of military coups world-wide. The reason we discuss domino chain reactions IS TO PREVENT THEM. It’s called: deterrence. I regard Macron as dangerous as Satan.

    And friends: I love nature. There is nothing I want more than to protect nature in peace.

    I’m really excited to review about 500 climate images from over the years. I write this note in pure joy, choosing to believe in what freedom can do for the world.

    If Japan keeps up their efforts to respect their citizens’ freedom, I’ll be praying to God for the entire galaxy to be ready to viciously defend Japan with every last resource available. Their desire to honor their citizens’ freedom is deeply moving PURE inspiration on levels we haven’t seen on Earth in months. Such brave people inspire aggressive optimism for a future where we are not locked down in the eternal hellfire stoked by Satan, Macron, and their death metal parade of viciously and hatefully burnt human rights.

    Defense of freedom is not off-topic. We won’t be free to discuss anything if we fail.

  12. Paul Vaughan says:

    Every time the current pope of the Catholic Church is in the news (today included) I think of Galileo.
    I will say a prayer, asking God to help the Church find qualified leadership. (It’s so heartbreaking.)

  13. stpaulchuck says:

    ” due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.”
    that being Ralph Heisenberg of Altoona, Mississippi having a hard time deciding – Miller Lite, or Bud Lite. Decisions, decisions.

    In other news, I am so glad we built a “winter” home in the Philippines as the average temperatures coast down to pleasant levels. Our Minnesota winter fun meter pegged some years ago so this is working just fine for us.

  14. oldbrew says:

    Highest Svalbard sea ice since 1988 with Bear Island in the south surrounded
    Posted on April 8, 2020

    From 3-7 April this year, sea ice around Svalbard Norway has been the highest since 1988, but only 6th or 7th highest since records began in the 1970s.


  15. oldbrew says:

    Altering clouds to counteract global warming cast in doubt by Irish scientists

    Study assessed likely impact of ‘cloud brightening’ to counteract climate change

    “The study backs up our previous thinking that sea-salt will factor out other substances and cause competition between potential nuclei influencing cloud reflectance”

    – – –
    A lot of rubbish talked there, but we don’t want any half-crazed non-solutions to imaginary problems anyway.

  16. Paul Vaughan says:

    AI IT Sci11UNs communication deceives naive with PR cures many orders of magnitude worse than disease.

    Lots of news AB out pooling $trillions to save billions, but still insane assumptions built into drunken plans.

    1. It’s the lockdowns — not the virus — causing absolutely deathly finances threatening to throw billions into decades of hungry freezing homeless suffering triggered by 1 imminent eviction.

    2. Handing out $trillions can’t solve the problem created by the lockdowns. Imagine everyone has money BUT THERE IS NO SUPPLY OF ANYTHING. Result: Inflation by orders of magnitude as EXTREMELY competitive bidding wars erupt like volcanoes spewing financial death into higher and higher income brackets. WHO trusts the government to wave a magic wand to ensure supply WITH NO PRODUCTION?

    The lockdowns are a deliberately protracted terror campaign. The transparent strategy has all the markings of military design: Drag disruption out as long as possible to progressively fell people in higher and higher income brackets. It’s financial warfare sustained to drain any financial resistance to the point of ABsolute exhaustion. The financial deathblow may come at a different time for each individual, but the supply cutoff helps the military strategists’ confidence that they’ll strike deep into middle class naivety at the inflationary point when nothing’s available. The population is looking hopelessly naive by agreeing to go along with this. It’s voluntary suicide.


    UN door SatUN WHO stalks and lies like a predator

    This is making perfect sense:
    McEnany sharply criticized Democrats critical of the White House’s response to coronavirus, saying they were rooting for coronavirus and the stock market to tank.

    “What is so sick to me is that what is good for America, rather what is bad for America, is good for Democrats,” McEnany told […]

    “They’re […] actively rooting against what’s in the best interest of America […] which is sick and would obviously economically devastate the lives of the American people.”

    “Which isn’t just about the President. It’s about taking down the vote of the American people. That’s ultimately what this is.

    “It’s incredible that they think this way,” she said. “They root against the stock market. They root for this to take hold. They have a demented dream […] It doesn’t matter how many Americans they destroy in order to get there.
    It is such painful truth. I’m not even an American and I’m one of the targets. They’re not compassionate enough to offer euthanasia to allow an escape from their demented vision. They want to see maximal suffering: cold, hungry, and homeless for decades. They are militant psychological and financial terrorists. Right now is the time to call them out because they are threatening to scale the danger level exponentially. Right now they are savagely pushing us across the red line and some of us will never return. “Build in delay” is their evil strategy (it’s the strategy all Satanic administrators ABuse) and every day of delay they manage to build in is thousands more of us who will never come back to health and security from assured decades of unemployed cold hungry homeless suffering UN door SatUN WHO stalks and lies like a predator.


    Clear Signal
    I’m ready to discuss the solar figures whenever their visibility is restored.

    It may be time to boycott further clarification of lunisolar climate stirring that’s unified across all time-scales as this is used by parties BOTH left and right to Satanically distort public perception of TRUE solar risk factors. My mind will remain open about how to strategically contribute to security discussions and planning, depending of course on trust factor evolution (or lack thereof). It seems to me that authorities in the west want to keep the real climate risks classified and secret but weave proof this is cure worse than disease UN door mining public trust at now-exponential rates.

    Team, preemptively:
    1. SAVE freedom.
    2. PREVENT homelessness.

    ANY short-term cost in human lives is worth it (because these are exponentially-compounding terror factors that can rip the roots of stability from the globe LIKE NOTHING), but I pray to God: please make SURE anyone who can’t handle the associated pressures has HASSLE-FREE access to euthanasia. This compassion should be regarded AS NECESSARY. NO ONE should have to suffer UNnecessarily UN door SatUN.

    “Don’t feel like SatUN but I am to them” — Kneel Young “Keep on ROCkin’ in the free world”

    Neither Trump nor Biden deserve the US presidency if they fail at homelessness PREVENTION while surrendering freedom to the point where uphill restoration will be at best severely agonizing and at worst strictly impossible.

    The conventional thinking on what should be done has to date been based on the naive assumption of sustainable luxury.

    Compassionate language is needed or the message will not go through. “The economy” for some people means “not being homeless”. For others “the economy” is the devil. Don’t mention “the economy” EVER as it ASSURES misunderstanding.

    3. NEVER block outdoor cardiovascular exercise. It should be enshrined as a guaranteed human right. This is a SEVERELY terrorizing, simple trust factor and the reaction is from the core of one’s soul, overriding everything else and triggering fundamental cognitive reorganization in response to savage threat to individual health and security — very dangerous, chilling, instinctively-reorganized thought at levels few of us would have imagined a few weeks ago — a pure red line for those who were not born with the genes of deep submission, so good leaders would have to give the alternative of altruistically volunteering for euthanasia as some are strictly hard-wired by nature to perceive lockdown as impossibly savage truly-Satanic abuse with all the permanent consequences that entails for trust. Acceptable: Strict physical distancing and gatherings of no more than 2 (or even 1!) Drones are flying around the park where people are spaced very widely apart. Meanwhile people are sharing elevators in hi-rises and the drone doesn’t see that. It’s just like climate: people look for lost keys under lamp posts (where you can see because there’s light), but they don’t look for the keys where they are because their vision simply doesn’t extend that far. The authorities definitely have no experience at coordinating logistics. So much of the disruption is totally unnecessary and of no help to anything other than the TV optics of dramatic announcement.

    Team Play 4 Stability

    We each have a different role to play.
    You No. Mayan Aim — C. Cornell

    This is harsh but necessary under political circumstances that are nosediving towards global hell:

    France — traditionally a key symbolic player — has been abusing it’s citizens savagely. It’s clear beyond the shadow of any doubt that under it’s current leadership France has become a psychologically and financially terrorizing threat to the existence of freedom on Earth. Without delay I propose signalling to the French people (not the government) in the clearest possible terms that membership in NATO is conditional upon having leadership that BRAVELY respects freedom under ALL circumstances.