Weaknesses Of Wind And Solar: When Science And Reality Clash – Part 3

Posted: May 31, 2020 by oldbrew in alarmism, Critique, Energy, ideology
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The demonisation of carbon dioxide is essentially a marketing tactic masquerading as science, to fool the gullible.

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By Dr. Jay Lehr and Terigi Ciccone~

In Parts One and Two of this Series, we established the Ciccone/Lehr Rule of Thumb which states that All Wind and Solar Power must be backed up with an equal or greater amount of Fossil Fuel Power running on standby 100% of the time.

In this concluding segment, we summarize the critical climate change facts that you need to be optimistic for a better future and do so with confidence, tolerance, and good humor. The facts are fully substantiated in the book A HITCHHIKERS JOURNEY THROUGH CLIMATE CHANGE, now on Amazon.

The climate change industry is enormous. Untold hundreds of $billions are in play each year, and charlatans are fiercely competing for the biggest bites. An editorial in the May 27 Wall Street Journal by Steve Milloy described how many Fortune 500 companies brag about what they are doing…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Steve Milloy: Corporate Green ‘Disclosures’ Are Often Mere Marketing
    My op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal.


  2. tom0mason says:

    This latest piece by Dr. Jay Lehr and Terigi Ciccone show (yet again), the tiny amount of warming that has happened since the end of the LIA (has it really ended or just paused for a while?) has been extremely beneficial to man and nature. So too has the rising atmospheric CO2 levels been beneficial for vegetative life (the base of our food chain) being impacted very positively.

    And that is the other reason why wind and solar are unneeded to make electricity. The planet is not in some notional ‘climate crisis’, and man does not control the climate.
    Apart from the intermittency of generation from these inefficient electricity generators, there are 3 basic items against wind and solar —
    1. The enormous amount land misused in it’s deployment (industrializing the countryside).
    2. Wind and solar are not self sustaining — you can not make more wind and solar generation equipment from the power they generated.
    3. And lastly there is the huge amount of non recyclable dirty waste wind and solar generate both in their manufacture and at their end of their short life — they are an ecological disaster!

    Properly designed and maintained modern ‘fossil fueled’ power generation are by far more economic and environmentally friendly by comparison, and can provide consumers the world over with cost effective ‘on demand’, clean electricity availability.

  3. JB says:

    I don’t “get” argument #2. If the earth did not bounteously supply the NG and coal burned and converted therewith to electrical energy, modern generators could not be replicated either. And as such, they are not self-sustaining. No technology is. (Hell, when women are left to their own devices, they cannot sustain themselves, so why would anyone expect an artificial machine “culture” to do so? No machine is capable of putting back into the energy source enough to be self-sustaining.) All we really have is a system of energy conversion that is much more efficient and economical than present methods for converting wind and solar energy.

    What should be held in view is the same point Fred Hoyle tried to inform the world in his 1977 book, Energy or Extinction: What are the available sources of energy, and which have the highest density, and which are the most economical to convert into easily usable forms?

    Fred was forced to conclude at the time, Nuclear. So what did we do? Try our best to get rid of it, rather than improve its efficiency (waste reduction).

  4. oldbrew says:

    Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’
    February 18, 2019 by stopthesethings


  5. oldbrew says:

    Germany To Open Brand New Coal Power Plant Next Week
    Date: 31/05/20 Reuters

    German power utility Uniper’s new Datteln 4 coal-fired power station will begin operating on May 30, it said on Tuesday.

    – – –
    Oh the poor climate…wail…moan…sob… 🙄

  6. oldbrew says:

    MAY 31, 2020
    UK electricity plant nears full switch away from coal

    Gardiner told AFP that he “doesn’t think there will be any coal or natural gas in our system in 2050”.

    He added: “In the UK, I think wind power in 2050 probably will be 80 percent of the energy mix.

    “At the same time, you always need something else in addition to wind power to provide for flexibility and for system support,” he said, noting that “biomass can do that”.

    – – –
    How do you replace the missing 80% when it’s not windy, with the other 20%?

  7. Gamecock says:

    “How do you replace the missing 80% when it’s not windy, with the other 20%?”

    The remnant society won’t need much electricity.

  8. oldbrew says:

    28 May 2020 at 5:55pm
    £450 million solar park in Kent given the go-ahead

    The 900 acre site at Graveney will house almost 900,000 solar panels. It aims to produce power for more than 90,000 homes.


    That’ll be handy in 8 hours of weak daylight mid-winter. One acre ‘powers’ 10 homes – on and off, mainly off.

  9. Gamecock says:

    “It aims to produce power for more than 90,000 homes.”

    What is that in Hiroshima bombs?

  10. oldbrew says:

    Then there are the battery back-up issues…

    Batteries Not A Sustainable Backup For Wind And Solar – Part I: Environmental Concerns