Council ‘sorry’ as energy company collapses

Posted: September 5, 2020 by oldbrew in Accountability, Energy, ideology, Incompetence
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This scheme trumpeted: “Since July 2018 all of the electricity we supply to our customers is 100% green*. Whichever tariff you take from us all of the electricity we provide is certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators.”
But now comes the real cost – a loss of many millions of pounds incurred by local ratepayers as it all goes pear-shaped. If anyone is surprised, they shouldn’t be.

– – –
The council leader admits selling the customer base will not make back the millions it invested, reports BBC News.

Robin Hood Energy (RHE) is shutting with the loss of 230 jobs despite millions poured into it by Nottingham City Council.

British Gas will take on its customer base of thousands of homes in England.

The council said the sale will not make up all its losses, which leaked documents suggest are £38.1 million.

Extract from the BBC analysis:

This has been a disaster and an embarrassment for Nottingham City Council.

At a time when they routinely criticise central government for a loss of funding, they’ve been publicly shamed for losing millions in taxpayer cash.

What’s more, they’ve had to accept it. No spin. No deflection. A straight and unavoidable mea culpa.

Full report here.

  1. Curious George says:

    Mr Mellen said: “There will be significant amounts of money we won’t be able to recoup.

    “I’m very sorry that is the case, I don’t hesitate to say sorry when we’ve got things wrong, my priority now is to get things right.”

    A familiar song: We meant well, but it ended up as always.

  2. cognog2 says:

    No company supplying grid electricity can honestly claim that they provide 100% green energy.whatever that is.
    To invest in a company making that claim is the height of irresponsibility.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Public bodies should be banned from high risk investments. I think this was one of the councils that invested in the Iceland fraud

    These councillors should be made to pay back this money by selling their assets. That’s how it works for private companies

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    “I know what happened isn’t what I promised, but let’s try again.” <— the perennial political chant *spit*

  5. gbaikie says:

    They were undecided about robbing more, but then decided to stop robbing {probably because there no more money that they could have as easily taken].

  6. Phoenix44 says:

    Why do these councils have money to invest in these schemes? My council recently sold some assets for well over £300 million yet did not return that money to us nor cut council tax with it. For some reason utter mediocraties in local government are allowed to play Wall Street with money they shouldn’t have anyway. Why?

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    Their attitude “Oh dear, how sad, nevermind”.

  8. BLACK PEARL says:

    There was a news report promoting Robin Hood Energy done a few years back linked with a Corbyn visit, (possibly SKY or ITV ?) Always wondered if a lot of these seemingly independent so-called ‘reports’ are ‘paid for’ pieces !

  9. oldbrew says:

    British Gas snaps up Jeremy Corbyn’s energy supplier Robin Hood
    3 September 2020
    – – –
    They only snapped up the customers, not the whole operation.

    ‘A not for profit very long company’

  10. dennisambler says:

    They may supply 100% renewable to the grid, but it doesn’t have a “renewable” label on it. It’s all the same down the wire. It is dishonest to pretend to people that they are receiving any percent of “renewable energy” when they are simply receiving the current mix. Today there is 3% wind. It’s sunny at the moment so 16% solar until the cloud comes back.

    “I don’t hesitate to say sorry when we’ve got things wrong”….but it’s not my money so what the heck?

  11. tom0mason says:

    Hi Nottingham council and I’m here to help.

    Yes I have a surefire method of extracting more radiant energy and converting it to electricity. Not only that but it works 24/7!
    The secret is CO2 back-radiation!
    Yes, you could be in at the start of a real moneymaker that’s truly environmentally beneficial!
    Just invest in our start-up, where our specially tuned array of panels pick-up all the CO2 back-radiation from the atmosphere in your area, then our special technology converts it to electricity almost without loss (modeled conversion is 90-98%).
    Just think Nottingham you could be the world leaders in environmentally sustainable CO2 back-radiation conversion technology, while supplying thousands of homes with environmentally beneficial, cheap, safe energy. Not only that but the excess will help ensure all of the UK gets more stable electricity supply.
    A win-win for Nottingham council, the UK, and the world!

    To apply please deposit £3 million in our Jersey bank account as indicated on the form enclosed.
    (Terms And Conditions Apply)

  12. oldbrew says:

    TomO – is that money-back radiation in case of financial collapse?

  13. tom0mason says:

    is that money-back radiation in case of financial collapse?
    Back-radiationRUs computer says of course 🙂
    (NOTE — Please carefully read the macroprint in the contract, especially part 18 (sub 34b) Ongoing cost amplification and market anomalies. )

  14. saighdear says:

    Same old story, same old story ( about Local Governments – but Hey, isn’t West Minster a “local” government too?) ,,,, am fed up hearing about these plonkers:Drain the swamp and as an intelligent farmer knows, you catch the spring AT SOURCE: otherwise the swamp will re-fill or its margins will remain boggy

  15. […] sieltä mitään mainitsemisen arvoista löydykään. Olin taas väärässä, mielenkiintoinen juttu vihreän energian sähköyhtiön kaatumisesta Robin Hoodin seikkailujen maisemissa, Nottinghamissa […]

  16. M Simon says:

    To get any attention you have to be very simple and debunk their argument from its internal inconsistencies. I’m using this.

    Water vapor is a greenhouse gas. There is on average 50 times as much of it in the atmosphere as CO2. Explain how CO2 is dominant.

    This is defensible since the absorption bands of CO2 and water vapor largely overlap except for the low energy 15um band.

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