Reliable Electricity? Bah Humbug!

Posted: November 2, 2020 by oldbrew in Big Green, Energy, opinion

Green energy means: pay more, get less. But you already knew that, or if not, where have you been?

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By Kenneth Green~

In a refreshingly honest article in the Boston Review, David McDermott Hughes confirms something that we energy evangelists have been saying for some time: Environmentalists do not simply want people to transition to “green energy,” they want humanity put on energy rationing, for the good of the planet. Now, apparently, they’ve also decided that we need to add intermittent fasting to our energy diet because, gosh darnit, electricity in developed countries like the United States is just too darn reliable for our own good! It needs to go out once in a while, or, well, the planet is doomed.

According to Hughes, “For those seriously concerned about climate change, the inverse—the demand for electrical continuity—may be the real problem.” Yes, you read that right, the desire to have electricity available 24/7 is the cause of our global climate catastrophe, and we need to learn to live…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘Carrying the energy equivalent of the aviation fuel used by an aircraft flying to Asia would require $60 million worth of Tesla-type batteries weighing five times more than that aircraft.’

    But the big battery breakthrough can’t be far away now 😌

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    I remember reading in 1985 that big improvements were coming shortly in batteries. Will I live long enough to see them?
    The enthusiasts (polite term) who think renewables are cheap and batteries will be cheap real soon, so renewables will take over are getting desperate about locking in “action” before the cooling starts.
    But that relies on the promises of politicians.

  3. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Huh – having to put up with intermittent energy in our homes is just the beginning of their so-called ‘green revolution’. Without reliable baseload 24x7x365 electricity generation there will not be enough stable power for industry to make things like cement and bricks, or steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, plastics and a host of other basic materials. Then there has to be stable 24×7 power for industry to turn these basic materials into intermediate products such as concrete, castings and forgings, which then get made into final products such as houses and commercial buildings, roads and railway tracks, cars and trucks, aircraft, washing machines, computers and so on. And then there is refrigeration, which is essential for preserving most of our food between the farmer and the supermarket, and then our mobile phones and Internet, and the list goes on.
    The people promoting a ‘green revolution’ either have no idea how a modern society functions, or they are telling us bald-faced lies to hide their real agenda.
    Unfortunately these days the average ‘Joe Public and his missus’ have no understanding of how much our modern way of life is totally dependent on large amounts of affordable and reliable energy, whether it be electricity or liquid fuels. Turn off this flow of this energy and the world will quickly revert to primitive conditions of three hundred years ago, when life was ‘nasty, brutish and short’. How many of us would vote for this if we understood that this is what this so-called ‘green revolution’ actually means?
    We do not just have a ‘desire to have electricity 24×7’, but our modern society simply cannot function without it. We cannot have both our modern way of life and a ‘green revolution’.

  4. Phoenix44 says:

    It’s amazing how quickly we’ve moved from “it will be alright, no need for major changes to your lives” to ” no more flying, no more driving, rationed meat, limited electricity.”

    Now we have the delusion that that appalling scenario can be achieved without mass unemployment and tens of millions plunged into poverty.

  5. jhona says:

    Nobody can buck the laws of physics. The IC engine has the same operating features as when it was 1st developed and its much the same for EC engines eg steam turbines and recips. Sure we have much better efficiencies and less pollution but that’s because of developing materials to operate at higher temperatures reliability and economically. Electronic controls and other allied equipment also play into the quest to keep driving the development on. But to think that nuclear fusion or warp drive space ships – like electric planes – are doable is the same delusion as controlling the earths climate. . The issues as i see it is entirely to do with people who have no understanding of technology especially physics and assume green power can work 247365. The only tangible green generating machinery I helped develop was underwater turbogenerators. But even so these have a sinusoidal output.Sure it is predictable but at what cost £350MWH and what reliability? and what power per machine 5 MW. The other aspect is these know not much do gooders are our political leaders?

  6. oldbrew says:

    How long before tradable energy quotas make a comeback?

    TEQs (Tradable Energy Quotas) is a proposal for a national emissions and energy trading scheme that includes personal carbon trading as a central element. It is the subject of significant interest from the UK Government, and is explicitly designed to address both climate change and peak oil.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Why the next financial crisis could be green
    States, banks and big business have gone all in on ‘sustainable’ funny money.

    green finance is no longer the tail wagging the dog of mainstream finance: it is the dog.

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    I can’t decide if these people are truly psychotic misanthropes, or merely useful lofo type idiots created for the rent/power seekers. Or both?

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