The pivot from Covid to climate is starting – Joe Bastardi

Posted: May 20, 2020 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, opinion, Politics, trees
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Some more inconvenient data and discussion from an experienced and well-known meteorologist. Planting more trees may as he proposes be useful, but so might chopping down fewer of them for biomass burning and wind turbine land clearances.

I believe that as the COVID-19 situation diminishes, a major pivot to man made climate change as the major driver of impending doom will come front and center, says Joe Bastardi.

Perhaps I will be wrong, but the naming of AOC by Joe Biden as an advisor on how to fight climate change, to me, was the first signal this is going to happen.

This is an insensitive tactic, since the misery of Covid-19 is real, immediate, and loaded with great uncertainty. Future generations can opine on the result of the measures taken to combat it. Yet, as I wrote back in March:

Covid-19 and climate false equivalencies

Climate change accused of being deadlier than Covid 19 — Fact check

and the foundation for this was being set for the turn we are seeing now.

This is fascinating, if not predictable, to me since the same AOC was advocating for people not going back to work even when we got the virus under control. We are seeing right in front of our eyes what happens when you shut down the economy.

Given that energy is the essential lifeline to our economy, it stands to reason that taking 10 trillion more dollars out the economy and shutting down commerce should put the finishing touches on the way of life.

Which has made it possible for a person like AOC to rise to her position. Very few people with her background, lets say in N Korea, Iran, China, Venezuela just to name a few nations, would have ever had the chance to do what she does.

However, lets not quibble about the details. Lets reveal a few facts here.

Continued here.

  1. spetzer86 says:

    We can hope the AOC issue takes care of itself with the voters in her NY district having some better options this time around. No AOC in congress might keep her out of the works for the next couple of years.

  2. oldbrew says:

    JB: ‘Their disconnect from reality is astounding.’

    Which is at the heart of the problem. Unreality has become the norm in anything supposedly linked to the climate.

  3. oldbrew says:

    This sums it up…

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    Climate discussion died years ago when ERSST vandalism was not retracted. There have been no developments since then.

    Debate about climate has always been a total waste of time because there is and never will be agreement. Making trades is the only option. That is where sensible people will focus.

    It’s no different than when people strongly disagree on religion. They don’t try to change each others’ minds. They just make trades to coexist.

    Let me be the first to say we really, really, really should stop even thinking about “debating” about climate. It’s too savage. No one is going to trust someone who wants to debate when the divisions are absolute and permanent. Simply: We disagree. And that is it. All that’s left to do is make trades to coexist with people we think of as crazy.

    I’ve become more and more convinced that our “intelligence” agencies have misinterpreted, misunderstood, and misrepresented on the climate file so severely that they bear primary responsibility for destabilizing the world.

    It’s another example of civil service failure to recruit at least 20% of the workforce with street-level smarts to help keep deep state extremists checked and balanced. I’m certain we have some really severe extremists in the deep state “intelligence” pool and by extremist I mean too severe as in academic type A personalities who see street-level smarts as “wrong”. Root cause has something to do with recruitment criteria. The top priority for sensible people everywhere in the world should be changing civil service recruitment criteria that leave the people nearly 100% misrepresented.

    20% with street-level common-sense should be enough of an inside network to administer due checks and balances on deep state ideological extremism that is severely destabilizing the whole world.

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    As for “the pivot”: Joe Biden appears to be working for the Chinese deep state — and therefore also for the deep state parasites rapidly overtaking the American government. F**k climate. In such an extreme context we don’t even need to mention it. It just degenerates to severe incivility instantly so it’s never sensible and never appropriate to bring it up. Gloves off for the fight of our lives restoring and preserving freedom in the face of extreme odds.

    Always underscore the beauty of the Chinese people. Otherwise “intelligence” agents are quick to misrepresent you in the database.

    People everywhere are beautiful. Governments have always been ugly. Recently they’ve become absolutely terrifying. Competing issues aren’t needed. Governments worldwide at all levels are currently an extremist threat to beautiful people everywhere on Earth. We live in a truly terrifying time when dystopia came at us with a baseball bat. Again: F**K climate. It has to be put that graphically so rich people understand that the view from the below the median presently absolutely does NOT afford luxury. We have extraordinary, immediate survival issues.

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    Clarification = what I suggest we do:

    1. Prevent joblessness and homeless AT ALL COSTS.

    2. Alter deep state recruitment criteria so that at least 20% more agents pass on street-level common sense. There will need to be armies of watchdogs as the left will go rabid (as deep down inside they instinctively believe the right has no right to even expect to be represented in the civil service). Lion-tamers needed to save freedom.

    3. Negotiate security arrangements with climate enemies. Don’t debate. People are sick of toxic debate. Points are scored to the deep relief of a lot of people when politicians just cut through primally to “this is what I believe and I’m not going to debate it”. Insist on security the same way we do with potential military enemies knowing that while divisions are deep and permanent — and debate will be fatal — we still have a mutual interest in peace and security. If they refuse to treat us orders of magnitude better they are terrorists plain and simple. Right now I regard governments at all levels worldwide as severe financial and freedom terrorists.