Scotland’s ‘green jobs’ fiasco

Posted: September 24, 2020 by oldbrew in Big Green, Emissions, Energy, government, Subsidies
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Scottish offshore wind project [image credit :]

Electricity bill payers are in effect subsidising work that’s being exported round the world while promises of so-called green jobs for Scottish workers, and the government’s own ’emissions’ policies, are forgotten or ignored. The irony being that the high cost of UK electricity – and rising due to renewables – is part of the problem.
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A trade union has called for a halt to new offshore wind farms until a local supply chain is established, says The National (via The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF).

GMB London echoed the growing anger from GMB Scotland after it was announced last week that contracts to supply turbine jackets for SSE’s offshore wind farm, Seagreen, in Angus, were awarded to firms in China and UAE.

The decision meant Scottish firm Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) was left overlooked in favour of companies based thousands of miles away, even though it has engineering sites in the country, in Fife and Stornoway.

Despite BiFab securing backing from the Scottish Government to win the work, SSE Renewables claimed the gap between the submissions of foreign firms and BiFab was “too significant to close”.

Back in 2010, a Scottish Government report suggested the offshore wind sector alone could offer the potential for 28,000 direct jobs, in addition to a further 20,000 positions in related industries and a £7.1 billion investment in Scotland by this year.

But just last year, BiFab again found itself priced out for local work by global competitors after EDF granted the vast majority of the supply chain for its wind farm, about 10 miles off the coast of Fife, to Indonesia.

Now, the GMB London union is arguing that supply chain set-ups undertaken in the nuclear industry should be the go-to for renewable energy, with “tens of thousands of jobs in developing nuclear zero-carbon emissions reliable electricity” in the UK.

It says wind farms continuing to use the current supply chain will lead to higher bills for UK households, in addition to an overall lack of jobs – which it says are both against the “direct economic interest” of its members and their families.

Warren Kenny, GMB regional secretary, said: “Politicians of all stripes, who bought into the hype that renewable energy would give rise to green jobs in the UK in return for the higher electricity prices and subsidies required to bring it on stream, are taking union members for fools at the breath-taking absurdity of the supply chain and carbon emissions reality.

“The steel for the turbines and jackets is being made from high emissions coal and the ships that transport them many thousands of miles will be powered by high emissions oil.

“It is householders in the UK that are required to pay a surcharge of £10 per week on household energy bills, regardless of income, to fund the subsidies required by renewables energy suppliers to make their projects viable while creating jobs in the Far East. Without the subsidies the wind farms would not exist.”

GWPF source here.

  1. ivan says:

    The simple answer would be to remove ALL subsidies from unreliable ‘renewable’ energy, existing and proposed – if they cant get private funding tough.

    When I say ALL subsidies I include any payments because they are generating too much unnecessary power – they need to learn how to regulate the output from their units using the blade feathering feature.

  2. saighdear says:

    Aye,uhuh, and yesterday + today some COAL was burnt again ‘cos Solar couldn’t deliver
    Now the Pen is mightier than the Sword, …. we were taught. Laugh! but today what is it? What does it take to get Big Management to see sense? Not just DRAIN the SWAMP , but STOP feeding the SWAMP – divert the DRAINAGE Channels
    Meanwhile the Green BULB crowd have said ” Since our last price review, wholesale energy prices and the costs of supplying energy to your home have changed. So we have to increase our electricity prices. This means your energy will cost about £8.57 more each month “

  3. oldbrew says:

    What happened to their empty box ‘climate emergency’? If shipping stuff halfway round the world is preferred to local work because it’s cheaper, despite the supposedly dreaded emissions, it’s just arm-waving propaganda signifying nothing.

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    Gee, I wonder why nobody could see this coming. Oh… wait…

  5. Phoenix44 says:

    I can’t make head norctail of the union’s bleating. They want consumers – including their own members – to have to pay even higher amounts so that the manufacturing is in the UK? Are they only now waking up to the reality of the “Green jobs” nonsense, that high paid jobs require high prices unless the increased wages are coming from increased productivity?

    Green jobs are simply Economics Denial, a idiit belief that we can have higher costs (jobs are a cost) without higher prices for what those jobs are making.

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