Temperature of -22.9C in Braemar ‘UK’s lowest in 26 years’

Posted: February 11, 2021 by oldbrew in Natural Variation, News, Temperature, weather

Winter in Braemar [image credit: BBC]

Must be a blast from the past, before the invention of a ‘climate emergency’.
– – –
The Met Office says an overnight temperature of -22.9C recorded in Scotland is believed to be the lowest in more than 25 years, reports BBC News.

BBC weather presenter Simon King described the temperatures in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, as “incredible”.

The Met Office said it was provisionally the coldest night since 1995.

ScotRail said the winter weather was causing major problems for its services on Thursday morning.

A Met Office yellow snow and ice warning is in place for large parts of the country until 12:00 on Friday.

Malcolm MacIntyre, of the Braemar Mountain Rescue Team, told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland: “It is a beautiful morning actually and it is really cold.

“The snow is squeaky, which always signifies that it is really cold.

“But in some ways once it gets below about minus 10/12, as long as it is not windy, it just feels really crisp and clear.”

Full report here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    A Met Office yellow snow and ice warning is in place

    Beware yellow snow 😉
    – – –
    Update: it’s worse than we thought! The BBC report now says it was -23C (not -22.9).

  2. tallbloke says:

    Met Office: “We can now confirm that last night was the coldest February night across the UK since 23rd February 1955
    That includes the infamous winter of 1962/1963”

  3. ivan says:

    tallbloke, one has to wonder how hard was the arm twisting at the Met Office before they came out with that statement.

  4. JB says:

    Mild, though I sympathize. Been like that all week here. Spend a winter in Cowley Wyoming where its been known to be -40º for several days. And yes, thank God we don’t have to live where it is worse. I have a friend in Winnipeg who cannot afford to keep his apartment warmer than keeping the pipes from freezing. Being from Trinidad, he spends day and night swaddled in blankets. Keeping a block heater running on his truck all night is an imperative.

  5. patrick healy says:

    Yes here in Carnoustie it got down to minus 10 last night5.
    Dammit! no golf for a week!

  6. oldbrew says:

    Power firms are raking it in.

    As the buildout of renewable generation continues, the UK power market is increasingly exposed to extreme pricing with no low-carbon alternative to coal and gas units’ flexibility to turn to at times of low wind and solar generation. January painted a stark picture of the UK’s challenges as it seeks to decarbonise its electricity. With weather forecasts pointing to further cold weather across Europe for February, the potential for extreme pricing is not yet over this winter.


    But – if they don’t get these high prices in winter, their fuel-burning power stations can easily go bust due to renewables having permanent priority in the marketplace.

  7. oldbrew says:

    the coldest February night across the UK since 23rd February 1955

    Which would be the first winter after the start of solar cycle 19 in April 1954.

  8. saighdear says:

    lowest in more than 25 years …. uhuh, and how many generations of us is that – that we may never forget ?
    Braemar’s “up in the hills” with colder air pouring down ….. How cold on the top of Cairngorm, or Ben Nevis, meantime? or Snowdon, or …… ? So? Just a figure. If I mark my outdoor Thermometer with a thick black Pen, the temp will still be below freezing … ICe is ice.
    WE are close o sealevel with mountains behind and pouring cold air gets trapped here it seems and we remain much colder, in the warmth of sunlight, than our neighbours getting their sleeves rolled up for spring.
    Gridwatch shows COAL producing more than Solar . Wind this now …. for Convenience, OIL ? anybody?

  9. ren says:

    Snow showers from Wales will move eastward.

  10. oldbrew says:

    FEBRUARY 12, 2021

    Temperature departures of 20C below the winter average will grip much of North America and Russia, with North Africa and eastern Asia also copping nation-spanning blasts of anomalous cold.

    The mercury within the Arctic region itself is forecast to rise above average, but this is an expected phenomenon during times of low solar activity as a weak and wavy “meridional” jet stream flow diverts that frigid polar cold south.


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