Germany, Britain call for ‘green recovery’ from pandemic but dissenters disagree

Posted: April 28, 2020 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, government, Politics, propaganda

They keep trotting out their ‘little time left’ alarm call, pretending to have the power to micromanage the Earth’s climates. But others take a rather different view: Costly Climate Policies Must Be Abandoned To Save Economy. Sucking the life out of ailing economies to try and control the weather isn’t everyone’s idea of a recovery.
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Germany and Britain said Monday that efforts to revive the global economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic must ensure a ‘green recovery’ that helps the world tackle climate change, reports

Speaking ahead of a virtual meeting of officials from some 30 countries, Germany’s environment minister said it was important for economic recovery programs to invest in future-proof jobs that would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in coming years, rather than aim for a return to business as usual.

“We mustn’t invest in technologies of the past,” Svenja Schulze told The Associated Press, noting that some countries are holding onto plans to build new coal-fired power plants.

Some German politicians have called for stimulus money to be spent on subsidizing car purchases, to boost the country’s auto industry.

Schulze suggested that one way to do this would be to help care workers buy electric vehicles for house calls. “These are many, many vehicles,” she told The AP. “It would help the economy and it would move us forward (in curbing emissions).”

Scientists have warned that there’s little time left if the world wants to achieve the headline goal of the 2015 Paris climate accord—keeping global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), ideally 1.5 C (2.7 F).

Some have also likened the strategy adopted by countries in fighting the pandemic—the idea of flattening the curve of infections so health systems don’t collapse—to the need to bring down the rate of greenhouse gas emissions that are driving global warming.

“Unlike in the fight against the coronavirus, we already know the vaccines for the climate crisis,” Schulze said, adding that they included renewable energy, electric mobility, recycling and low-energy housing.

Continued here.

  1. peterandnen says:

    Just noticed ONS has released latest England and Wales death numbers for week 16 this year:- over 22,000 about double usual weekly rate and still climbing.
    I guess it is time to change the subject back the climate change emergency.

  2. JB says:

    According to Dr Erickson who has a practice in Corrine co CA, hospital staff are being pressured to append COVID-19 to the death certificates of patients who are just dying from long-term illnesses. Thus, the numbers of viral-caused deaths get inflated to unrealistic-unsubstantiated numbers to make this common virus–a degenerate form of the corona variants–look like it is worse than it is.

    The expected overwhelming of the medical system has not materialized, but instead, the furloughing of medical personnel because there isn’t enough illness in the community to keep them on the payroll. The result is the hobbling of the medical sector. Three times this last month I had occasion to require medical services, and in each case attended with minimal staff and discharged ASAP. In the last instance the attending male nurse confessed they had very little to do.

    How wonderful it would be if we could round up all these dooms-day politicos trying to micro-manage humanity and dump them in Oymyakon, Russia. Let them figure out without technology how to survive the cold “climate change” there.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Green recovery eh? 🤔

    German environment minister defends airline bailout, promises green recovery
    Published on 27/04/2020

    Germany’s environment minister has defended a planned bailout of the country’s largest airline to protect jobs in the short term, insisting the next phase of post-coronavirus recovery will be green.

    Lufthansa is in talks with the German government over a package reportedly worth €10 billion. The company warned it had cash to survive just weeks as flights were grounded to halt the spread of Covid-19.

    Campaigners have repeatedly called for any state aid to carbon-intensive sectors like aviation to be conditional on measurable climate action, but environment minister Svenja Schulze said now was not the time to impose green conditions.
    – – –
    They could put batteries on every other seat which will be empty anyway due to social distancing.

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    Canuck Home Team: Let’s change the (minority) government. This is getting too dangerous.

  5. tallbloke says:

    The stupid. It burns.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Shellenberger: Renewables are land-hungry and ‘energy dilute’.

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    Leave UN:a BRItrail….

    Iceborg luck D-own is UN door wei yen Antarctic ice:specific mass.

    Pi()king favorITs:D-flecting’s UN ice-cold blast.

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