It’s No Joke: Australia’s Electricity Supply Now Depends On Wind & Cloud Forecasts

Posted: May 5, 2020 by oldbrew in Critique, Energy
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Straight choice: ideology versus reliability.


If you’re looking for the reason why wind power has never worked and never will? Here it is: THE WEATHER.

If you’re looking to wreck a grid and send power prices into orbit, then pin your power hopes to mother nature’s whims. South Australia did; it suffers the world’s highest retail power prices and became the butt of international jokes for a series of weather-related mass blackouts.

Looking for an example? Take a scan of what’s depicted above.

That’s the ‘performance’ of Australia’s wind power fleet during April – courtesy of Aneroid Energy

Spread from Far North Queensland, across the ranges of NSW, all over Victoria, Northern Tasmania and across South Australia its 6,960 MW of capacity routinely delivers just a trickle of that.

Collapses of over 3,000 MW or more that occur over the space of a couple of hours are routine, as are rapid surges of equal magnitude…

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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Ah! But South Australia has the answer – DIESEL.
    Yes, lovely clean green diesel. Starts up quickly and generates electricity just when you need it. Much more reliable than those Open Cycle peaking plants (which can burn diesel also) with their high maintenance downtimes (something to do with thermal stress cracking perhaps?).
    The wind farms are losing about 10% of their possible output because they want to generate more than the grid can handle at times and are ordered to shut down. Squeals from the trough about (someone else) spending a billion dollars (or so) to allow transmission to another State, so they can get the subsidy payments.
    So more wind farms are planned, and oil and gas exploration banned. Coal (of course) is out of the question. We shut down and hastily demolished those power stations to save $45 million a year, and only spent ?? – let’s see $100 million on the ‘big battery’ (2 minutes power), $450 million on diesel burners (or whatever, we aren’t allowed to know how much). No worries, almost all industry has shut down or moved interstate. Fortunately we can now spend $180 million on frequency stabilisers to replace what those coal fired stations did for free, and at a lower cost per MWh than wind or solar.

  2. A revolution (in energy) based upon cult delusion and lies, will beget only further, corrective revolution, in all of society. Out of the frying pan (of falsely supposed global warming), into the fire (of getting rid of the cultists — both Insane Left and Tyrannical Globalists — and re-establishing a healthy, modern society).

  3. pochas94 says:

    Australia has too many experts.

  4. gbaikie says:

    “If you’re looking for the reason why wind power has never worked and never will? Here it is: THE WEATHER.”
    And let’s not forget, weather in the future decades {regardless of what is done} is going to get worse.
    Or some imagined weather is the horror that awaits us in the future from our past sins.
    Or future sins were the problem, no idiot would make the stupid wind mills.

    And on similar topic, solar energy doesn’t work, because Earth has a thick atmosphere.
    Or clouds and weather are somewhat minor issues compared to living in world with 10 tons of atmosphere per square meter.

  5. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Yeah, but but isn’t the weather going to be lovely all the time when we get to zero CO2, so ruinables, sorry renewables will be OK to power the grid?

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    The lunacy continues. The Energy Minister in the SA Govt. has just let it be known that he wants 100% renewables by 2030.
    Quite how that will be possible is beyond imaging. Already wind is being curtailed at times and that at 50%. No coal fired, no hydro, no pumped storage yet, although there are several schemes planned (please send money). Diesel and Open Cycle gas turbines currently provide the necessary backup (and they aren’t the lowest choice for CO2 emissions).
    Interconnectors to other States won’t help, the distances are too great and the 2 possible are busy “decarbonising”.
    I can see a big market for off-grid systems. The cost of electricity doesn’t have to rise much more for a home diesel generator to be profitable (and more reliable).