Banning Gas-Powered Vehicles Means A Crushing Change For America

Posted: January 19, 2021 by oldbrew in Accountability, climate, government, ideology, Travel

‘By my plan, by 2045…’ – insert ‘about two decades after my term of office has ended’.

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

The election of the Biden-Harris ticket will, we are told, hasten the death of the internal combustion engine in the United States. Once the sale of new gasoline engine vehicles is banned, the only question remaining is how long before driving them is also outlawed? Well, incoming Vice President Kamala Harris promised that, “By my plan, by 2045 we will have basically zero emission vehicles only. 100 percent by 2045.”

President-elect Biden has promised in his two trillion dollar “climate change” plan [a major downsize from Bernie Sanders’ $16 trillion Green New Deal] “rigorous new fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100 percent of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be zero emission vehicles (ZEVs).” Harris has called for this ban to begin by 2035, perhaps even sooner, if the momentum for change continues.

To jumpstart the transformation of the 99.5 percent of the…

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  1. Ilma says:

    If this happens, SatNavs will not need the option “Least use of freeways”, they’ll be empty.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced
    Tue 19 Jan 2021

    Exclusive: first factory production means recharging could soon be as fast as filling up petrol or diesel vehicles
    – – –
    Some snags…
    — the charging stations and grids that supply them will need to be upgraded
    — need to increase the temperature of the battery to 60C before charging
    — they will be more difficult and expensive to manufacture

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    The insanity is strong in demonrats.

  4. oldbrew says:

    What difference do they think they can make to this?

    = = =
    Sky News: One dead as Japan snowstorm causes 134-car pile-up
    Some 200 people were caught up in the crashes on a 1km stretch of motorway as blizzard conditions descended.

    Tuesday 19 January 2021

    Japan has seen unusually heavy snow in recent weeks, with some parts seeing more than double the usual amount.

    Last week Toyama city, on the Japanese coast, saw a new record 88cm (2.8ft) of snow within 48 hours, NHK reported, leaving many stranded.

    Being stranded in the cold for hours in an electric car could be challenging 🤔

    Japan: Snow traps 1,000 drivers in frozen traffic jam
    Published 18 December 2020

    The gridlock began when a trailer got stuck in snow on Wednesday night.

    Another Kyodo report, quoting police and highway operator East Nippon Expressway Co, said the traffic jam had stretched up to 16.5km (10 miles) along the road at one point.

    Officials have been using a combination of heavy machinery and physical labour to dig out the vehicles one by one, but around 1,000 cars were still stranded on the road as of Friday noon.
    . . .
    Another similar traffic jam also occurred in the nearby Joshinetsu Expressway which saw 300 vehicles stranded. That gridlock lasted from Wednesday to Thursday morning.

    According to the meteorological agency, the heavy snow – said to be this year’s most intense cold spell – is expected to continue through the weekend. [bold added]
    = = =
    One report said the very cold air from the north (Siberia direction) was moving over warmer sea and generating snow on reaching land i.e. Japan. Probably not unusual apart from the scale of it.

  5. tomo says:


    I see that the usual suspects are claiming 800kW charge…. like it’s some kind of HiFi audio one-upmanship willie waving competition.

    800kW charging ? – that’ll be ca. 1200A per phase on LV (415VAC) 3 phase – there’s no plain “push” terminals presently available that I know of that will handle that – and if the presently highest rated plug contacts are ganged up with appropriate housing I suspect that the connector alone would weigh in at 10kg plus for industrial duty + interlocks and if copper cables are used – the ‘elf ‘n safertree wombles will ban human handling on the grounds of safe handling weight alone – lifting the connector and cable would likely be over 25kg.

    One feature of high current contacts that few appreciate is how sensitive they are to contact resistance – the normal highest rated plugs are 250A and they are very sensitive to contact oxidation in repeated occasional mating and burn out quite often …. Single conductor Powerlock are better – but these are presently the domain of certified “competent persons” / licensed electricians for the most part…

    1200A @ 400V protection / circuitry suitable for public use seems a long way off – and if the batteries can charge that fast, they can discharge faster …. = fireworks.

    The holy grail of “as fast to charge as it is to fill up with petrol / diesel ” seems likely to be a bumpy and magic smoke filled path …

    What bits of the normal grid will be able to support these beasts?

    Turn up the volts to reduce the copper? – there be more issues….

  6. oldbrew says:

    Tom – they do admit the existing chargers and grid setup couldn’t cope. Send more $$$$$$ !

    With a budget of $2 trillion to draw on, no problem 😆

  7. tomo says:

    As far as Harris is concerned – look no further than Tulsi Gabbard’s takedown in the Democrat candidate debates last year.

  8. tomo says:

    oldbrew – I suppose they could burn the money and revert to steam power….

  9. tomo says:

    The US still has paper money? – so it’d be biomass a la Drax.

  10. oldbrew says:

    19 Jan 2021
    Climate regulation threatens competitiveness of German auto industry – Deutsche Bank

  11. Curious George says:

    2035? Don’t worry. They’ll kill us much earlier.

  12. The craziness is solid in demonrats.

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