Charles Moore: Lockdown is showing us the misery that Net Zero will demand 

Posted: May 16, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Energy, opinion
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Nairobi traffic

The problem, as climate alarmists see it, is of course that ’emissions will rebound’ when something like normal economic activity eventually resumes. The author says: “And why will economies recover? Because growth is a function of activity, and activity is made possible by energy, and globally energy remains about 85 per cent dependent on fossil fuels.” Leaving the usual conundrum for CO2 demonisers of how to strangle fossil fuel use without strangling the modern economies we rely on, and/or imposing yet more restrictions on citizens but this time using climate as the excuse.
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Eco-politics succeeds only with voters who feel guilty about being rich. Covid-19 will put paid to that, says Charles Moore via The GWPF.

Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s evangelically green environment analyst, recently wrote this on his employer’s website:
“I’ve just had a light bulb moment. The feisty little wren chirping loudly in the matted ivy outside my back door is telling us something important about global climate change. That’s because, intertwined with the melodious notes of a robin, I can actually hear its song clearly. Normally, both birds are muffled by the insistent rumble of traffic, but the din has been all but extinguished in the peace of lockdown.”

Ah, the peace of lockdown. It is, for us lucky ones, very real. It is two months to the day since I last left my rural county. Never before have I experienced so much quiet here, or brighter stars.

My long daily walks are almost mystically beautiful in their combination of light and air, the sound of nature and the silence of machines. If I were Wordsworth, I would give thanks in verse. Like Harrabin, I love hearing more wrens and robins and less traffic, and want it to continue.

What might that involve, though? The light-bulb over Harrabin’s head – powered, of course, by green energy – is telling him that we must, in the new eco-buzz phrase, “Build Back Better”.

Governments, in their Covid recovery packages, should support only companies and projects “which decouple economic growth from GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions”. Otherwise, we shall not achieve Net Zero.

I am quoting from a recent working paper of the Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment with the snappy title, “Will Covid-19 fiscal recovery accelerate or retard progress on climate change?” Its authors include the grandest of global greens such as Joseph Stiglitz and Lord Stern.

Continued here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    Biofuel can’t escape lockdown misery…

    The situation we face is dire. More than 130 biofuel plants have already partially or fully shut down as motor fuel demand plunged to 50-year lows. America’s biofuel plants purchase annually more than one-third of US corn and US soybean oil, and the loss of those markets has depressed farm income and will continue to push corn and soybean prices down dramatically. The damage has rippled across the entire agricultural supply chain.
    [bold added]

    —Letter to Congress
    – – –
    How about switching back to food production? That will never go out of fashion.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Beware of jobs vs. climate clash in virus aftermath, EU warned 15-05-2020

    Governments in Europe and beyond should pay “utmost attention” to avoid a “jobs versus climate” confrontation in the recovery phase from the COVID-19 crisis, said Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).
    . . .
    “We are going to see millions of people, in Europe and around the world, losing their jobs,” Birol told a EURACTIV online debate on Monday (11 May).

    In the recovery phase, governments must avoid “a confrontation between the people who ask for jobs versus people asking for the climate to have an emphasis in the future plans,” Birol warned.
    – – –
    Good luck with that.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Indeed oldbrew — good luck with that.
    In the recovery phase, governments must avoid “a confrontation between the people who ask for jobs versus people asking for the climate to have an emphasis in the future plans,” Birol warned.
    Fatih Birol’s advice should be challenged at every point before governments decide to ignore every word of it.
    Jobs, individual livelihoods, and lowering the national debt is far, far more important than the fake nonsense about climate change. Out with the self-aggrandisement that politician do in virtue signalling about it. The only climate change that exists is natural climate variation, something we humans do NOT control.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Editorial: If You Like The Locked-Down US Economy, You’ll Love The Green New Deal
    Date: 17/05/20 New York Post

    ‘The cost of the left’s Green New Deal is so enormous most Americans were probably never able to appreciate its true magnitude. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, maybe they can.’
    – – –
    Making a trillion dollars sound like pocket money.

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    Does dear old Roger think he’s going to have the same easy, well-paid job in his Net Zero fantasy? He will be labouring 12 hours a day just to feed himself.

    This piece sums up beautifully the entire dangerous Dreamworld these Greens live in – everything they want and need, and the same hobby jobs they have, but the world is nicer and quieter. The reality will be a return to the feudal Middle Ages, where no-one will be able to afford a TV, let alone pay for luxuries like Harrabin.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    It has always been thus. Those paid by the Government with secure employment, pay rises and retirement benefits consider those without those advantages as inferior and can be ignored.
    This view is reinforced by the belief that a University degree** proves you superior to those without, who need to be told what to do. In the last years that belief has expanded to telling people what they should think, then attempt to close down those with alternative ideas.
    In 40 years in industry the most intelligent bloke I met was a leading hand in an engineering firm (a view shared by his employer who paid for him to go to the Technical College). The best committee chairman was a leading hand in the packing department (not normally a suitable location but one he chose for family reasons). There are plenty of intelligent people who didn’t go to University or to laze in a goernment sinecure.
    **2 since you ask.

  7. Paul Vaughan says:

    The new divide is rich vs. poor and it’s savage.
    Gas chambers would be more humane that what is happening. MSM is channeling Satan.

    It’s all because of the lockdowns. The virus didn’t cause this. Lockdown was a serious crime against humanity and swift justice is due.

    Very serious mistakes have been made. There need to be commensurately serious consequences.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    FYI people with below-median income are worried about raw survival.
    Blasting them with messaging about “climate issues” is only going to come across as “rich man’s talk”. It will be swiftly dismissed as insensitive and irrelevant no matter whether truthful or formerly resonant. People are presently dealing with extremely pressing needs. When they see climate talk it will just tip them off that the messaging is coming from rich people. Meanwhile they have no money for rent and food. They know the emergency help they need right now won’t be coming from people who are comfortable enough with the situation to sit around talking about climate. Truth will not matter at all. Raw, immediate needs will supersede everything. My tip: Match or exceed all generosity posed by the left. This will be a competition. Those below the median will be forced BY NECESSITY to go with whoever they trust to provide NEEDED supports. Again: This supersedes truth. Truth is a luxury they can’t afford right now. If you actually can’t help them, you’ll likely COMPLETELY lose them and some or many may hold a lifelong long grudge because you weren’t there for them in a severe financial emergency.

    It will probably be impossible for most people who are comfortable to adjust their messaging accordingly, because they are not experiencing the primal response others are suffering.

    There’s presently a severe leadership deficit in the English-speaking world and I’m growing mighty convinced that means we can’t prevent Orwell from taking root. All the conservative messaging is turning way off-base right at a crucial time. The left is too unstable and radical to be allowed to command a nuclear arsenal, but the right is just crumbling under a situation they don’t want, leaving the door wide open to the left. Come on folks. Say your prayers if you don’t know what to do. We can’t just surrender freedom. Dare we use this word? Imperative. We have an imperative on our hands. Reorganize. Succeed. Promise AND DELIVER help COMPETITIVELY. Compete TO WIN against Orwell.

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    Graeme is on point. This is helpful. The “uneducated” people in industry on average have WAY more street-smarts than those in academia and government. A political movement is NOTHING without their street-smarts. These people should be in charge of the civil servants as they are smart enough to put the civil servants to work for the people (who pay them).

    Are any of you aware of what kind of hoops have to be jumped to land a civil service gig? The selection criteria ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE the wrong kind of people gather in masses. Society is not represented in the civil service. The criteria need adjustment. There should be some provision for at least 20% of the civil service to represent the public. If people with street smarts are allowed in, 20% will be enough. 1 in 5 is always enough if the people have street smarts. 1 in 5 is enough base for luminaries to form a functional network with which to check and balance in crucial situations. Keep in mind these aren’t the best workers. Let the 80% do the work. These people are there as social safeguards and they have links to the outside to leverage if things get really extenuating.

    This sort of thing could be a powerful rallying cry because common people presently feel savaged by technocracy. Realize that a lot of people are past their breaking point. Trust will need to be re-earned from scratch. The present lot of civil servants look like red China (in the deadly-worst sense). People are frightened of the trajectory. It’s clear the deep state movement is not going to stop escalating. On the contrary they call for “bold” action. It’s not just figurative to say this frightens people. Under the present circumstances it sends waves of terrifying nerve impulses. This is small animal backed into corner by predator kind of stuff. Rallying cry is an understatement. This is a cry for survival under direct and immediate predatory threat. The base wants the predator extinguished now by any means and this is pretty f**king serious. Resonance with this issue like crazy. The people with street smarts below the median are absolutely desperate to get that predator away and they will resonate with their street smarts to survive.

    Don’t even mention climate.
    Don’t even respond when asked about it.
    Develop a tear in the eye and say, “I don’t care if I have to bankrupt the country: every last citizen WILL have a job and a home.” Then let a tear roll while looking very strong on camera.
    Then deliver too — or burn in hellfire. I’ll be there to watch.
    Out-compete the left on financial and homes aid EVERY step of the way. Stay AHEAD of them. SURPRISE them with your focus on this.
    ….or we’ll have Orwell – beginning Nov. 3, 2020. Chinese rule on American soil is very close. All it will take is public doubt (doesn’t even have to be real) of right intent on homes and finances.

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