The Great Pretenders: Intermittent Wind & Solar Simply Can’t Compete with Coal & Gas & Nuclear

Posted: March 10, 2021 by oldbrew in Critique, Energy, Subsidies, wind
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The message hasn’t reached South Korea, now proposing a wind ‘farm’ *SEVEN* times bigger than anything yet seen.


Oh yes, they’re the great pretenders: useless in calm weather or after the sun goes down, wind and solar can never really compete with coal, nuclear or gas.

And anyone trying to convince you otherwise, ought to be gently encouraged to seek psychiatric help.

Especially after America’s big freeze left millions of wind and solar ‘powered’ Texans freezing in the dark.

Comparing ever-reliable coal, nuclear or gas with never-reliable wind and solar is patent nonsense; and only an eco-loon or renewable energy rent seeker entertains that process.

In the latter case, it’s because the wind and solar rort depends upon the engineered pretence that wind and solar are cheaper than the rest.

Ever insightful, Donn Dears takes a look at the number games played by America’s wind and solar crowd in their efforts to pretend to be playing in the big league.

Distorting the Levelized Cost of Electricity
Power for…

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  1. Ian W says:

    If Wind and Solar are going to work then the Contractual language needs to put the coping with variability into the Wind and Solar ‘farms’ court. So the contract should be for the provision of a certain amount of power at a particular quality. IF the wind drops/clouds come over/panels covered with snow – that should be the renewables problem. The renewable/unreliables should be required to contract to a CCGT or whatever to step in when they cannot meet their contractual power supply requirements. At the moment these unreliable power generators are getting a free ride on the grid which is why investors like Buffet are pushing them as they are a no-downside investment.

    The contracts should also have eye-watering penalty clauses for failure to supply. That way the beancounters in the renewables companies don’t start playing games. The failure to insulate the water lines on conventional power generators was almost certainly a beancounter decision (“how often does that pipe get that far below freezing? – Yet you want how much to insulate it?”) so penalty clauses on conventional generation companies should be similarly eye watering.

    Contracts should put the pain of fixing problems onto the people that have the ability to fix them. A grid cannot fix a problem of lack of supply, so the contract should put that on the generator company.

  2. stpaulchuck says:

    Ian W says:
    March 10, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    great idea but as long as the pols are getting greased for setting up installs with their buddies that will never happen.

    A British wag called them subsidy farms. Too true.

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