Climate spies: Has new MI6 boss read the Paris Agreement? 

Posted: April 26, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, government, pollution
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Paris_ag15Another climate job creation scheme gets launched at public expense. Not understanding the clear difference between climate and pollution issues is a poor start.
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Richard Moore, the new chief of the UK’s secret service, suggests countries such as China will be watched to ensure climate commitments are kept, says The Daily Telegraph (via The Global Warming Policy Forum).

What climate commitment? Has nobody at MI6 informed Mr Moore about the Paris Agreement?

After all, under international law, China, India, and all emerging and developing nations are exempt from any CO2 emission cuts until 2030 or later.

MI6 is placing the climate emergency at the forefront of its international espionage with “green spying” on the world’s big polluters, its new chief has revealed.

Richard Moore, head of the UK’s foreign intelligence service, described climate change as the “foremost international foreign policy item for this country and for the planet”.

It means the big industrial countries will be monitored by MI6 to ensure they are upholding their commitments to combating rising global temperatures.

Mr Moore, known as ‘C’, took charge of the intelligence agency in October and has become the first head of the service to ever give a broadcast interview.

He indicated that British spies will make China the focus of much of their climate-related espionage by pointing out that Beijing is “certainly the largest emitter” of carbon.

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Continued here.

  1. Gamecock says:


    Announce you are going to spy somewhere!

    China executes spies.

    Is Richard Moore the black or the white spy in Mad Magazine’s Spy vs Spy?

  2. Mack says:

    I hope OO6.5, of the newly, re-woked MI6, doesn’t get caught out in any long car chases in his EV Aston when he goes snooping around China. Could be a rather life, as well as range, limiting experience.

  3. Curious George says:

    “The big industrial countries will be monitored by MI6 to ensure they are upholding their commitments.” What commitments? Isn’t the compliance strictly voluntary? That’s why Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and Mr. Zhou Bai-Den could sign it singlehandedly without asking for a ratification by the U.S. Senate.

  4. oldbrew says:

    New bond movie: ‘A Quantum of Sea Ice’ — in which 007 triumphs over the nefarious Chinese Mr. Big of climate mayhem, saving the world from catastrophe…as usual 😎

  5. tom0mason says:

    Military Intelligence ??????????

  6. Gamecock says:

    Chinese Mr Big is Hillary with a mask.

    Wait . . . what? That’s not a mask?

  7. ivan says:

    I am still trying to work out what the ‘climate emergency’ is that they keep rabbiting on about.

    It can’t be anything about the world getting hotter because we are still having the nights dropping down to 3 or 4 degrees C – and this is the south of France. Or it is the world getting colder in which case we need more reliable power generating stations.

    Maybe the problem is the climate so called scientists looking at their computer games they call models and seeing the promised La-La land getting hotter because ‘the computer says so’. In which case the wackademics need to get out of their ivory towers and move about in the real world for a change, only problem with that is they might die of fright at what they see.

  8. Phoenix44 says:

    What a moron. Is he aware we have satellites and that big coal fired power stations are pretty difficult to hide? Or is he just blathering for his masters?

  9. bonbon says:

    “Here I am with Uncle Roger” – see Richard Moore on Twitter.
    Meanwhile M has other plans – war in Ukraine with NATO and Russia, whose President, Zelensky met with last October to foment. Maybe they also discussed Ukrainian coal?

  10. oldbrew says:

    APRIL 27, 2021
    China doubles down on coal plants abroad despite carbon pledge at home

    “We cannot simply say that we’ll stop supporting coal-fired electricity plants in developing countries,” Li Gao, head of the climate change office at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, told reporters.

    “Combating climate change is also about letting people in developing countries live good lives.”

  11. stpaulchuck says:

    China and India are both committed to building around a baker’s dozen HUGE coal fired power plants and THEN worrying about reducing a beneficial trace gas. If at all.

    What a scam.

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