Review: Rex Fleming Calls Carbon Dioxide Fear A “False Alarm”

Posted: July 6, 2020 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique
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If the world could move away from false alarms like human-caused climate change, it might be able to focus on genuine problems such as widespread lack of access to electricity and clean water.

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

This summer there are two new books and an older one newly relevant today with the same title: False Alarm.

Though physician Dr. Marc Siegal wrote False Alarm: The Truth about the Epidemic of Fear back in 2008, right now Amazon Kindle has the book in heavy promotion. Kindle boasts, “More relevant than ever as the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic sweeps the globe, False Alarm reminds readers to look closely at the facts as the media covers the pandemic news and spread of the virus, as well as reinforces the notion that we must arm ourselves against fear tactics….”

The two new books, however, address fear generated by politicians and doomsayers over “manmade global warming” for which carbon dioxide (and the burning of fossil fuels that releases it into the atmosphere) is cast as the chief culprit.

Due out on July 14th is “skeptical…

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  1. stpaulchuck says:

    “climate” has become a religion and thus impervious to rational thought and open facts. It is supported by a media thrashing about constantly searching for ever more outrageous headlines to drive ad pricing along with rent seeking academics of no useful purpose.

    You cannot properly argue with someone who became a believer based on emotions rather than objective evaluation of facts.

  2. Paul Vaughan says:

    stpaulchuck: You are out in front of the pack, illustrating now where we were 8 years ago.

    8 years have been wasted by incomprehensibly thick-headed “allies” (most likely drinking alcohol instead of caffeine) who kept insisting that the “climate” enemy was rational and willing to submit.

    Observation only made the enemy grab a hammer and do tremendous harm, which steadily accumulated into irreparable harm. Mt. Human Rights Violation is now a Luck D-own West Turn Institution.

    The delay was critical. It gave the enemy time to flip countless key switches, leaving a grave outlook.

    Now let me vent:
    F***!! I tried to warn you people so many years ago…..

    D-bait is the D-evil’s Work

    The appearance of debate signals weakness to the enemy. Worse: It gives soaring highs to a thrilled attack force. It’s more effective when views — no matter how contrasting — are stated side-by-side without debate. This deprives the enemy of a key psychological tool — that both rewards IT’s troops and UNderminds US.

  3. oldbrew says:

    The other false alarm book…

  4. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Properly” Sci11UNs-D: Buy Hardware

    stpaulchuck says (July 6, 2020 at 4:24 pm)
    “climate” has become a religion and thus impervious to rational thought and open facts. […]

    You cannot properly argue with someone who became a believer based on emotions rather than objective evaluation of facts.

    Correct …especially scene threw “climate” translation hardware.

    Debate CAUSES hammer.
    Hammer crushes freedom.

    IT knead be know simpler.

    ” ‘Cause I believe in you: ___________________ “ — Garbage “#1

  5. oldbrew says:

    Morano: “Now that prominent climate activists are apologizing and reversing their views, it is time we frankly discuss reparations for the decades of fear, deceit, predictions of doom, poor public policy choices, endless tipping points and tolerating Greta Thunberg forced into our children’s lives by the media. How about a paycheck to all the falsely slandered climate skeptics from the well-funded climate establishment as a first step toward healing the climate divisions caused by the lies of Al Gore, the UN, academia and the media?”
    – – –
    That’ll be the day.

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    (Rapidly) Fleeting Naivety

    I’m becoming very suspicious (UN.door.state.meant) about some of the things I see in the “news” about the Australian PM, so I have a simple question for any Australian talkshop readers:

    IS IT PC like with UK PM baiting right so we’re left UNdoormind?

    I don’t expect any realistic answers (bring on the naivety), but let’s see what “ha!”pens.
    We’re here to observe nature …including human nature.

    AImost Incomprehensibly Corrupt all-lies

    I had my fleeting moment of naivety (shame on me) a few days ago :
    I took something MSM said about Australia as real news …until a broader pattern emerged in craft-D reporting, tripping my cynicism right back to where IT was in deep mistrust.

    Scene hard where: Boris get Scott? Know Thanks!

  7. oldbrew says:

    Conservatives Must Have the Courage to Tell the Truth About Carbon Dioxide

    It is time to stop arguing with the Global warming alarmists as to how much or little carbon dioxide is likely to warm the Earth and instead make it clear to everyone that carbon dioxide is a blessing to us all.

  8. oldbrew says:

    JULY 5, 2020

    ‘CO2 makes up only a tiny portion of the atmosphere (0.040%) and constitutes only 3.6% of the greenhouse effect. The atmospheric content of CO2 has increased only 0.008% since emissions began to soar after 1945. Such a tiny increment of increase in CO2 cannot cause the 10°F increase in temperature predicted by CO2 advocates.’ – Don Easterbrook

    ‘Computer climate modelers build into their models a high water vapor component, which they claim is due to increased atmospheric water vapor caused by very small warming from CO2, and since water vapor makes up 90–95% of the greenhouse effect, they claim the result will be warming.

    The problem is that atmospheric water vapor has actually declined since 1948, not increased as demanded by climate models. If CO2 causes global warming, then CO2 should always precede warming when the Earth’s climate warms up after an ice age. However, in all cases, CO2 lags warming by ∼800 years. Shorter time spans show the same thing–warming always precedes an increase in CO2 and therefore it cannot be the cause of the warming.’

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    As stpaulchuck has wisely acknowledged, the old, dead approach doesn’t — and can’t — work.

    The people who keep trying that approach are more liability than asset. Too much is at stake and it’s not clear why they keep acting to undermine us. Someone with the right combination of connections and diplomacy should investigate all the relentless recent attempts to throw the conversation back to where it was a decade ago.

    …which is totally irrelevant since lockdown snapped below-the-median minds into primal states of deep survival consciousness.

    Maybe the right needs to hire A VARIETY of psychologists (watch out for moles and filter them out) to help elite rights fathom the differential impact that divides along the median. There’s some kind of fatal awareness gap — probably a function of wealth. Look into hiring some PR consultants who instinctively understand what stpaulchuck has acknowledged (at the level of primal psychology). I’m only here to blaze trail — no time for polish. I’ll quicken the pace. Messaging will get more raw …and more true.

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    interpretive note: mess age hyperlink inexplicably stretched past “the old, dead approach”

    [mod] typo: /i instead of /a

  11. Paul Vaughan says:

    Primal Abuse of In No Cent Citizens

    WHO wants their name tied to human rights violations on a scale never before seen in human history. In every local context the UN and IT’s totalitarian all-lies owe below-the-median citizens more than they can ever pay.

    PC Dreams of D-funding The UN Borg

    Ask More UN? No!! for a complete list of powerful human rights violators who UNdermind world security and stability with relentless, fierce health-and-wealth luck-down lock D-own terror camp aims.

    Just let them (weather deep states or individuals) stand first in line to pay reparations.

    They also undermined the West’s posture towards China on human rights.

    “Bold” PC Lies?

    Since locking down its own people the West looks like a shameless, mindless, reckless drunk stumbling and fumbling towards a day of reckoning every time it thoughtlessly says “human rights”, showing no awareness of its own abusive sins.

    Just look at what happened to human rights in the West:
    Livelihoods were UNdermined and redirected systematically.

    UNprecedent-D Financial Terrorism

    Observe the scale of the financial terror. Never before has such grave financial injustice UNnecessarily terrorized so many humans at one time.

    Look at how many below-the-median income-earners worldwide have been simultaneously assaulted by rich “experts” who just know financial terror “IS best” for them. (They should have been imprisoned by now? Where is justice??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR LAWS????)

    Incomprehensibly Egregious

    The overbearing financial terror waves forced by lockdown were systematically unnecessary, punching the human rights abuse through to the realm of severe, savage, and shameless.

    Net damage to civilization (integrated over ALL variables and lifetimes) would have been orders of magnitude less (cannot be sufficiently UN.door.scored) had nature simply been respected with a deeper wisdom.

    The people directing chain reactions of destruction think themselves Gods above nature.

    “Day of Judgement – God is calling” — Ozzie – Sabbath

    IT’s dangerous UN door rulers WHO reflexively deflect-D nature’s blast towards the vulnerable.

    Rather than facing a natural shock wave with unshakable unity, they split the impacts along the median, allowing the most vulnerable to weather the burden of sheltering and pampering the rich.

    Division by the Median

    Let’s keep careful track of which Western “allies” and “leaders” keep calling for 2020’s #1 human rights violation: systematic lock D-own in luck-down.

    A Cross: the Median

    There is no such thing as a lockdown that doesn’t abuse systematically.

  12. Rex Fleming has substituted one myth for another, as cosmic ray theory is easily falsified.

    Svensmark’s theory provides that explanation. He builds on the fact that a strong solar magnetic field provides a barrier that keeps cosmic rays from entering the Earth’s atmosphere, whereas a weak solar magnetic field allows the penetration of cosmic rays that greatly increase cloud cover that cools the planet.

    Is his basic claim true? No, on all counts.

    1.) Cosmic rays don’t reach the tropics to create clouds where they actually originate:

    2.) Global cloud cover tracks tropical activity over time (inverse integrated OLR vs integrated MEI):

    Low cloud cover tracks integrated MEI as does global cloud cover.

    3.) Skies have been clearer under solar minimums when cosmic rays were highest, not cloudier:

    Similar to the last solar minimum when cosmic rays were also high, the tropics have had positive OLR (fewer clouds) a high percentage of months over the last several years, 40 of the previous 49 months since a few months after TSI fell below my ocean warming threshold in 2016:

    4.) Cosmic rays may have a role in solar activity indices but not directly with climate indices:

    5.) Ocean temperature has increased from fewer clouds higher insolation warming since 2018 when cosmic rays have been highest recently:

    High cosmic rays have utterly failed to create more clouds or cool the ocean.

    Therefore Rex Fleming is as wrong as Henrik Svensmark. Cosmoclimatology IS busted.

  13. Paul Vaughan says:

    Remember: The political system is based on religion.
    Conclusion: The West is fatally naive at dealing with political systems based on religion. People are willing to die for their religion. The West used to have that, but lost it long ago. The West can’t beat party ideology in religious countries with its left and right. Few people are willing to sacrifice their life for left or right (seems pretty laughable that someone would give their life for things so corrupt).

    …so the West admitted ONLY ONE religion that people are willing to die for.

    Perhaps the last topic I will ever write about in climate discussion will be: “climate” monopolies (that’s code).

  14. Paul Vaughan says:

    “Climate” Intolerance

    The religious forces ranting most viciously against China have become our biggest oppressors.

    “The forces of illiberalism are gaining strength throughout the world and have a powerful ally in Donald Trump, who represents a real threat to democracy,” the letter said. “But resistance must not be allowed to harden into its own brand of dogma or coercion-which right-wing demagogues are already exploiting. The democratic inclusion we want can be achieved only if we speak out against the intolerant climate that has set in on all sides.”

    Although many orders of magnitude less effective since Boris backstabbed, Trump’s one of the few who may be fighting opposite this portrayal. Still we have 2-way spotlight on hypocrisy.


    A religious lens has trained Five Eyes to review “climate” purpose.

    “The way to defeat bad ideas is by exposure, argument, and persuasion, not by trying to silence or wish them away,” the letter said. “We refuse any false choice between justice and freedom, which cannot exist without each other.”


    The idea about saving freedom and free speech is worthwhile, but it cannot be achieved how they describe. That old approach will only drag on for countless decades at a time (persistent torture and abuse) with no resolution when religious and military forces — only “free” to act on orders, no matter how miscalculated — participate in discussion. (Watch them run off to do their lengthy “fact checks” that miss every cue.)

    Those psychologically abusive methods (same as forcing people to wear masks) are designed to cause things like hatred, suicide, financial exclusion, homelessness, and war. The authors have not understood the issue — and who is pushing it — deeply enough to solve it ….at least not yet.

    Perhaps one thing they have not understood is that (misnomer used to ridicule freedom) “conspiracy” theories became popular as a creative means of peaceful protest — of official propaganda (both religious and military).

    For example a handful of KEY facts were never accepted by abusive, incomprehensibly evil judges in climate discussion whether left or right.

    Peaceful people do not believe in physical protesting. Since key facts were NOT being accepted, Q-tests were designed. Artistic mix of fact and fiction penetrates differentially, yielding luminary measure. This is scientific method applied to communication, in this case to measure oppressive response (in measurable MSM).

    Financial Terrorism Overused as a Tool of (“bold” code) Monstrous Coercion

    The authors have not taken time to fathom the cause of DEEP expressions of mistrust arising from devilish abuse, including financial abuse. They have not yet identified the “expert” devils sowing monstrous discord (…or if they have they’re playing along with the act to expose IT).

    The problem isn’t with the concept of karma but its evil judging.

    If few find ethical free speech shock king, IT’s telling:
    1. Release Meng Wanzhou.
    2. Allow competition from Huawei in the market.

    Watch ACUTE reaction to suggestions like this — e.g. deflecting discourse to “prisoner swap” costs instead of the initial error of hostage-taking in the first place — to know where resistance to freedom is based.

    Western people are fatally naive about the power of RELIGIOUS POLITICS. Imagine the LEVEL OF CONTROL people (MORE SPECIFICALLY BULLIES) have over the populace when political parties align religiously.

    The West is so naive and IT’s costing us more than we can afford. “Officials” won’t hear about the giant power BALANCE needed for security and stability. “Climate” wants controllable IT monopolies …to erase freedom for religious miscalculation.

    — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — –

    We can bring the facts about climate back out when “climate” is ready to accept them. That may be decades from now — or centuries.

    – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — — –

    Meanwhile we can put a spotlight on giant power imbalance.

    People come right out and say China.
    The deeper problem lies with the one whose name we dare not speak. (Guesses won’t be uniform and a lot of prejudiced people will be overbearingly confident in their incorrect guess at who.)

    The discussion would have stayed about just being facts if facts were readily and reliably recognized and acknowledged, but we got past such fatally naive hope 8 years ago. Then lockdown confirmed our deepest suspicions.

    A Way Out

    After phase 1 a variety of communication algorithms were tested. The proof was conclusive: We live in a STRICT “climate” dystopia. The right thing to do is find Huawei out so we’re not left chained to a religious monster with media corruption incomprehensibly dwarfing American MSM.


    The other 99% of what needs to be said cannot be said. IT isn’t safe and we aren’t free.
    The West looks more reprehensibly incompetent on religious security files by the day.

    IT can’t ensure our right to speak freely. IT’s violating our human rights. IT ain’t right to be left denying a heavenly role for giant power balance in global stability.

    Simply allow IT: competition to shine needed light on climate.
    Then we can get back to real environmentalism.

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