Eco-Anxiety: A Dangerous And Unscientific Doomsday Construct

Posted: October 17, 2020 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, Critique, Psychobabble
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Angstrom showed in a repeatable experiment, described in his peer-reviewed paper in 1900, that the absorption bands of CO2 in the atmosphere were already saturated, therefore further increases would have no additional effect.

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By Vijay Raj Jayaraj~

“Eco-anxiety” is now a popular term. It is being increasingly used in the media to describe an anxiety condition resulting from the fears about the coming environmental destruction.

Climate Xchange for example, defines Eco-anxiety as a “feeling of stress, grief, helplessness, and fear of uncertainty associated with the grim outlook for our climatic and ecological systems if business continues as usual.” The American Psychological Association defines Eco-anxiety as “a chronic fear of environmental doom.”

In essence, it is a psychological condition wherein people are anxious about earth’s future and the changes in climate due to burning of fossil fuels. The mainstream media has been harping around the idea of eco-anxiety for quite sometime now. Interestingly, it has been associated more with the climate fears of the school-going generation.

The coverage of the student climate strike movement and dramatic speeches by celebrity child activists like Greta…

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  1. JB says:

    Like Michael Crichton said, people LOVE to hear of disaster and run around wringing their hands. Its the 2nd generation of Italian opera drama.

  2. sculptor patterson says:

    Very interesting. It seems that the AGW fearmongers have created something that would have been better to not have been created. MIS 11 was much warmer than today during which our ancestors thrived.

  3. oldbrew says:

    OCTOBER 16, 2020

    Melting Alpine glaciers yield archaeologic troves, but clock ticking

    While climate change has made possible such extraordinary finds, it is also a threat: if not found quickly, organic materials freed from the ice rapidly disintegrate and disappear.
    – – –
    So the high Alps have been through low-ice periods before. Where’s the doom?

  4. tom0mason says:

    Oh no!
    I’m now so anxious about not suffering “Eco-anxiety”.
    We’re all going to die (eventually).

  5. oldbrew says:

    Roman Warm Period was 2°C warmer than today, new study finds
    Date: 19/10/20
    G. Margaritelli et al. (2020), Nature Scientific Reports, June 2020

    The most solid image that emerges of this trans-Mediterranean comparison is the persistent regional occurrence of a distinct warm phase during the Roman Period. This record comparison consistently shows the Roman as the warmest period of the last 2 kyr, about 2 °C warmer than average values for the late centuries for the Sicily and Western Mediterranean regions.

    500 years of *persistence*.

    Study: Persistent warm Mediterranean surface waters during the Roman period

    Roman period = 1 CE to 500 CE
    = = =
    East Antarctica was up to 6°C warmer than today during Medieval Warm Period, new study
    Date: 19/10/20 Kenneth Richard, NoTricksZone

  6. hunterson7 says:

    Eco-Anxiety is actually better called Cognitive Dissonance.
    The tension between the reality that nothing dangerous is happening with the climate and the claptrap narrative that we are doomed.