Why astronomers now doubt there is an undiscovered 9th planet in our solar system

Posted: May 26, 2020 by oldbrew in Astronomy, data, Measurement, solar system dynamics

Credit: NASA

Looks like game over for the Planet Nine idea. Unavoidable observational biases may be at least partly to blame.
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Planet Nine is a theoretical, undiscovered giant planet in the mysterious far reaches of our solar system, says The Conversation (via Phys.org)

The presence of Planet Nine has been hypothesized to explain everything from the tilt of the sun’s spin axis to the apparent clustering in the orbits of small, icy asteroids beyond Neptune.

But does Planet Nine actually exist?

Discoveries at the edge of our solar system

The Kuiper Belt is a collection of small, icy bodies that orbit the sun beyond Neptune, at distances larger than 30 AU (one astronomical unit or AU is the distance between the Earth and the sun).

These Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) range in size from large boulders to 2,000 km across. KBOs are leftover small bits of planetary material that were never incorporated into planets, similar to the asteroid belt.

The discoveries from the most successful Kuiper Belt survey to date, the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS), suggest a sneakier explanation for the orbits we see.

Many of these KBOs have been discovered to have very elliptical and tilted orbits, like Pluto.

Mathematical calculations and detailed computer simulations have shown that the orbits we see in the Kuiper Belt can only have been created if Neptune originally formed a few AU closer to the sun, and migrated outward to its present orbit.

Neptune’s migration explains the pervasiveness of highly elliptical orbits in the Kuiper Belt, and can explain all the KBO orbits we’ve observed, except for a handful of KBOs on extreme orbits that always stay at least 10 AU beyond Neptune.

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  1. JB says:

    “Mathematical calculations and detailed computer simulations have shown that the orbits we see in the Kuiper Belt can only have been created if Neptune originally formed a few AU closer to the sun, and migrated outward to its present orbit.”

    No simulation will ever be comprehensive enough to represent Nature, especially where the past is concerned. Mathematical calculations ASSUME that all conditions were constant into the past.There is clear and overwhelming evidence in the history of the earth alone to indicate uniformitarianism and linear progression is a failed concept. Catastrophism appears everywhere we look, from the micro to the macro.

    “can only have been created” is really an indication of the paucity of information and understanding these analysts have, and they make such statements repeatedly, “discovering” later their pronouncement was deficient in critical information. “This was totally unexpected” crap.

    If these ostentatious astronomers would pay attention to their well-known data concerning the planets they would know immediately the idea of Neptune being formed closer to the sun and migrating out never happened and does not happen. All they need do is compare the known mass, volume, density, inertia and spin rates of each of the planets to determine that both Neptune and Uranus are anomalies in the solar system. More needs to be learned and understood about how any planetary system is constructed to explain the anomalies of these two planets. There are major characteristics of these two planets that do not reflect any of the common conditions and behavior of the rest of the planets, including the sun that require a thorough understanding before going off half-cocked with mathematical chicanery.

  2. Paul Vaughan says:


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    Be-e awe-ware: God’s watch in 4 the value of constants….

  3. Paul Vaughan says:


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