How the UK Climate Assembly manufactured consent

Posted: February 2, 2021 by oldbrew in Accountability, climate, Critique, government, greenblob, net zero

No coincidence that Ireland and France also held similar climate charades around the same time. All part of the promotion of useless ‘net zero’ ideology.
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This stage-managed Assembly is a sham, says Spiked-online.

There is no democratic mandate for extreme climate policies.

As I have been pointing out for over a decade here on spiked, the political consensus on climate change is not shared by the public – or, at best, the public’s appetite for climate policy has not been tested democratically.

And governments are well aware of this, too.

Last year, six government departments engaged a number of campaigning organisations to convene a Climate Assembly, which they hoped would overcome this democratic deficit and produce a ‘mandate’ for climate policy.

The Assembly presented a report of its recommendations to parliament last September.

But this 500-page volume looks much more like the work of the Assembly’s convenors than any real expression of the public’s views.

For most people so far, the democratic deficit on climate policy has been of little consequence. Emissions-reduction targets have been abstract.

To the extent that the climate agenda has caused problems – such as rising energy prices – they have been relatively easily absorbed by most households and businesses.

Resistance to any of these policies has been easily dismissed as ‘denial’.

But the green agenda has much more in store for us.

Continued here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    Spiked: Of course, no one imagines that academia has no connection to political activism of one kind or another (and generally this is not a major issue). But it would be foolish to forget that academic expertise is loaded with ideological baggage, too. And the speakers presented to the Climate Assembly were drawn from just one side of the debate – the other has been abolished from campuses.

    Not just abolished but portrayed as beyond the pale. So the climate assembly was just an exercise in rounding up a few sheep, and then claiming most of the population was ready to follow. Baaaaa.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Climate Assemblies: Faking Democracy

    What colour dinner plate do you want your bread and water on?

    by Donna Laframboise

    The huge gulf between what the person on the street thinks is important versus what the political class wants to talk about is real. It has been decades in the making, and is not going away. Politicians have, therefore, begun to feel the need to manufacture the appearance of public support for the drastic measures upon which their drastic emissions reduction dreams rely.
    . . .
    Being the voice of human constituents struggling to find jobs, safe housing, and good schools is so passé. Self-appointed and self-anointed, politicians have decided their over-arching responsibility is saving the planet.

    But this bait-and-switch is not OK. There’s nothing admirable about promising voters you’ll improve their lives, and then selling them down the river so journalists will call you a ‘climate leader.’

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