U.S. energy crisis deepens with nearly 5 million in the dark

Posted: February 16, 2021 by oldbrew in Critique, Energy, government, ideology, Temperature, weather
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Some of the points regularly made by critics of the energy policies of climate obsessed leaders with fixed ideas, get an airing here. If reports like this don’t make it obvious to all that renewables-based policies aren’t working and won’t work, what will? All this is happening when the planned switch to electric-only transport has, fortunately for all, barely started.
– – –

The energy crisis crippling Texas’s power system continued to spread, with nearly 5 million people across the U.S plunged into darkness as authorities fought to avoid a total collapse of the grid, says Bloomberg.

Homes and businesses from North Dakota to Texas are losing power in the middle of an unprecedented deep freeze that has broken daily temperature records in hundreds of places.

The blackouts are likely to continue throughout Tuesday with no firm end in sight as the cold weather is forecast to remain through Wednesday.
. . .
“I’ve been following energy markets and grid issues for a while, and I cannot recall an extreme weather event that impacted such a large swath of the nation in this manner — the situation is critical,” said Neil Chatterjee, a member of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The cold blast is just the latest in a chain of severe weather events that have shaken power grids and upended energy markets globally from Japan to Pakistan and France in recent months.

They’ve all underscored how vulnerable the world has become in the face of increasingly unpredictable weather brought on by climate change and it’s raising questions about the global push to electrify everything from transportation to heating and cooling.
. . .
Extreme weather events are happening more frequently, a shift that’s attributed to the changing climate. Policy makers globally acknowledge the need to reduce emissions in almost every aspect of human life.

Electrifying sectors like transport and heating to use green power is seen as vital to reaching net zero but the world’s grid infrastructure may not be ready for that shift.

Full article here.

  1. JB says:

    “5 million people across the U.S plunged into darkness”
    What, did the sun suddenly quit? Nobody had so much as a candle?

    “how vulnerable the world has become”
    Always been that way. What bubble you been living in?

    “unpredictable weather brought on by climate change”

    The climate has always been changing. Pay attention to the geological records, the ice cores, etc.
    The weather over the long term has always been somewhat predictable. Pay attention to the records

    “grid infrastructure may not be ready”

    Ain’t the grid, Brian & Naureen

    Doesn’t anybody know how to make a decent, factual report anymore?
    This is jibber-jabber.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Those were extracts from the full report, so it may read a bit disjointed.

    The more politicians try to ‘fix’ the climate by messing up the electricity supply, the bigger their self-induced problems are going to get, which then affects everyone else as we can already see.

    Unless/until they admit defeat, they’re going to waste a lot of time and public money on things that are way beyond their control.

  3. saighdear says:

    Well, in the garage today for some spares:had their tv on .. BBC News – you would never know that there was ever a REAL Problem: the american reporter almost had to be prompted by the bbc presenter guy to tell us there was NO WIND where some of the windmills were. …..END. no mention of frozen out generation plant. what’s going on?

  4. oldbrew says:

    GWPF accuses Government of driving up electricity prices and energy poverty
    Date: 15/02/21 Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum has accused the government of being the main driver of energy poverty as its Net Zero agenda is making electricity ever more expensive for low-income families.


    Same everywhere that adopts this brain-dead ‘agenda’.

  5. tallbloke says:

  6. tallbloke says:

  7. tallbloke says:

  8. tallbloke says:

  9. oldbrew says:

    Bloomberg also reports:

    Power plants with a combined capacity of more than 34 gigawatts were forced offline overnight, including nuclear reactors, coal and gas generators and wind farms, Dan Woodfin, a senior director for grid manager Electric Reliability Council of Texas said. It’s not yet clear why.

    Grid frequency issues?
    = = =
    NBC News said:

    The crisis has made the state’s energy grid the focus of fresh scrutiny, primarily due to its independence from the rest of the U.S. Critics say that allowed its infrastructure to shirk federal regulations that require cold-weather capabilities.

    – – –
    But some other states have had similar problems at the same time…

    Homes and businesses from North Dakota to Texas are losing power – Bloomberg

  10. oldbrew says:

    The fiasco makes Trump look like an energy visionary.

  11. Phoenix44 says:

    How is it “extreme” weather? It’s perhaps infrequent but there’s no way it’s never happened before. Lies upon lies upon lies. Why do they need to do that if it’s all so real?

  12. Gamecock says:


    No mention of wind turbines at all.

  13. It doesn't add up... says:

    It wasn’t 5 million people. It was 5 million customers. Probably 15 million people. Then again, Bloomers probably like to minimise the problems.

    Meanwhile some more on the problems for at gas and powerstations


  14. oldbrew says:

  15. How stupid do you have to be to think that freezing weather is caused by global warming?
    And if everything that happens is “told-ya, it’s climate change” then how much work do you need to do constantly to protect yourself from the realisation that you are a total liar and con-artist?

  16. Gamecock says:

    Hey, Hatter, I’ve been seeing it in National Geographic Magazine for 25 years. By ascribing events to ‘climate change,’ you eliminate science. ‘Climate change’ is scientific laziness. No need to investigate, just say it – regardless of what it is – was caused by climate change, and you are done.

    A side effect is that you then need to fix climate change to solve all problems. Remember, everyone has been told that everything has been caused by climate change for 25 years.

  17. Jim says:

    The odd thing, it’s not climate change that is the cause. Texas in the winter usually has icing conditions. Usually up to a quarter inch. This first storm dumped a half inch, that takes out the overhead lines thru weight issues. A second issue they had or have is icing of the gas lines. Natural gas carries water vapor, collecting in the low spots, the pipes have no insulative properties, freezing the water, blocking or decreasing the diameter of the pipes, reducing the fuel to the emergency turbines. This is an engeenering mistake. Same as fiberglass blades that allow windmills blades to ice, and solar panels to not dump water/ ice accumulations.

  18. oldbrew says:

    As I mentioned earlier, the gas installations need electricity to make the pumps work. If that electricity is coming from wind power, and there isn’t any — no more gas.

    Storing large amounts of gas in Texas wasn’t thought to be worth the expense.

  19. oldbrew says:

    FEBRUARY 18, 2021
    Frigid temperatures, power outages lead to water problems

    Winter storms during the past week in the Midwest, Texas and the South forced water service providers to scramble to manage flows as sub-freezing temperatures presented serious problems.

    The Texas city of Kyle, south of Austin, asked residents Wednesday to suspend water usage until further notice because of a shortage.

    “Water should only be used to sustain life at this point,” the city of 45,000 said in an advisory. “We are close to running out of water supply in Kyle.”


  20. Gamecock says:

    “This is an engeenering mistake.”

    You don’t know that. Engineers have to make tradeoffs. Despite this outage, they may have done it exactly right. Mitigating systems cost money. Investing to cover a generational event is likely a bad investment.

  21. tallbloke says:

  22. oldbrew says:

    Biden’s DOE refused to help due to “green energy standards”.

    Aka ‘freeze in the dark, suckers’ 🙄

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