How did UK popular press go from ‘climate fear is bonkers’ to greenwashing?

Posted: February 23, 2021 by oldbrew in alarmism, government, media, net zero, opinion
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Since when did the British Press in general ‘respond to government policy’ by reversing its opinions on anything? Very strange. No evidence is offered in this article of what public opinion of government climate policy, or even of climate propaganda in general, actually is, so they resort to assertions.

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The new green face paint of the British press is not simply a consequence of public opinion.

It’s also a response to new Government policy, says I-news.

Like a shrinking Antarctic ice shelf, collapsing into the sea in the face of global warming, the climate scepticism of large parts of the UK press is finally starting to melt away.

Earlier this month, The Times, which had caused scientists to despair at its apparent support for climate change denial, ran an editorial in support of Government proposals for new taxes to combat carbon emissions. “It is the right approach,” the paper concluded.

On 30 January, Natasha Clark, political correspondent at The Sun, tweeted that she was “delighted to be taking on environment, green and climate news ahead of COP26”, the UN change conference in Glasgow in November.

In October The Sun launched a Green Team campaign so that “every reader can help save the planet” (and maybe win some vegan sausages).

Most surprisingly, the Daily Express, for so long the loudest-ranting climate denier on the UK newsstand, turned its Crusader icon the colour of an avocado on 8 February and implored its readers to “Join our green Britain revolution!”

Alongside that front-page headline were logos of such unlikely Express bedfellows as Greenpeace and Solar Energy UK, and a photo of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak larking around with an electric vehicle charging gun.

Here is a clue to what’s going on. The new green face paint of the British press is not simply a consequence of public opinion. It’s also a response to new Government policy.

Downing Street is working hard to bring the Tory press in line with Boris Johnson’s strategy for a “green industrial revolution” to underpin economic recovery and establish the UK’s reputation as a champion of clean energy ahead of the UN summit.

This is welcome, if worryingly late in the day. It is also deeply ironic. Five years ago at COP21, that moment in Paris where global leaders united to fight global warming, much of the UK press viewed the euphoria with cynicism.

Full article here.

  1. Stuart Brown says:

    From the i article:
    “Bob Ward, of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, has often been frustrated in challenging articles by a cadre of climate sceptic writers, including Melanie Phillips and Viscount Ridley, because editors and the press regulator, Ipso, defend an op-ed columnist’s right to their point of view.”

    Bob Ward. Sorry Bob, did I hear you say free speech needs to be suppressed there? He goes on..

    “Very few editors have a scientific background and they tend to think of subjects being matters of opinion,” he says. “Whereas in science there are things that are facts and things that are not.”

    Indeed there are, Bob, but science is surely about challenging those things you think are facts all the time. Bob has a first degree in geology and an unfinished PhD thesis on palaeopiezometry. So, yes, a scientific background there. Matt Ridley is a zoologist who got his PhD.

  2. ivan says:

    First question that should be asked is ‘how much are the publishers being paid and by who?’ The next question is ‘how does this change in attitude fit with the new world order Agenda 21 Agenda 30?’

    It is not just the UK that is having this problem, it appears in all western nations. It is almost as if the Club of Rome are being aided in their idea of population reduction at any cost.

  3. oldbrew says:

    A few pockets of media resistance to climate propaganda and fake news remain in the world, even if parts of the UK media are crumbling…

    Sky News Australia: There is ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ in the global climate today

    Nothing in today’s global climate is “anywhere near out of the ordinary,” according to former Greenpeace Canada president Patrick Moore.

    “The climate has always been changing and it always will,” Mr Moore told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

    He said the whole “climate catastrophe, emergency” situation is something which is “totally fabricated in the first place”.

    “The beginning of human civilisation came with this interglacial period, and the temperature and the weather in this interglacial period has been a lot more extreme at times than it is today,” he said.

    “This is a relatively benign time for the modern era of climate and weather.”

  4. JB says:

    The initial trade briefing of the House of Atreides;

    “The Harkonnen spice operation took ten billion solaris out of here every year.” Thufir Hawat

    “Now does anyone here still think that the Harkonnen have just packed up and left?” Duke Leto Atreides


  5. Coeur de Lion says:

    COP26 will succeed magnificently under Boris’s charismatic leadership. Promises from everybody. Subsequently no action worth a plastic straw. Anybody denying the billion or so without electricity their coal-fired power stations is a racist and should be jailed fo hate crime

  6. Paul Vaughan says:

    Spring Fields Secure IT Count Sol Carry “John” $UN!

    Home mmmore SIM$UN nos. even with net zero mmm–miss$UN there’samoonrockin the SH!APE“11ove$UNclimate” stream-coursing (doh!$) a round Earth.

    16278263789 (Regular John)” — Queens of the Stone Age (sea cure IT: live verse $UN )


    Artistically (since west turn-style C[E^NSO]Rship dissuades simple straightforward expression with chronic mmmisunderstanding, mmmisinterpretation, & mmmisrepresentation) what I mean by ‘70^2 truth‘ is my aggregate (balanced in well-detected central limit) understanding of Don Biden and Joe Trumps collective mess age: $sum “kind dove” multidecadal-centennial mull IT eerie strategy.

    From 2016 until 2020 the truth was watered down by a clever campaign. They increased by countless orders of magnitude the number of lies to further bury the truth like a needle in a haystack. Then they tied the haystack of lies (peacefully containing a needle of truth) to a riot. The plan was as smart as it was bad: shove good innocents into a bad package for convenient disposal.

    They clearly know what they’re doing and they are clearly powerful enough to simply run over the truth. I hope they don’t $0[]well ‘Cause’ massive waves of homelessness in the “home” land. Their clear ability to do that if they $0 choose is what causes me to regard them as financial terrorists. (It’s how they demand thought-compliance.)

    Clearly expression of cynicism only made things an order of magnitude worse. When overwhelmingly powerful forces respond in deep fear, you know it — and you know that when they are in that deep state of fear there is no hope for reason to play a role in shaping-true compatibility of “net zero” with profoundly sensible “chose sun” course.

    $0 the same basic grievance remains: There’s UNfair buy US$in their can sell ace $UN pole ice seas (they have reach into every organization) — and there’s no safe and reliable con sol ace $UN round visible yet for “peace!” lover$.

    I believe they want the truth well-hidden in public so luminaries can access it quietly, but they feel it’s unsafe to have the masses dialed in sharply, so they decided to throw up an infinite supply of decoys. There’s a logic in the strategy, but I suspect there are those among us who could have done far better given sufficient power and resources (and political shelter) to manage stability operations properly. Overall there’s nothing satisfactory for any stakeholders (except IT’s extreme-profiteers). The outcome is the classic Negotiation 101 orange example.

    If they (and anyone still confused here or anywhere else) are ever going to communicate sensibly about the true net zero shape of Earth’s climate I’m sure it won’t happen before their fear (weather real image UN ace sun entirely compatible with net’s hero Homer Simpson) subsides.

    A curious thing is happening to artists everywhere during present times:
    “For several hundred thousand dollars I suddenly “no. how” to bridge the UN–IT divide.”

    May peace be with you.

  7. hunterson7 says:

    This is very similar, and will likely turn out much worse, than when the Christians reached the tipping point in the Roman Empire. The Church finally served the state goals of Constantine, and he converted..saving his throne and the empire.
    Skeptics are in effect the pagans in relation to the new state religion.

  8. Phoenix44 says:

    The MSM is now just Progessive activists who believe “the truth” is simply the same as their opinion. They are brain dead, so incapable of actual thought that they consider themselves to e clever by believing anything they are told.

  9. oldbrew says:

    Just spotted this one from a few weeks ago… 😆

    No Hansel, Just a Greta Fairytale: What if… Greta Thunberg woke up to a fossil-free world? ‘Why’s there no running water?’

    Closing line: Tune in tomorrow when Greta needs a root canal and learns how Novocain is synthesized.

  10. Phoenix44 says:

    “Very few editors have a scientific background and they tend to think of subjects being matters of opinion,” he says. “Whereas in science there are things that are facts and things that are not.”

    No, people take a view on whether a claim made by scientists has been proven or not. This is so childish I could scream. So many “science facts” prove to not be facts, even after years when they appear to be true. The “facts” claimed by climate science have never been replicated properly and continue to rely on climate scientists marking their own homework.

    And then there’s the politics that DOES NOT automatically flow from the science. I could believe all the science and still think we should not do a single thing about it.

  11. patrick healy says:

    Can anyone verify if Gates/Soros and other satanists gave millions to British media some time ago? Did I dream that? It appears that the Gruniard did/does get bribes from some of them, as the biased beeb gets money from Brussels.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Funny how some of the UK media has done its climate U-turn right after the US election.

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