Wind Power Generation Intermittency – It’s Worse Than You Think It Is – Introduction

Posted: December 8, 2020 by oldbrew in Analysis, data, Energy, Uncertainty, wind
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‘this is data covering just 800 days, and here we have 265 occasions where the power loss exceeds 500MW.’ = almost one day in every three, on average. [Links to parts 2 and 3 at the end of the post].

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By Anton Lang ~


We have all heard that wind power generation is intermittent, that it goes up and down on a daily basis. However, is that really all that much of a problem, and if so, how big a problem is it? We have also heard that constructing more wind plants will go towards alleviating this problem. Is that correct? Or will that only make the problem worse?

Well, it is in fact quite a large problem, and constructing more of those wind plants is making the problem worse.

Macarthur Wind Plant In Victoria Australia

For many years now, I have been looking at wind power generation here in Australia, and in fact recording and keeping wind generation data on a daily basis now for more than four years. After looking at this data on a daily basis for so long, I could see that it went up…

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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    If the owners of wind farms were forced to install storage to stabilise their output they would all go bankrupt. Their approach is that the public should pay for that very expensive storage while they collect from their subsidised output, while the public put up with the higher electricity bills and blackouts.

  2. oldbrew says:

    California was the largest net electricity importer of any state in 2019
    7 December 2020
    – – –
    Closing power stations, what do they expect? Part-time solar and fickle wind will never add up to a reliable electricity supply.

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Windmills don’t work. Who’d a thunk it?

  4. oldbrew says:

    DECEMBER 9, 2020
    ‘Net zero’ climate targets? Read the fine print
    – – –
    All a vast waste of time, money and resources anyway. Climate isn’t determined by tiny variations in trace gas levels.

  5. Pat Swords says:

    Pat Swords, Chemical Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist and regulatory specialist has launched his book ”The Polluter Pays, but to Whom, How Much, and On What Basis – Science or the Cult of Witchcraft?’. A badly needed critical evaluation and judgement of the EU’s Energy Related Green Crusade to Net Zero

    Wind Aware Ireland congratulates Pat on this much needed critique of the EU crusade to reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and for all his work in ensuring EU institutions comply with EU and international law. Pat has given so much of his time and shared his expertise with WAI and its members over many years for which we are extremely grateful.

    The book is available for free to download at the link below and may be used by members and include in various submissions you might like to make, ranging from wind farm projects to plans/programmes. All you have to do is refer to the Sections you may find find applicable, such as for example:

    Sections 4.4 and 10.4 for the major illegalities in the Irish wind energy programme, or for the lack of benefit in the Irish wind energy programme to date, which is based on false claims, Section 4.2, or for illegalities with respect to allocation of State aid, Section 4.3, etc.

    Download the Book: The Polluter Pays, but to Whom, How Much, and On What Basis – Science or the Cult of Witchcraft?’

    Again Pat CONGRATULATIONS on your great accomplishment and thank you for your support over the years to Wind Aware Ireland and its Members.

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