‘Economic emergency’ puts the brakes on Boris Johnson’s green agenda 

Posted: November 26, 2020 by oldbrew in government, opinion

Deluded climate miserablists discover the infinite money tree, which their doom-laden dogmas demand, doesn’t exist. The tidal wave of debt now coming in takes precedence over far-fetched assertions about human-caused weather events.
– – –
Outraged climate activists are blaming Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, of eroding Boris Johnson’s plans for a ‘green industrial revolution’.

In his so-called Spending Review, Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, yesterday announced that Britain’s ‘economy emergency has only just begun’ and that it will negatively affect Britain’s finances for decades to come.

Obviously, Sunak hardly mentioned the climate issue at all.

The Spending Review and its relegation of green issues to the bottom of priorities confirms reports that the Treasury is at odds with Boris Johnson’s green hobby horse.

Ten days ago, the Observer reported about the growing row about Boris’s green agenda.

Continued here.

  1. JB says:

    The more fundamental conflicts of interest Klaus Schwaub and his cronies think can just be put aside in deference to their Universal Unification Uber-Alles agenda?

  2. Johna says:

    And for Brexit to also succeed we need cheap reliable electricity and gas. So stop the climate lies, open borders and foreign aid to rich despots – help the boys dig for the black stuff again Sunak

  3. Dave Ward says:

    Those of us who live in the real world know of the old adage “Socialism always runs out of other peoples money” But I doubt that any of us thought a supposedly “Conservative” government would be heading in the same direction – let alone within the space of less than a year…

  4. oldbrew says:

    UK Gridwatch now shows wind at 0.94% of UK electricity generation, solar at zero as its dark. Outside temp well below 10C and falling. Without gas (57%) UK would be sunk.

    Source: http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/

    Tomorrow’s forecast: temps down to 5C or less, very light winds 2-4 mph. The net zero plan can’t handle this. Four times more wind power (by numbers) has little effect in such conditions, and it’s so obvious they must know it.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    What was that T-shirt now?
    Fairy Godmother,
    Easter Bunny,
    Tooth Fairy,
    Climate Change.

  6. saighdear says:


  7. oldbrew says:

    From The Spectator: ‘A handy guide to going Green’
    Andy Shaw 27 NOVEMBER 2020

    The Prime Minister has watched in awe, as Neil Ferguson and SAGE produced frightening graphs that gripped the nation and forced government action. We will soon see the same ‘scenarios’ deployed to show the coming waves of climate apocalypse. By simply replacing ‘Covid infection rates per 100,000’, with ‘CO2 parts per million’, the same charts can be reused to show the unfettered growth in climate catastrophe. The ‘R’ rate will be replaced by the ‘Carbon’ rate and every natural incident, from floods to heatwaves, will be shown as proof of the climate pandemic.
    . . .
    Boris has announced that we could become “the Saudi Arabia of wind”. Critics have suggested that this is hot air and windy rhetoric. Cynics believe that a reliance on wind will make us “the North Korea of electricity”. Can we look forward to mass rallies praising Dear Climate Leader?

    – – –
    Right now: wind 1.12%, French interconnector 4.94% of UK electricity. Temp: 5C. Laughable.

  8. Paul Vaughan says:

    Pope: IT Mass Stirs Weather Left or Right

    […] one of the best analyses of why presidential elections are unlikely to be effective in mitigating the detrimental effects of inverted totalitarianism. Johnson writes that Wolin’s work is “fully accessible” and that understanding Wolin’s argument “does not depend on possessing any specialized knowledge”. […] Wolin’s analysis is more of an explanation of the problems of the United States than a description of how to solve these problems, “particularly since Wolin believes that the U.S. political system is corrupt” […] one of the best discourses on where the U.S. went wrong”.
    Chris Hedges has argued that the liberal class is unable to reform itself and that classical liberalism has been reduced to a political charade that is stage-managed within corporate capitalism. Because academic intellectuals and journalists prize access to power rather than truth, political philosophers like Wolin were excluded […]
    […] inverted totalitarianism in particular punishes by means of an economy of fear (minimizing social security, […] outdating skills, outsourcing jobs and so on).
    […] in inverted totalitarianism corporations […] dominate the United States, with the government acting as the servant of large corporations. This is considered “normal” rather than corrupt.
    […] dissent is allowed, though the corporate media serve as a filter, allowing most people […] to hear only points of view that the corporate media deem “serious”.

    “Mass dare of puppet some pull in-eur strings” — mmm IT AI IC O[][…well]

    Pope: IT doesn’t matter WHO won USelection. In human history’s monstrous transfer of 2020 wealth from billions of poor to a few supposedly ever-so “special” rich people, no. thing changes.

  9. BoyfromTottenham says:

    I’m waiting here in Oz with bated breath to see who wins this tussle – Boris or Sunak. A titanic battle between Fairy Tales vs Reality. Hmmm. Odds, anyone?

  10. Paul Vaughan says:

    Can’t afford circles $O “well”. Red nos. goal D-ON route 5:

  11. tom0mason says:

    Hey, Bozo look here https://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/

    The UK national debt grows at a rate of £5,170 per second! Rapidly approaching £2.5 trillion!
    When is this government going to stop spending money it does not have?

  12. Paul Vaughan says:

    Boris Left! …an opportunity for a negotiating “middle power” to TAKE ALL workin’ class votes with 3 simple policy flips. Take a left party platform and flip to: 1. no luck D-own “Terre Orwell”; 2. respect for natural climate variation ALLOWED and respected at least by leaders if not every follower; 3. decisively equitable income secures “home” land.

    If UK ant a Ford such circles $0well, Klein in very ant same a11 heure 2*fleur D-e/11/hi:

    Each discrete level in this hierarchy aligns with a feature of the lunar orbit. Be “Cause” Boris burned “allies” so hard, I invite the left to set new precedent by showing superior respect for what Norton calls “the voice of God”.

    I expect political elite will prove IT (inverted totalitarianism) doesn’t matter weather left or right. As in the illustration they can hook comfortably-segregated divisions on strings to pool votes without ever having any “big tent”. So the fun in politics has nothing to do with a “side”. IT’s more about the fun of intuitively understanding divisions, how they differ, how they can fit together, etc.

    But more seriously: I think it will save freedom and democracy if we try this thing I’m suggesting — i.e. a basically-left party with the 3 key flips I’ve outlined to reset precedents about toxic package deals. Political elite may have fun trying it as an experiment. If it works they might secure historical credit for saving freedom and democracy. This only need be temporary. Just give 1 party a LOUD voice for ONE election. If done with true care it won’t take any more than that.

  13. saighdear says:

    Latest news: UK Coal Fired Production INCREASED to match wind -Sunday morning. What Covid can do, perhaps?

  14. Johna says:

    If only society knew that not to long ago our great country was ruled by men who realised the need to mine our vast coal reserves to power industry and transport. These same men where the industrialists who when things went wrong would down a set of overalls and help fix the problem.

    Sadly we have bred generation’s politicians fed by silver spoons that have no clue of this, or how to solve the mess we are in. Yes, there are the scoungers too, but that’s only because there are no mass manufacturing and mining jobs.

    That’s why I call on all good folks of all political persuasions to finish what our WW2 armed forces almost did – get shot of them and level it out once and for all.

    Maybe start with how the climate really works and and then make sure we burn our fossil fuels cleanly and highly efficiently (TE>80%) – until sustainable energy is able to economically power our industries and transport 24/7/365.

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