China has no intention to reduce fossil fuel use. Just the opposite.

Posted: December 14, 2020 by tallbloke in Big Green, climate, democracy, Energy, fracking, government, ideology, Incompetence, Natural Variation, Politics
New pipelines under construction between Russia and China.

A damning new report from GWPF outlines massive new energy projects being undertaken by the CCP which dwarf its figleaf ‘green energy’ enterprises, here’s a short excerpt, but everyone should download and read the full document.

China today relies on fossil fuels for 86% of its total primary energy consumption (58% from coal, 20% from petroleum and other liquids, and 8% from natural gas).28 Rather than curbing its appetite for fossil fuels, Beijing is voraciously seeking more. In the case of coal, China has aggressively relaxed regulations that restricted domestic coal production, seeking to rapidly raise production capacity. ‘In the first half of 2020 China approved 23 gigawatts-worth of new coal power projects, more than the previous two years combined,’ reported
AFP, citing Global Energy Monitor, a San Francisco-based environmental NGO. The CCP approved 141 million tons of new annual coal mining capacity in the first half of 2019. In all of 2018, it approved 25 million tons.

The story is similar with oil and gas, with huge new pipeline and fracking projects underway. It’s almost as if China knows that conditions are likely to get more difficult both in terms of international relations and in terms of climatic conditions, in the face of the solar grand minimum we are entering.

The western countries don’t have any ability to affect China’s decisions regarding energy, but they do have the ability, and urgent necessity, to take stock of their rush to over-reliance on intermittent power sources such as wind and solar energy. The GWPF report details the way western NGOs have been used by the CCP to act as cheerleaders for China’s duplicitous pronouncements on climate action.

The revelation that CCP operatives have been infiltrating western countries’ industries, diplomatic and non-governmental organisations should be a big wake up call to our political leaders. Get your heads out of the sand!

Full report here.

  1. Joe Public says:

    It’s farcical how green NGOs and dumb politicians praised China for its Paris INDC

  2. Johna says:

    Why would any country follow the UK and many other countries who do not give a dam about their citizens? Even Germany is following the UK like stupid fools into a World of fantasy. Where UK wind powered electricity costs £37 per kwh, new nukes £29 per kwh and gas if we can get it – God only knows? Even dumber is the fact if Russia is rubbed up the wrong way it will cut their private gas line to Germany and would not hesitate to annihilate them if they dared face up to them up. And that’s the same as Bojo’s NWO Britain – totally useless and at the mercy of Russia and China. Talking of which this nitwit thinks 4 RN dinghies can stop the French fisher men – is he insane or just plain old fashioned mental?? It must be the later as he’s now cut of all business links to develop new coal oil and gas projects WW – this is just plain political recklessness! And to think we led the World in all of this until these idiots got in power i.e. Blair onwards! And don’t think this can be turned back on in a hurry, as it took the UK a long time to get the skills and economy to become top manufacturing dog in the World. And until Trump got booted out for his crass disregard for covid suffers he was the only western leader who would have taken them both out and he also knew the score of AGW i.e. it is a total fabrication of physics and thermodynamics and entirely of political aims to suit a World Governance that is neither democratic nor wants the majority of people to have a life.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Then there’s the gas…

    Russia’s $400 Billion Pipeline Project Launches Today
    Dec 02, 2019

    The presidents of Russia and China will today officially inaugurate the Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline that will eventually deliver 38 billion cubic meters annually to China, with the full capacity to be reached some time in 2025.

    The deal for the pipeline was signed between Gazprom and CNPC back in 2014 for a period of 30 years, which makes it worth around $400 billion.

  4. saighdear says:

    … and how many of Sturgeon’s “Engineers” are away earning (BRITISH) £££££££s helping to install equipment for overseas Hydrocarbon related companies. In this PC world, there is so much hypocrisy. amongst the “leaders”.

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    The “We Stern!” Bluff

    on the hill bar
    trains form
    dug we sill (sh!)

    The knew west turn “lower class” system caste “[h]o[u]r weigh” buy DC$sign isn’t chain “knees” (“well comm. to the Jung11” GNR) in Scotland’s “H(ale!)beer!” transform.

    Mods sea please the filter (we ink we yank) to find “IT’s west turn” math UNVEI11ed.

  6. dennisambler says:

    More on Russia’s gas ambitions, from the horse’s mouth:

    Gazprom instructed to proceed to pre-investment phase in Power of Siberia 2 project

    “We plan to build 1,942 kilometers of gas trunklines, bring 114 wells onstream, and put into operation three comprehensive gas treatment units with a capacity of 27.5 million cubic meters of gas. We are also going to raise the amount of gas in UGS facilities by 180 million cubic meters.

    As for the linear part, of course, there is the construction of a gas pipeline that will feed gas into Nord Stream 2 (Gryazovets – Volkhov – Slavyanskaya compressor station) and the continuing pre-development of a new field in the Yamal Peninsula – Kharasaveyskoye, which is another major asset that we are currently working on for the new gas hub in Yamal.”

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    Uh… they’ve never made a secret of it

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    The idea of carbon neutrality is arrant nonsense. Can you run electricity generation on sun and wind only? Experience to date shows not, yet politicians are running amok promising this real soon (but after they’ve left office).
    The first and only practical step they should take is banning all travel to climate conferences. They are nothing but expensive holidays for some.

  9. gbaikie says:

    –Johna says:
    December 14, 2020 at 1:18 pm
    Why would any country follow the UK and many other countries who do not give a dam about their citizens?–
    That’s just what politicans say. And when they move their lips, that is when you know they are lying.

    The countries that leading are India and China.
    China still doesn’t have indoor plumbing, one could expect them to continue until at least they get to that point.

  10. Johna says:

    I’m no politician good folks – just a plain old fashioned mechanical engineer. But if you consider the UK is split in two it’s a nap that most countries are the same, or far worse?

    Technically we could help poorer nations have similar western lifestyles and profit out of it – at least with manufacturing and installing electricity clean running water sewerage decent housing transport food etc – all affordable to their below par incomes.

    All it will take is the efforts of Western politicians who want to see that make it happen by re engaging with them.

    This then begs these questions;

    Why doesn’t BOJO&CO, KS& his under managers/JC& his momentum fanatics do this?
    Why is it that all they can do is try and out do each other by how fast they can get rid of coal oil gas and run a World economy on so called green energy, which can’t conceivably do this?
    Why are they so scared to take on China and Russia and claim back our erstwhile good relations with the former nations we helped develop?

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