Technology Tease: On The Cruel Promise of a Renewables/Hydrogen Fuelled Future

Posted: February 7, 2021 by oldbrew in Accountability, Batteries, Critique, government
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Undermining reliable electricity supply is deemed to be sound policy by many governments. Their only escape route is to be out of office before the full force of such folly becomes only too clear to all.


Gormless PM struggles to grasp his only solution to RE crisis.

The wind and solar industries were built on lies, run on myth and are fuelled by subsidies, so the only way forward is more of the very same.

It took politicians and punters around a decade to cotton on to the hopeless unreliability and chaotic intermittency of solar and wind power.  Which required an altogether new approach from the rent seekers’ spin doctors.

Over the last year or two, mythical mega-batteries have been pitched as the perfect answer.

But the economics clearly don’t stack up: the biggest battery in the world – that cost taxpayers a cool $150,000,000 – sits in a sheep paddock near Jamestown in South Australia’s mid-North and would power that purportedly wind and solar ‘powered’ state for all of four minutes when the sun sets and calm weather sets in.

Hardly bang for buck, particularly…

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  1. SasjaL says:

    Their only escape route is to be out of office before the full force of such folly becomes only too clear to all.

    The Swedish Government is a good example of politicians desperatly trying to remain in power, as unfortunally most people in Sweden still believe all the propaganda spewed by the MSM. The political opposition are with some few exceptions silently accepting all crazyness generated by the Government (Don’t rock the boat).

    By law (constitution), local councils have the power to stop things like senseless wind power projects and do so, as the public resistance has grown much stronger. The Government are now trying to change the law, so these environmental unfriendly wind parks could be built anway. Historically, Sweden have had a number of governmental politicians with personal economical interest in electricity production … The Nord Pool spot market is one of the results.

  2. Curious George says:

    Please use a headline somehow related to the contents.

    [reply] headline is from the reblogged post

  3. oldbrew says:

    Is Germany Making Too Much Renewable Energy?

    The energy transition of Europe’s biggest economy is running up against questions with no easy answers.
    FEBRUARY 10, 2021

    The transition from a conventional energy system with 24/7 production to one based on intermittent renewables entails more than just swapping one set of energy sources for another; it demands rethinking and restructuring the entire energy system.
    – – –
    If renewables were the answer they wouldn’t be desperate to get even more Russian gas.

    Talk of a ‘hydrogen economy’ is just that – talk. Mass production of hydrogen from renewables, at the same time as catering for existing power needs, plus constant recharging of all the expected EVs and potentially other forms of transport, is pie in the sky.

  4. oldbrew says:

    The great zero carbon criminal conspiracy

    Puts the boot in to the Davos ‘reset’ crowd.