2020: The year of climate craziness 

Posted: December 31, 2020 by oldbrew in Accountability, climate, government, Legal, net zero
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Climate laws have been passed by carbon dioxide fearing governments that won’t be in office when the due dates arrive. What happens if evidence-free climate superstition is still rampant when these legal requirements are not met?
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BEFORE it even began, 2020 was already marked to be a year of climate hysteria, says The Conservative Woman.

It was the UK’s turn to host the annual UN climate meeting, which was scheduled to take place in Glasgow earlier this month.

Hence, the first eighteen months of Boris Johnson’s premiership saw the erstwhile ‘libertarian’ attempting to establish himself as a global pioneer of green policymaking: banning all that moves ahead of the conference, like some kind of overweight peroxide Ed Miliband eco-virtue-signalling on ‘our’ behalf.

The arrival of Covid-19 caused the meeting to be postponed, but this has not dented the government’s green ambitions to make the UK’s economic suicide the first in what they hope will be a global pact.

Rather than dwarfing the climate change political agenda, the pandemic has somehow boosted it. 2020 was a mad, mad year of climate craziness.

Johnson had the keys to Number 10 for only a month before he began banning things. First the domestic gas boiler in 2019, followed by diesel and petrol-powered cars this year.

Many don’t believe that such policies will happen, stating that their boilers and cars will be taken ‘from my cold dead hands’ – the defiant warning of US Second Amendment activists. But on this side of the Atlantic, it is an impotent cry.

A boiler is not a gun. Moreover, a boiler is not even a boiler without fuel. Switching off the natural gas supply makes a boiler a useless lump of metal, the same as most cars will be if the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars escalates to a ban on fuels.

‘Impossible’, comes the reply from the same quarters, rightly claiming that it will cause chaos and a backlash.

But what are you going to do about it?

Continued here.
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‘Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, never have fossil fuels been more important for human health, yet never have they been more disparaged and misunderstood.’

  1. Coeur de Lion says:

    I’m looking forward to COP26. Even the BBC won’t be able to hide the arrival of 20,000 freeloading eccentrics by aircraft nor cover the final failure of the COP as per all previous COPs. And it will be snowing.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Switching off the natural gas supply makes a boiler a useless lump of metal

    Try explaining that to the courts at the manslaughter trials for those who die of cold in their own homes as a result.

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    these are out and out power mad crypto fascists out to destroy personal freedom all over the planet and install themselves as kings and royalty and a sort of autocracy that is really a kakistocracy. They will continue to blunder from one stupid idea to the next. In the meantime the sheeple will moan and groan and blame some witless third party as they always do.

    ‘Idiocracy’ was not meant to be a game plan.

  4. Curious George says:

    2020: The year of general craziness. I loved the CNN reporting that the riots were mostly peaceful, while cars and shops burn in the background.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Solar flux and sunspots may be waking up.

    = = =
    UK and EU still in the climate doo-doo up to their necks

    The energy sector provisions accounting for 15 pages and 33 articles in the 1,246-page Trade and Cooperation Agreement document are stated to “facilitate trade and investment between the Parties in the areas of energy and raw materials, and to support security of supply and environmental sustainability, notably in contributing to the fight against climate change in those areas.”

    – – –
    The usual airy waffle.

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    2020 in Hindsight

    1. I understand climate alarmism as a western military strategy. No fake bully would be safe pushing so hard.
    2. Western so-called “elite” are now an abusive league of financial and psychological terrorists who inappropriately and reprehensibly take cruel and inhumane pleasure in savaging “lesser” (in their view) beings.
    3. “Democracy” is inverted totalitarianism.
    4. Inferior western math education is root cause of steep western decline.
    5. A severe shortage of sensible judges in positions of power is being sustained.

    6. Hear We shift gears 2 buy $0$ gates fantasy “meandoorwell”. Some corporate “leaders” and lockdown terrorists profited inappropriately from the pandemic (whether economically or politically). Some of them may now see immense opportunity in bioterrorism and also have the resources and connections to make it happen repeatedly. It’s ridiculous that society should go deep, deep in debt while inflating their inappropriately monstrous profits. It isn’t very difficult to see who should be taxed aggressively to make our society more equitable. To the politicians who say “We don’t have the money”: TAKE the money back from the big tech monopolies that STOLE from the mark IT (where IT = inverted totalitarianism). The public are being really dumb spectators on this. This is driving monstrous inequity and the solution (basic common sense) is obviously a better supply of competition. Conservatives: We SIMPLY CAN’T TRUST monopoly’s disruptive mark IT of financial terror locking life D-own $0[]well.

    7. Tragedy: There’s no competent group capable of safely correcting the preceding to estabilsh and defend reliable stability and security.

  7. e.b.naltonnot alot says:

    test only

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