A guessing game for climate data experienced sceptics.

Posted: November 28, 2020 by tallbloke in Analysis, censorship, exploration, fraud, government, Incompetence

I’m not writing anything in this post which will get it automatically flagged up to our blog hosts or anyone else. Look at the images and see what you think.

Figure 1. Incomplete teaser from the ONS, and my inductive reasoning.
Figure 2. Curious ‘mirroring’ during the last ten weeks would seem to support the inductive reasoning above.
Figure 3. If the reductions in deaths from other causes VS the 5 year average are due to the ‘Rona being written up as the underlying cause, this accounts for 70% of ‘Rona deaths.
  1. ivan says:

    I think your reasoning is the same as mine and we should have been aware of it since day 2 of the first round.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Not so much flu in April/May though.

    Vanished worldwide though. Which is,,, odd.

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    the covid19 bug has cured – heart disease, the flu, lung cancer, normally fatal gunshot wounds, impact injuries from car crashes, breast cancer, and a host of other normally fatal diseases and damage. After it cured those things it then went and killed the people who had them.

    or something

  4. Kip Hansen says:

    Bloke ==> I have a piece coming up at WUWT in the next hour or so on Cause of Death — with a trailer at the end giving links on the Genevieve Briand — John Hopkins — findings and subsequent flap.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Reading the linked analysis, I conclude that people stopped going to see doctors due to Covid, and started living longer.

  6. Phoenix44 says:

    Also look at the breakdown by age. Since June deaths in the over 85s have been in deficit compared with 2019 but there have 3,000+ Covid deaths. So 3,000 Covid deaths are almost certainly just “usual” deaths but with a positive test. It is less pronounced in the 65-84 group but similar – a small excess but a much larger number of Covid deaths.

    But be careful with death certificates. There can be multiple causes on each of the two available lines, and Covid is a notifiable disease whereas flu is not. For example a few years ago ONS decided to record dementia as the cause of death in many cases where it had previously recorded flu/pneumonia – you die of pneumonia but because you had dementia. Lots of the frail elderly die of a respiratory disease because it pushes them over the edge but it would be any respiratory disease. Its tricky and wide open to abuse.

  7. tallbloke says:

    Is it me or are this guy’s responses to my followup to this tweet all sorts of disingenuous?

  8. patrick healy says:

    Sorry to be an old pedant, but in the top chart we have “2020-11-13” Is this a New World Order calendar where we have13 months in the New World Order year? Is this part of the Great Reset?

  9. ivan says:

    Sorry patrick but the date is in standard format: year, month, day.

  10. EternalOptimist says:

    Daughter is a paramedic. She tells me that suicides are going through the roof but are not being reported in the media