Is the South Atlantic Anomaly Splitting in Two?

Posted: May 30, 2020 by oldbrew in Electro-magnetism, solar system dynamics

Interesting: ‘Over the last 200 years, the globally averaged magnetic field has lost around 9% of its strength, with the South Atlantic Anomaly leading the way.’

May 26, 2020: New data from Europe’s Swarm satellites show something strange is afoot in Earth’s magnetic field. The South Atlantic Anomaly might be splitting in two. “A new, eastern minimum of the South Atlantic Anomaly has appeared over the last decade,” says Jürgen Matzka, from the German Research Center for Geosciences. “In recent years it has been developing vigorously.”

splash1Above: Development of the South Atlantic Anomaly from 2014 to 2020. Credit: ESA/Swarm. [more] The South Atlantic Anomaly is a weak spot in Earth’s magnetic field centered roughly on the Atlantic side of South America. Discovered in 1958, it has been growing and shifting for decades. The latest data from Swarm show a new weak spot forming just off the southern tip of Africa.

“We are very lucky to have the Swarm satellites in orbit to investigate this development,” says Matzka.

Launched in November 2013, Swarm is a…

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  1. saighdear says:

    Well it can’t be caused by Covid since it’s been going on for longer BUT it must be as a result of Man’s actions …………..What can we do to stop it? Kwik tell the MSM spread the word 3G or G o blame! ….

  2. saighdear says:

    Jings even my Tinysoft keyboard chose not to Censor me….. 3G or 4G to blame ….. can’t be 5 G – that causes something else. … Ah maybe it’s all that undersea exploration and Mining of Nodules. Aye that’s definitely it – removing Nodules……….

  3. JB says:

    As long as they adhere to the idea the “Earth’s magnetic field is created by currents of superheated liquid iron swirling” they never will figure it out.

    In the first place I’ve not ever heard of an instance iron in motion produces a magnetic field. Only electric charge in motion does that. In the second place, without ionization, heated plasma–“liquid iron” mitigates AGAINST the formation of a magnetic field. Any experienced welder and tool maker knows if you want to get rid of magnetic polarization in iron, just get it into a molten state.

  4. oldbrew says:

    JB – funny how these accretions of gas, dust, rock etc., aka planets, always manage to create their own ‘dynamos’…according to theory, that is 😏

    More details plus videos, here…

  5. tom0mason says:

    Here’s an interesting (2015) video from ‘Suspicious Observers’ that covers the Atlantic Anomaly and where they think it sits in relation to pole reversal …

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