Niklas Mörner: 1938-2020

Posted: October 19, 2020 by tallbloke in climate, Obituary, Ocean dynamics

Our friend Niklas Mörner has passed away. We must raise our game and work to honour the memory of this bright, brave and brilliant man. The energy and clarity of purpose he brought to science is an inspiration to us all. The humour and kind hearted cameraderie he exuded bound all the events we organised together. His enthusiasm was infectious, his expertise unparalleled in his field. His ability to engage audiences and communicate complex topics in a way that left participants with new insight is legendary.

He swung the sword of truth with grace.

“The day you close your ears you are gone”
An interview I conducted with Niklas at a climate conference in Rome.

Christopher Monckton has written a moving obituary, posted over at WUWT.

  1. arfurbryant says:

    This is a great loss of a truly objective scientist. My condolences to his family and friends.

  2. tallbloke says:

  3. Nicola Scafetta says:

    This is very sad news. Niklas was an extraordinary scientist and an extraordinary person.

  4. hunterson7 says:

    Dr. Mörner was head and shoulders above the consensus.
    He will be missed.
    Your tribute to him is much appreciated

  5. hunterson7 says:

    I love the lecture you posted.
    He calls Hanson’s fear mongering for what it is:

  6. tallbloke says:

    I’m very sad we’ve lost Niklas. He was a gentle giant among men.

  7. tallbloke says:

    Here is his last paper:
    The Kaali Impact as Trigger of a Mega-Tsunami Event and Violent Seismotectonics in Sweden

  8. Mack says:

    Well said Roger and Lord Monkton’s tribute was, indeed, very moving. His passing will be a huge loss to us on this side of the argument simply because the opposition found him so infuriating. They simply couldn’t argue with his unparalleled technical expertise. Where the alarmists trumpeted their case with bluff, bluster, exaggerations, omissions, projections, personal slurs and downright lies he countered with observations, data, measurements and the scientific method. He was a true giant in his field and his passing will be a true loss to science.

  9. Paul Vaughan says:

    42 Corrects UN Door Weigh Weather Left and Right

    kneels 4 act sol mourn — prayer

  10. Pavel Kalenda says:

    It is a sad news. We will miss his SWORD OF TRUTH, with which he has always fenced in his lectures and defended scientific truth from usurpers (like IPCC) and politicians. PRP case was a textbook example and showed the depth of censorship in scientific journals.

  11. Adam Gallon says:

    I see that another great debunker of scientific quackerism has died too, James Randi.

  12. Geoff Sharp says:

    Nils wrote to me last year…sad news indeed.

    Dear Geoff,

    For the first time I today saw your wonderful paper of 2013.
    I feel ashamed I hadn’t seen it before and used it in references.

    with all the best wishes

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