Davos: the birthplace of a New World Government? But who are the parents?

Posted: June 27, 2020 by tallbloke in Big Brother, Big Green, democracy, greenblob, People power, Politics
Charlie Chaplin: The Great Dictator

By Robin Horsley

DAVOS, is the small town, nestled high in the Swiss Alps, widely known for hosting the annual conference of global business-people, world leaders, activists, and journalists that takes place every January. The organisation that arranges the event, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and its enigmatic founder Klaus Schwab, are less well-known.

The WEF’s exclusive shindig used to be thought of simply as a grandiose talking-shop. The ultimate annual ‘networking’ event where the wealthy and powerful could grand-stand in front of the world’s media. But in recent years, as the ambitions and agenda of the WEF have become clearer, many people have gradually realised there is far more to Davos and the World Economic Forum than they previously thought. 

The WEF operates from its own modern, low-rise office complex, overlooking Lake Geneva on some of the most expensive land in the world and now generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues from its membership fees paid by what it describes as the world’s top 1,000 companies. According to its most recent annual report, the WEF now has assets valued in excess of half a billion dollars.

In June 2019 the WEF signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the United Nations to accelerate the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which has been adopted by all 193 UN member countries.

This strategic partnership caused great consternation in many quarters. The Transnational Institute (TNI), a think-tank with its roots in the anti-Vietnam movement, denounced it for “formalising the corporate capture of the UN and moving towards an increasingly privatised and less democratic global governance.” 400 organisations subsequently signed a letter calling for the termination of the UN/WEF’s agreement.

Far from being inhibited from continuing to develop policy – or using its influence and the resources of its powerful, global corporate membership to persuade or compel national Governments to adopt it’s ideals – the WEF states “now is the time to press the reset button on capitalism”. In essence it is calling for the dismantling of the entire global economic system in order that it can be re-cast to a design complying with its own agenda.

The sheer audacity of this ‘Great Reset’ agenda as it is known, with the scope to impact billions of lives on the planet, is quite simply breath-taking. It is none other than a globalist agenda seductively cloaked in green, equal-opportunity, pro-diversity packaging. In response the TNI has highlighted the combined economic power of WEF’s ‘members’, which utterly dwarfs that of most nation states, represents a serious threat to democratic global governance. Likewise, the history and commercial interest of many of the WEF’s members are, unsurprisingly, completely at odds with its supposedly green credentials.

At Davos 2020, the WEF appeared to install Prince Charles as its titular head placing him, as keynote speaker, on their global stage extravagantly emblazoned with the official heraldic insignia of the Prince of Wales, the three feathers.

It must have been a shattering moment for the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who had previously banned his Government ministers from attending Davos, to see his childhood ambition to become ‘world-king’ apparently thwarted by the future British monarch. For others there are disturbing echoes of a previous Prince of Wales cosying up to another group with similarly grandiose ambitions of pioneering a new global world order.

The rise of the World Economic Forum has been truly remarkable. In 50 years it has grown from a small three-person office in Geneva to a global organisation with a membership whose combined annual turnover, and economic power, is in the tens of trillions of dollars. Klaus Schwab, its founder and still its Executive Chairman 50 years on, has unparalleled access to political leaders across the entire world. 

But how did the World Economic Forum come about?

Delving back into the historical archive of the WEF yields some interesting observations. The first Davos conference took place in 1971, the year the WEF was founded and, according to Wikipedia, was funded by the European Commission, the powerful central institution of the European Union.

This connection to, and support from, the European unification movement reveals itself further when looking through the photographic archive. That first Davos conference, or ‘symposium’ as it was then called had, as its keynote speaker, another royal long awaiting his king-ship. 

Otto von Habsburg, also known as Archduke Otto of Austria, was the first Davos keynote speaker. Habsburg’s monarch was a casualty of the First World War. He was the last crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, an empire which comprised modern-day Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia – and parts of Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. His father, Charles, was the last emperor until its dissolution in 1919.

Otto Habsburg had been one of the original founders, in 1922, of the Pan-European Union which still exists today and is widely recognised as the oldest European unification movement still in existence. Habsburg went on to be its President in 1973, following the death of his co-founder Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, and subsequently served as a Member of the European Parliament for 20 years following its creation in 1979.

Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, was born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938 and studied economics and, at the behest of his father, engineering. His father had been Managing Director for a Swiss engineering company, Escher Wyss, who continued operating in Germany throughout World War II. In interviews, Schwab recalls travelling between war-torn Germany and neutral Switzerland as a small child and the impression that the contrast made upon him.

After studying in Germany, Schwab travelled to the USA to attend lectures at Harvard Business School. Here he made some key contacts that he was later able to use, including Henry Kissinger.

It is clear, looking at the history of the World Economic Forum, that Schwab’s aim was not simply to provide a platform for others to use for meeting and making decisions. The WEF launched its first ‘Davos Manifesto’ at its third annual event in 1973. It was always, essentially a political construction but one that lacked any truly democratic foundation.

The theme of the WEF’s forthcoming 50th Annual event in January 2021 is ‘The Great Reset’, a radical plan to completely re-work the mechanics of the entire global economy. Had the Covid-19 virus not emerged this year, bringing the global economy to a shuddering halt, it’s difficult to conceive how this agenda could ever have hoped to have been implemented.

But now, with the prospect of vast and potentially devastating economic impacts ahead – albeit temporarily masked by unsustainable financial interventions by national governments, such as the UK’s furlough scheme – it may be that the people of the world are driven to radical solutions in the near future.

Working with the UN, International banks and the WEF’s stable of global industrial and technology giants it is now possible that together they have the opportunity to create ‘the new normal’ – a world that works as they plan it to work.

The deeply disturbing concern for us mere mortals is that it appears these organisations intend to impose their agenda on us without any democratic consent and without any democratic system of accountability in place to ensure it serves the needs and interests of the people of our planet – rather than the interests of the wealthy and powerful who control this agenda.

The World Economic Forum’s ‘Strategic Partners’ are its top-tier group of 100 global organisations. This group includes major global banks such as Barclays, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Standard Chartered Bank who yield immense financial power.

It also includes major technology and communications companies such as Huawei, Publicis, Omnicom, (two global communications companies) Facebook and Google. 

With this combination of enormous financial power, skilled persuasion capabilities and control of the communications infrastructure at their disposal WEF has huge power to mould, influence and control events – while shaping public opinion.

We, the ordinary people, shall have to keep a very close eye on WEF’s activities as its ‘Great Reset’ agenda unfolds over the coming months ahead.

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Robin Horsley is the founder of YouPolitics.uk a new online UK politics social media channel. He founded The Great Brexit Debate in 2016 a Facebook site with over 30,000 followers, and has worked with political campaigning organisations such as The Bruges Group and Veterans for Britain and has campaigned on issues in the areas of justice, defence and education.

Photo of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaking at this year’s Davos, courtesy of European Commission.

  1. Chaeremon says:

    Asking WEF for their parents is rather futile; whatever you ask WEF participants, in their answer they themselves are not affected. When, for 20 years, I used the train between Geneva and Zurich, I discussed with WEF participants on the train.
    Ask WEF to forbid youth unemployment, to forbid negative interest on family savings, to forbid endorsement or funding of violent enclaves / violent subcultures / violent religions, to forbid endorsement or funding of moralistic government programs.

    They are anti-peace, anti-free market economy, anti-prosperity and success, anti-hard work achievements, anti-barriers by social classes and circumstances of birth.

    They “control” by pouring dirty money into promotional waste (ads) but let, for real projects, the venture capital come from the tax money trough.

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    16 Figures

    There’s a song D-picting the mindset: Garbage “#1 Crush”.

    Ten years from now, in 2030, we will either have written a very positive story, or we will really be condemned to an endless destruction. So for these 10 years we’re holding the pen,” Figueres said.


    Matches what Horsley wrote:

    “In June 2019 the WEF signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the United Nations to accelerate the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which has been adopted by all 193 UN member countries.”



    This could not happen without US military backing. Even these hubristic types are not free to push so hard without military backing. For example, they are not free to destabilize the world so severely that the chain reaction is sure to trigger nuclear war. I have to assume they are acting under the direct guidance of NATO and the US military.


    Horsley noted:

    The theme of the WEF’s forthcoming 50th Annual event in January 2021 is ‘The Great Reset’, a radical plan to completely re-work the mechanics of the entire global economy. Had the Covid-19 virus not emerged this year, bringing the global economy to a shuddering halt, it’s difficult to conceive how this agenda could ever have hoped to have been implemented.
    The deeply disturbing concern for us mere mortals is that it appears these organisations intend to impose their agenda on us without any democratic consent and without any democratic system of accountability in place to ensure it serves the needs and interests of the people of our planet – rather than the interests of the wealthy and powerful who control this agenda.


    The future looks like a nightmare.

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Time to open a little can of instant sunshine. Pity about Davos, nice village.

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    3.5 %

    If this doesn’t make you smile
    You don’t have to cry

    If this isn’t what you see
    It doesn’t make you blind

    If this doesn’t take you down
    It doesn’t mean you’re high

    If this isn’t making sense
    It doesn’t make it lies

    If this doesn’t make you free
    It doesn’t mean you’re tied

    Get yourself afraid
    Get yourself contained

    First IT steels your mind
    Then IT steels your soul

    If you don’t want to “believe”
    You don’t have to try
    — Washington’s Sound Guard UN “SuperUNknown”








    …. .5 % = 16 Figures

  5. dennisambler says:

    The Trustees include Al Gore, Mark Carney and Christine Lagarde. What’s not to like?

    Major NGO’s are also on board. Maurice Strong realised years ago that they needed to be strengthened and supported to sell the globalisation message to the populace.

    Executive Director of Greenpeace International. Formerly, Global Director for the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute, Global Climate Change Director at Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) and led the Global Climate Change Program at the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).


    Morgan is also involved in the “development” of Greta Thunberg: http://www.theartofannihilation.com/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-a-decade-of-social-manipulation-for-the-corporate-capture-of-nature-crescendo/

  6. tallbloke says:

    PaulV: In your final graph, the image alternates between two opposite polar states. Is there 160 years between them as the caption might indicate, 1854:2014 ?

  7. hunterson7 says:

    Thank you for putting this history together.
    We have tolerated this far too long.

  8. tallbloke says:

    The author is on Youtube
    More info behind this great reset plan here.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Prince Charles hanging out with his globalist aristocracy poseur chums there.

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    Monstrous Moonshine

    The people pushing the “behavior modification” schemes are health and wealth terrorists building a severely provocative caste system.

    There’s no doubt WHO loves countries crowning health and wealth terror.

    My sources tell me they prefer to work with corruptible people under age 50. Exceptions are made for a select few possessing extraordinary talent.

    So far as we know, corrupt IT-monopoly censors measure your “karma integral” to determine your eligibility for a home, job, and internet access.

    I advise against underestimating the capabilities this group has to make repeated severely unethical interventions in scores of individual lives.

    Something in their presumed values hierarchy comes across as evil. They prescribe models based on false assumptions and ignore residuals.

    Like other types of terrorists they push fatally, lacking crucial human capacity for restraint.


    A PROGRESSIVE series of SYSTEMATIC vandalism was launched on ERSST spatiotemporal structure, beginning with this brazen assault:


    The vandalism — a savagely hubristic assault on nature’s face by any sensible ethical standard — was launched from a single point:


    TB asked:

    “PaulV: In your final graph, the image alternates between two opposite polar states. Is there 160 years between them as the caption might indicate, 1854:2014 ?”


    96 years. The 96 year lunisolar slip-cycle was derived years ago from time-height sections of quasibiennial, annual, and semi-annual oscillations.

    http://ugamp.nerc.ac.uk/hot/ajh/qbo.htm — includes animation

    Formal Derivation

    ⌊ 0.999978614647502 / 0.0745030006844627 ⌉ = ⌊13.421991134057⌉ = 13
    0.999978614647502 / 13 = 0.0769214318959617
    2.36966735541038 = (0.0769214318959617)*(0.0745030006844627) / (0.0769214318959617 – 0.0745030006844627)

    ⌊ 2.36966735541038 / 0.499989307323751 ⌉ = ⌊4.73943606533166⌉ = 5
    2.36966735541038 / 5 = 0.473933471082076
    9.0943796900619 = (0.499989307323751)*(0.473933471082076) / (0.499989307323751 – 0.473933471082076)

    ⌊ 9.0943796900619 / 0.999978614647502 ⌉ = ⌊9.09457418073658⌉ = 9
    9.0943796900619 / 9 = 1.0104866322291
    96.1613372617316 = (1.0104866322291)*(0.999978614647502) / (1.0104866322291 – 0.999978614647502)

    Review of definitions:


  11. Plain Jane says:

    And isnt it just like the corona virus happens to fit so nicely to the globalist agenda, of big government everywhere, against their own people, everywhere. So I can understand why the Chinese dont like taking flack for what all the other big players were probably doing with them.

  12. tom0mason says:

    The MSM at the behest of the UN, The Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc., will put it round that you’re conspiracy theory outlet.
    Members of the Skull and Bones (aka Chapter 322), Bohemian Grove, The Bavarian Illuminati, and the UK’s Royal Family will say nothing meaningful as they are too busy at the moment.

  13. Paul Vaughan says:

    The west is treating China like shit and I for one and getting pretty damned pissed off about it.

  14. Paul Vaughan says:

    Brexit wasn’t won. It was lost: Elites tricked people to get them to do the exact opposite of what they voted for. Fool me once: shame on you.

    When I went hiking this evening I thought about what kind of vision would need to be presented to ensure global stability and security in times like the present.

    The first thing I would do is release Meng Wanzhou.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she were free to design a new advanced civilization with thousands of hiking trails along the mountainous inlets north of her Canadian home. I would be so honored to help her.

    We could hire some friendly Norwegian engineers. No one here seems to have the type of vision they have in Norway for their mountainous coast.

    Natural climate lovers want secure homes, secure jobs, peace, stability, healthy sea-kayaking, and healthy hiking (or golf – or whatever). The media’s portrayal of “far right” doesn’t match the positive, uplifting vision some have for far right, which is a clean contrast with the increasingly terrorizing far left.

    How I choose to see at this time:
    We will not have a secure world if our messaging stays how it used to be.

    American Republicans should offer the American people more financial support than Democrats are offering at this time. (The cost of not doing so is terrifying and may last centuries.)

    Try communicating in SEVERAL different styles. Try SEVERAL different positive visions.

    tom0mason wrote “[…] will put it round that you’re conspiracy theory outlet

    You’re worried about gossip?

    Bro, they’re shamelessly promoting terrorism through a child’s mouth on MSM:



    Some keep doing same-old expecting different results. The old terms of discussion only take us to that hell.

  15. tom0mason says:

    Paul Vaughan,
    I could have put it better I suppose. My try at sarcasm failed, no matter how heavy-handed I’ve tried to make it.

    The MSM will probably mark this story (and site) as a conspiracy theorist outlet — should anyone here be worried? NO! Observations should be reported as found, and not fictionalised with emotional sophistry and hysteria as today’s ‘journalists’ are wont to do.

  16. Paul Vaughan says:

    tom0mason wrote: “The MSM will probably mark this story (and site) as a conspiracy theorist outlet”

    My question (no one need answer as we all know well the answer) :

    Is MSM “a conspiracy theorist outlet”?

    I’ve written several long comments that I’m not going to post at this time. I’ve decided to require of myself a “cooling off” period as both MSM and the left are getting me so angry, but not as angry as Trump has me for not withdrawing Meng Wanzhou’s extradition request — and Johnson for being such a vicious backstabber. I’m withdrawing my support for the British Commonwealth for what Johnson did and I may back Biden on purpose (call it SPITE) because of how Trump is terrorizing Chinese women, children, and peaceful men. Leaving it there for now and going hiking to defuse and construct POSITIVE vision.

  17. Paul Vaughan says:

    Reconsidered: Read up on Biden’s “vision”. Before this week I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about him. (I had been hoping Bernie would be the candidate so we’d be guaranteed no “establishment” US president possible.)

    Turns out Biden backs lockdowns. Lockdowns should be STRICTLY illegal, no matter the circumstances …so obviously I can’t back him. On the contrary: I now DEEPLY fear him. I view him as a fatal threat to my safety, security, and well-being and will be watching for allies — as one obviously cannot survive such savage oppression without allies. I note that his people stirred up riots to spread the coronavirus so they could advocate another round of lockdown terror. Obviously we won’t be solving problems of this scale with words.

    Given that western IT monopolies are the ones savagely interfering in the US election (and the world more generally), my suspicions are turning like this:

    Who wrote the propaganda against Huawei and why?

    I smell a rat.

  18. Paul Vaughan says:

    Let me note the other thing I’m wondering:

    Is it miserable to live in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Beijing, Moscow?

    I’m guessing the answer is a monstrous yes given the disgusting visions coming out of these places.

    I may sound cynical, but hiking and sea-kayaking is wonderful. Daily living is wonderful where I live. My deep instinct is that none of these people trying to run the show have discovered truly good living. I suspect some of them may THINK they know what truly good living is.

    Again: I suggest we move the cap IT AI …and the capital. I’m serious. MOVE THE CAPITAL.

    Civil servants are countless orders of magnitude more cynical than I ever have been or will be because of what they have to deal with in these drab and incomprehensibly boring places.

    Let’s face it: These places are incapable of creating an inspiring vision. That is how they slip into negative thinking only about suppressing places that are more uplifted.

    An inspiring world capital would have to be based somewhere like coastal Norway or coastal British Columbia or Patagonia or the southwest coast of New Zealand’s south island.

    Government can’t flourish in bad habitat.

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