The Green Mirage

Posted: April 13, 2021 by oldbrew in Energy, ideology, weather
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Wind is generating a mere 1-2% of UK electricity today, the cause being a high pressure weather system with very low wind speeds, which no amount of subsidy can ever prevent. Discuss.

Science Matters

Mirage (2)

John Constable writes at Civitas The Green Mirage: Why a Low-Carbon Economy May be Further Off Than We Think. Excerpts in italics with my bolds and images. h/t Real Clear Public Affairs

Spain renewables


  • The prospects for a sustainable, low-carbon economy as the result of current UK national and EU-wide policies are poor.
  • Empirical experience in Spain and Germany shows that the costs of supporting renewable energy generation are too high.
  • Rising employment in the renewable energy sector compared to the wider UK economy stems from unsustainably high subsidies.
  • Renewables are naturally less productive, so as they are relentlessly pursued, a painful rebalancing of the economy will occur, with fewer jobs and less economic growth.


Bottom Line: The current prospects for a sustainable low-carbon economy are poor in both the UK and across the European Union (EU). Germany and Spain have already clearly shown what happens when state coercion forces…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Earlier today…

  2. Gamecock says:

    Those aren’t ‘findings.’ Those are damnings.

    ‘The current prospects for a sustainable low-carbon economy are poor in both the UK and across the European Union (EU).’

    Shocking! Who knew?

    Uhhh . . . everybody.

  3. JB says:

    A friend was trying to go Alt En a decade ago, and wanted to know how much his 2 wind generators would power his house. They were rated for 600W max, each (he failed to perform the requested energy inventory). I looked up the published wind speed data for Kansas, and found the average max wind speed for practically the entire State, up to an altitude of some 1000 feet was 15mph. A quick calculation revealed each generator would produce all of 100 watt hours, IF the wind was constant. The irony is, just a few months into the installation they both produced 0 watts, as a sudden wind burst oversped the generators which used electrical braking, causing the windings to overheat, and catastrophic meltdown seizing the rotors.

  4. Coeur de Lion says:

    Looked at the Met Office pressure map forecast on Tuesday- my isobaric expertise tells me no wind electricity until midday Saturday. Lucky it’s not winter.

  5. oldbrew says:

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    some years back a British wag coined the term ‘subsidy farm’ for these insane boondoggles.

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