Energy minister declares UK fracking dead.

Posted: June 26, 2020 by tallbloke in Accountability, fracking, government, greenblob, Idiots, Incompetence

Utterly misguided and spineless UK Govt. decision.

  1. gds44 says:

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  2. Chaswarnertoo says:

    When do we start lynching the ecomentalists?

  3. ivan says:

    I think this proves the lunatics have taken over the government as well as the country.

  4. saighdear says:

    Blame it on Covid, ………. and CO2, …………….. and on global warming, …………………… and on a very poor education system which didn’t teach FACTS & Principles. Chicken/egg situation: who was educated enough to vote in educated enough politicians who voted themselves these daft policies ……

  5. tallbloke says:

  6. oldbrew says:

    From The GWPF…

    Apocalyptic Science: How The West Is Destroying Itself
    Date: 26/06/20 Bruce Pardy, Financial Post

    The most serious threat to the West is not China or Russia but its visceral disgust with itself. A growing proportion of people — in universities, the media, politics and corporate structures — now reject the premises upon which their own thriving societies are built.

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    The socialists strike again. How many of this british government are socialists ? It seems to be more socialist than any of the opposition. What happened to the conservatives ? Were they destroyed by Cameron and Osborn ?

  8. ilma630 says:

    “The more people learned about it [fracking] the more the opposed it”. Learned?? Brainwashed more like! Also brainwashed by the renewables aka: ‘subsidy farming’ industry into thinking they can meet demand. Utterly pathetic of the govt to acquiesce like that. Whatever happened to Boris’ spine??

  9. tallbloke says:

    This is the talk I gave to the UKIP policy forum on May 23rd 2017 the day after the Manchester Arena bombing. I still stand by every word of it.

  10. oldbrew says:

    What is it about UK energy ministers? Every one a waste of space – or worse – in recent years.

  11. hunterson7 says:

    Wow, a great, useful and safe industry killed to protect climate myths.
    Sorry, Britain. The good news is that the technology will still be there when sanity breaks out in the future.

  12. hunterson7 says:

    Tallbloke, thanks for the video. You present an interesting talk very well.

  13. Roger do not agree with your comment about coal seam gas (CSG) in your talk. With coal seams that could be mined by open cut (I think overburden seam ration limit is about 15 to 1) the methane gas has mostly already been emitted to the atmosphere and and the remaining gas maybe CO2 which needs to be ventilated if mining underground with low cover. However, it deeper mines methane needs to be withdrawn before being mine for safety reasons.Already earlier in the 1980’s I have been down two mines in the Wollongong NSW area where coal seam gs was being withdrawn and electricity made in converted 1 MW diesel driven generators (Catepillar) not only to power the mine but sell to the grid. The extraction was via long horizontal drill holes. Very little if any fracting was done as the coal seam already had faults and cracks which made the mine gassy. The mines were below the water table. and in mining there was floor heave which required concrete pillars in road ways. I think the mine depth was below sea level. Coal in the 1930’s was extracted below Sydney harbour. I have been in a mine below the sea in Newcastle (NSW). The Sydney basin is likely bigger than all of UK. The coal outcrops west of the dividing range and dips below the sea just south of Wollongong and north of Newcastle. CSG is big in Qld. where it supplies two large trains of LNG plants at Gladstone for export to Japan, China Singapore etc (the largest LNG plant in the world).. Fracking of shale is something else. There is no environmental concern about withdrawing CSG. I bet no opponent has actually seen the extraction underground.or knows anything about coal geology.

  14. tallbloke says:

    CF: Thanks for the insight. It’s not my area of expertise, I just gave a quick answer to the question as I was out of time and our moderator was being strict.

  15. phil salmon says:

    Coal energy? Nuclear energy? Gas or fracking energy? Renewable or wood energy?

    A new kind of energy is coming to the UK:
    No energy.
    That will be fun to watch.

  16. oldbrew says:

    Ireland has entered the idiotic energy policy contest…

    Ireland’s Most Expensive Suicide Letter
    JUNE 27, 2020

    Fastest loser wins.

  17. PetterT says:

    Putin won the gas war