Covid recovery plan ‘must tackle climate change’: UK proposal

Posted: April 25, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Politics, Temperature

In other words, they want to siphon off some of the money allocated for economic recovery into their pet climate projects, which are a known burden on any economy. For ‘climate ambition’ read ‘wishful thinking’.
– – –
Tackling climate change must be woven into the solution to the Covid-19 economic crisis, the UK will tell governments next week.

Environment ministers from 30 countries are meeting in a two-day online conference in a bid to make progress on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reports BBC News.

The gathering is called the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue”.

It will focus on how to organise a “green” economic recovery after the acute phase of the pandemic is over.

The other aim is to forge international agreement on ambitious carbon cuts despite the postponement of the key conference COP26 – previously scheduled for Glasgow in November (now without a date).

Alok Sharma, the UK Climate Secretary and president of COP26, said: “I am committed to increasing global climate ambition so that we deliver on the Paris Agreement (to stabilise temperature rise well below 2C).

“The world must work together, as it has to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, to support a green and resilient recovery, which leaves no one behind.

“At the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, we will come together to discuss how we can turn ambition into real action.”

The informal conference is co-hosted by the UK and Germany.

Full report here.
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German Govt.: Petersberg Climate Dialogue 2020 focusses on sustainable recovery – ‘The goal is a green recovery.’

  1. oldbrew says:

    Good news for steel and concrete producers…

    $110 Trillion Renewables Stimulus Package Could Create 50 Million Jobs
    By Alex Kimani – Apr 24, 2020
    – – –
    Where’s the wealth generation? Stimulus, subsidies, intermittent and/or expensive power – not seeing it.

  2. JB says:

    Let them all lead the way at the Climate Dialogue by wearing butt filters with graphic testimonials.

  3. Paul Vaughan says:

    Their terror eyes are predatorial sparks in dystopian gas chambers.
    They’ve sworn an oath: “There will be no happy ending.”

    We donated thrilling tax support on which they thrived, masking their plot to absolutely crush freedom. The price for financial support we volunteered deep state of naivety:

    From now on citizens, there will be no walk in the park.
    You want to launch a boat? Forget it.
    Children playing outside? Strictly off limits.
    Need to earn money to pay for food and shelter? That’s not allowed.
    Why? Hell needs to be engUNnearred to begUN hellpIT.

    “Leadership” Can Spin on Dime Later
    It’s what dictators do.

    Baitin’S’ After the puppet master strings are secured, what’s to stop author IT from SUDDENLY tor.chin’ flammable stacks of climate agreement papers?

    Powerful Being: “If you align with us we’ll give you all that stuff for which you dream. And when you no longer have the capacity to resist, we’ll take it away.”

    ….sew we’re left: hear naively in spy ring trust.

  4. cognog2 says:

    Thanks for the link oldbrew. The renewables Stimulus Package (RSP)? . Funded by a GRETA TAX on all those school children down the years.. So why should I worry?. RIP would be a better acronym.

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    The stupid , it hurts. WTF is the matter with our current politicians. This is utter madness in the face of economic disaster. aaaaaaag

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    High Density: Leaving Hell

    Hey DawnsIT tied for poet talk just toss:
    PlanET BIG City Dreams AIn’t Hi D-UNSat Eye

    Be(ij)ing deep in foe traitors left borg UN eyes sing human writes GET OFF the thrilling state of TOTAL luck D-own AB use at every leave hell of government.

    “Master of puppets […] smashing your dreams” — Metallica

    G6 will free US in absolute surrender. To: The American Dream.

  7. ivan says:

    I think it will soon be a case of ‘Wizard of Id’ cartoon time with the peasants revolting or piano wire and lamp posts. We should have all expected this because of Boris and his green agenda plus there is also Soros in the wings helping this stupidity with a few million in brown envelopes handed out to the ‘right’ people. What a state the country has fallen into.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    Let me be the first to finally suggest what I’ve been thinking for quite awhile now:

    Front Line = Decisive Failure (Trial Finished, Conclusion Final)

    Spain and Itally should be kicked out of NATO for being absolutely useless allies in the defense of freedom.

    What to do AB out France is a vexing problem. Last time around they led reforms that were important to God. This time they are with SatUN opposing God.

    We may need to kick the whole EU out of NATO to successfully defend human rights and freedom. The poor-to-peak C ENSO R ship is hear ring SatUN’s D-lay to D-sign poise UN pill form EU LA.

    Rear Guard

    The biggest threat on the last line of freedom’s defense is democratic infiltrators in the american republican party who are determined to put 1000 of their old friends before billions of others of all ages.

    Worse: Where are God’s bravest who should be more than able to sort this out peacefully and efficiently?

    Leave the mission to none of the people who are snapping, most notably admistraitors whipping the public TO DEATH while D-signing poison pills no less.

    Responsible parties need to shelter the broader populace by knowing the red lines of their people and making sure they are not crossed (weather in Nova Scotia or Stock Home).

    This is where things are going savagely wrong.
    No viewpointing to real needs should be silenced.
    Break discussion off into rooms if necessary to keep nuclear powers separate so no one launches in anger, but the really talented diplomats who are actually capable of successful negotiation have to hear every voice so they go into negotiations with sharp knowledge of where all the red lines are.

    Sometimes smart negotiators want something completely different from what it looks like they are asking for in naive eyes. God’s to see who seizes every opportunity to misinterpret, misunderstand, and misrepresent. You can guess who:

    “Don’t feel like SatUN but eye am to them” — Kneel Young “Key pawn ROCkin UNfree world”
    These people should put their poison pills (acid attack in an open wound) aside.

    If they keep pushing administration of severe cruelty, the right thing to do is fire them peacefully, compassionately sheltering them from homelessness with adequate severance packages (we’re not looking to crush them the way they’re relentlessly looking to CRush us).

    A big less UN from all of this is what a nightmare it becomes civilization-wide when one volunteers to donate taxes to people who turn around in a spree of fierce cruelty biting and otherwise terrorizing the hands that feed. There has to be a mechanism by which to immediately remove pets from office when they turn terrorist and start attacking the public with UN poison pill scheme after UNother.

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    Amazing Health Scare [10 Bull] ET UN

    $[Lie Yen]
    No. Ch.oice bot to R-fuse 2 ants ‘or’ my-own quest UN:
    Who’s Post-sting pro-f(IT)s most from present “soc. eye et AI shaft”?
    Buy Zeus! BRI NG aim May sin UNswore right home:
    “Wash. a wei the reign” — Sound Guard UN
    [Lie UN]$:
    Just UN-form the conpetITshh!UN brr! O: Citizens lost more than “a game” of mono-pole-lie. “UNever $-awe me change the game that we have been ply yen” — c’ris’cor’n’ell “EU [should] know my UN aim” [‘n’subta11yUNuff few DO]

  10. pochas94 says:

    Brexit nullified.

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    On Suggestions-42 OB highlighted water at Mercury’s poles and mused about where they got it.
    I didn’t point out the answer at the time: They bought it online.

    The More Than Curious Demographics of Media Silence
    Team: Do some homework on who’s controlling industries deemed “essential”.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Can we see a change in the CO2 record because of COVID-19?

    Not one worth mentioning.
    – – –
    Lubos Motl has a thread on it.

    In comments he says:
    If we reduced our emissions by more than 50% for years, the CO2 would begin to drop! It would still take decades for that drop to be clearly seen in any temperature data.

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