UK court rejects appeal to stop Drax building biggest gas plant in Europe

Posted: January 23, 2021 by oldbrew in Energy, government, Legal, News
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Drax power station [credit:]

Another attempt by climate obsessives to dictate UK energy policy to the government via the courts, bites the dust. Reliability of national electricity supply is not completely dead yet.
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The UK Court of Appeals has rejected a bid from environmental campaigners to prevent Drax from building the biggest gas-fired power plant in Europe, reports NS Energy.

The proposed plant, based next to an existing facility in Selby, North Yorkshire, was given the go-ahead in October 2019.

It was a controversial decision as the UK government, in approving the project, overruled its own planning authority’s recommendation to reject it on climate grounds.

Environmental law charity ClientEarth issued a High Court challenge in January 2020 on the decision to grant the 3.6-gigawatt (GW) plant – which it claims will produce up to 75% of Britain’s power sector’s emissions.

But, following a judicial review, the government’s approval was ruled legal by the High Court in May 2020, and the Court of Appeals has today (21 January) decided to reject the group’s latest legal challenge.

ClientEarth’s lawyer Sam Hunter Jones said: “The UK government must stop hiding behind planning policy to justify business-as-usual approvals of highly polluting projects.

“It needs to engage with reality and own the decisions that could make or break our long-term climate targets.”

Drax project will replace existing coal-fired units to create biggest gas plant in UK

The project will see Drax replace existing coal-fired units with four new gas turbines, following the government’s decision to impose a phase-out of the high-polluting fossil fuel by 2025.

The government has made it clear it believes natural gas can still provide a reliable source of energy while the country attempts to scale-up on renewables – with Drax claiming its new plant would be capable of having carbon capture technology fitted in the future.

Full report here.

  1. Phoenix44 says:

    Let’s build in an option to smart meters that allows Greens to opt out of getting electricity when renewables fail to provide supply. Why would all those trying to stop back-up generation object to that?

  2. I am sure the environmentalists will be aware that their efforts have now ensured that the Vale of Pickering gas field is now being decommissioned.

    The U.K. will soon no longer supply its own natural gas. Instead, we will be importing gas from Russia in ever growing quantities via pipelines & as LNG. We also ship gas as LNG from Qatar. Both methods of importing have higher CO2 emissions than producing our own gas.

    Nord Stream2 will soon be operating as the second pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia direct into Germany. The EU already imports 40% of the gas it uses from Putins Superstate.

    The U.K. already imports from the EU & Russia & now will need much more, most of which will be fracked gas. The environmentalists fought against fracking in this country but must find it very acceptable if it’s not on their doorstep.

    A real victory for our economy & the environment? No, it’s not. Both are now unprotected by the actions of the environmentalists who should be advocating home produced energy resources.

    Environmentalists seem to believe that loss of security for energy & food is the ideal & that importing everything is the answer to their fears for the planet.

  3. oldbrew says:

    ‘would be capable of having carbon capture technology fitted in the future’ – paid for by who?

    Any CCS on offer to date is both expensive and energy-intensive.
    – – –
    importing everything is the answer to their fears for the planet.

    Yes, including wind turbines and solar panels too. The infinite money tree will provide 🙄

  4. Chaswarnertoo says:

    So there is some sanity left in Britain. Now, let’s frack our own gas.

  5. oldbrew says:

    In case you were wondering…

    The Grain LNG terminal currently has a LNG storage capacity of one million cubic metres and a throughput capability of 15 million tonnes per annum, equivalent to 20% of UK gas demand. In terms of storage capacity it is the largest LNG facility in Europe and the eighth largest in the world.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Having lost the gas appeal, climate miserablists revert to moaning about the coal case they lost.

    Climate change: Six questions about the Cumbria coal controversy
    1 day ago

    MPs fear that technology to create virgin steel using non-coal methods such as hydrogen won’t be ready by 2035.
    – – –
    In fantasy land the steel for wind turbines would be made using hydrogen made with electricity from wind turbines.

  7. ivan says:

    Why are they going to install gas turbines when all they need to do is replace the coal fired boilers with gas fired ones because I very much doubt the actual steam turbines and alternators are anywhere near end of life. But I suppose they might as well spend the money because it isn’t theirs.

    So much for green stupidity.

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