U.S. Solar Industry Itching To Import Chinese Panels

Posted: January 7, 2021 by oldbrew in Energy, ideology, opinion
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There may be a place for some use of solar panels, but replacing all fuel-burning power stations isn’t it.

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By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~

The chief beneficiary of the incoming Biden administration’s climate agenda will be none other than the People’s Republic of China, the same outfit that brought the world COVID-19.

Purveyors of renewable energy are eager to take advantage of Biden’s pledge to move the U.S. from fossil fuels to renewable energy and are already taking legal action to smooth the transition. On December 29, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and solar-power developers, including NextEra Energy Inc. and Invenergy Renewables LLC, asked the U.S. Court of International Trade to issue an injunction prohibiting an October proclamation by President Trump that raised tariffs on imported solar equipment.

The Trump proclamation removed a tariff exemption on two-sided, or bifacial, solar panels, almost all of which are manufactured in China. As reported by Bloomberg (Dec. 29), the lawsuit contends the Trump administration “failed to follow the required procedures” before…

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  1. JB says:

    “the same outfit that brought the world COVID-19.”

    We heard about it “appearing” there in the MSM, but didn’t hear about it appearing in the community surrounding Ft Detrick, the Army’s bioweapons facility, BEFORE the military games took place there. Troops participating in the games had it when they arrived. So did a lot of people around the base weeks before they departed. But that pivotal detail never made it into the MSM. Hmmm.

    It originated at that base, just as the anthrax scare originated from the same military base. The Chinese were set up, just like Vietnam was set up with the Bay of Tonkin The US military/CIA has a very long history of this kind of psy-op and people fall for it every time.

    I’ve worked with the Chinese professionally, and I never trusted them farther than I can tinkle as an old man. There’s no question they were complicit, but they did not invent this synthetic virus. This pattern of propaganda, infiltrate, destabilize, blame and provoke public ire was the hallmark of the Cold War. 9-11, the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

    People are too credulous.

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