UK consumers face £2-3bn annual bill to prevent green-energy blackouts

Posted: June 10, 2020 by oldbrew in Accountability, Energy, government
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Price gouging on the grand scale to keep the ruinables show on the road, regardless of electricity grid stability. But our leaders love this fiasco and label it as climate policy, so that’s OK? No, but they seem to face few obstacles to their blinkered obsession, even though the problems look bound to get worse.
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Lockdown reveals the UK’s power grid is fragile, costly, and failing – because of renewables, says Dr. Benny Peiser @ Climate Change Dispatch.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is today publishing a collection of papers by energy expert Dr. John Constable, documenting the rapid decay of the UK electricity system, with system balancing costs spiraling out of control over the last few weeks.

The cost of balancing the grid over the Bank Holiday weekend amounted to £50m, and National Grid has predicted additional costs of £700m from May to August alone.

It has taken desperate measures in an attempt to reduce the bill, but according to expert observers, these may well prove futile.

GB system balancing costs have been rising sharply over recent decades, as inflexible renewables have taken a leading role in electricity supply, driven by £10 billion a year of subsidies and price-fixing arrangements.

In 2002 system balancing cost £367m, but by 2019 it had risen to just under £1.5bn, a level that was expected to be sustained this year.

However, because wind and solar can’t respond to the low demand caused by lockdown, National Grid now expects the total to be about £2bn, and even that figure is based on the optimistic assumption that costs return to normal after August.

If the lockdown runs on into the autumn, the cost could easily rise by hundreds of millions more, and a prolonged post-COVID recession could mean consumers having to foot this bill for many years to come.

Dr. Constable, the author of the GWPF study, said:

Renewables have been undermining the UK electricity system for years, with National Grid propping up a tottering system with vast piles of consumer cash. The Covid-19 lockdown has caused a balancing cost surge and revealed this green appeasement policy as unsustainable. The UK’s fragile renewables-based system can barely deal with the expected; a surprise causes a crisis.”

Continued here.
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Snapshot taken today…

  1. ivan says:

    Just chop the unreliables off the grid and don’t pay out any subsidies to them until such time they can guarantee to supply a fixed amount of electricity over a fixed time period at a fixed price that is compatible with that supplied by Concentrated Biomass (coal) generators.

  2. cognog2 says:

    When you consider what COULD be done with that money it makes you weep.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Western Link HVDC outage caused record constraint management payments as wind power surged
    24 Feb 2020, 17:43​ An outage at Western Link HVDC has led to record balancing mechanism payments of £30.9 million, according to Cornwall Insight.
    – – –
    See also the executive summary of Dr Constable’s papers [link in blog post above].

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    My state of Minnesota (Land of Loons) has gone over the moon stupid with windmills and solar arrays. They passed a law forbidding new nukes and phasing out all coal fired. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies that somehow wind up coming back into election coffers. No. Not possible. Seriously.

    Oh yeah, this is a place where the wind dies off for weeks at at time and is one of the most overcast days states in the union. Every time I see the windmills they are not turning. Yet, the legislature has mandated even more of this useless economic burden.

    Personally I’d love to hijack a couple miles of primacord/detcord and several boxes of igniters and wire up all these hideous windmills and drop them in the pasture. At the very least I want the subsidies pulled. And all in the aid of The Holy Church Of The Satanic Gases. What a crock.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Two questions for wind fans:
    – where’s the power coming from when it’s not windy? – and
    – how much does that backup, if any, cost on standby?

    A third could be: are you OK with power shortages?

  6. edmh says:

    2020 Recorded Weather Dependent Renewables Productivity UK

    Onshore wind 24%
    Offshore Wind 31%
    Solar PV 10%

    Average Renewables 22%

    Conventional Generation 90%

    What do these productivity numbers mean?

    Think about electricity generation as an ordinary business, which provides a product which has to be of consistent high quality and which is vital to all the other businesses of your Nation.

    But more than half of your labour force only turn up on 1 day in 5. And you don’t really know which day that might be.

    But the unions insist that if they do turn up you have to employ them and lay off some of the guys that can work full time.

    And worse than that, almost to half of those guys only turn up 1 day in 10. And those ones usually arrive on days when you are not likely to need them but you still have to pay them in full. Anyway, they always go home before the time of your maximum work load.

    The unions also insist that you pay them about 5 – 15 times as much as your ordinary productive workers.

    And when these guys do arrive, they cause difficulties with quality assurance, severe industrial disruption and have the ability to close down your production altogether.

    These workers get tired quickly and retire a third of the way through the normal working life.

    This is the scale of business problems that the ill-informed decision to opt for collecting dilute and irregularly intermittent energy from the environment and calling it Renewable.

    And all this is insisted on by law to show your neighbours how virtuous you are at tackling a fabricated problem, even though however self-harming your actions can only ever affect perhaps ¼ of a diminishing 1% of the perceived global problem. At the same time as a result of your own politicians and regulators who seem to want to trash your own economy for the possibility of very marginal effect at the end of the century if at all.

    The competitors in your market don’t think you are either wise or virtuous. They will not be following the lead you have established. They will be delighted to take advantage of the huge commercial disadvantage that you have had imposed on all your businesses.

  7. tallbloke says:

    Great comment edmh!

  8. oldbrew says:

    They will be delighted to take advantage of the huge commercial disadvantage that you have had imposed on all your businesses

    Wasn’t the EU threatening to stick a punitive carbon tax on imports from such climate villains – as they see them?

    Update: Here’s How the EU Could Tax Carbon Around the World
    18 February 2020

    The plan is for taxing some of the carbon produced by the European factories’ global competitors, through what’s known as a border carbon adjustment mechanism. Other countries might call it a tariff, and a potentially illegal one at that.

  9. Johna says:

    What a total farce! To think we led the world in manufacturing using 100% coal, which is still under our feet. And a highly skilled and loyal to the country workforce who have been shafted inside out and upside down… To a blonde haired lunatic who thinks we can get back our colonies i.e. captive markets and put the Great back in Britain. JFC think again, as we have the most expensive energy with their hair brained green delusions and the country will implode. Probably with the next outbreak of Covid, also due to their other hair brained idea of Herd Immunity. The only thing that stops me from despairing is I know we still have the skills and people who can turn it round, but to do that we would need to remove the twats – currently at home raking it in and to scared to show us what 1M or less social distancing brings. Far removed from when our real Leaders went with us OTT

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