Solar farms: A toxic blot on the landscape

Posted: May 30, 2021 by oldbrew in Agriculture, climate, Energy, ideology
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solar-modulesGWPF: They’re filled with noxious chemicals, many are made by Chinese prisoners… and don’t even work efficiently in gloomy British weather. The Government admits that more than a fifth of our farmland will eventually be lost to solar farms.
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Across Britain, solar farms are on the march, says The Mail on Sunday / GWPF.

Some 1,000 acres of rural land a month are earmarked for ‘photovoltaic’ panels and the miles of cabling that go with them.

The Government admits that more than a fifth of our farmland will eventually be lost to ‘green’ initiatives such as these.

Last week, The Mail on Sunday counted 270 solar farms under construction or waiting for planning permission around the country.

Environmental lobbyists argue that solar energy is a crucial part of a sustainable future, but they talk less about the growing doubts raised by scientists and angry groups of residents.

Because, apart from ruining the view, solar panels are also woefully inefficient at their only job – which is to generate electricity amid the cloud and rain of north-west Europe.

Then there is the question of disposal.

The materials the panels are made with have a life expectancy of less than 50 years and are difficult and expensive to recycle, raising the prospect of discarded panel mountains leaking dangerous heavy metals.

And with the majority of panels now made in China, there are fears – all too plausible – that some have been produced in forced labour camps, including those where members of the oppressed Uighur minority are imprisoned.

‘A power supply that is always both unpredictable and intermittent is not sensible,’ says Christopher Darwin.

‘In a few years’ time, if winter power cuts increase as expected, people will wonder why solar industrial sites in the countryside were considered anything other than expensive white elephants.’

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  1. saighdear says:

    ‘the question of disposal’ – they live for the here and now. Jam today. The peers are rotten to the core but shored up by the clouded pillars of consent. and so lost in the fog are the cries of reality. ” Out of the depths I cry to thee…”

  2. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:

    Environmental lobbyists argue

    This is where we need need to change the nomenclature. They are not environmental lobbyists anymore than anyone lobbying for toxic waste dumps is an “environmentalist”.

    The ‘green’ revolution will destroy our countryside, out wildlife and pockets for generations to come.

  3. Bryan R Gregory says:

    These people do not seem to have learnt the lesson from the Texas incident this past winter when people froze to death. Another gift from China, first a virus then a toxic dump, and the loss of valuable agricultural land, The CCP know exactly what they are doing! Our latitude gives us less sunshine in the late and early months and all we need is a 1963 winter and the consequences will be dire. For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10 AV)

  4. Gamecock says:

    “Some 1,000 acres of rural land a month are earmarked for ‘photovoltaic’ panels and the miles of cabling that go with them.”

    [citation needed]

    How does one ‘earmark’ land?

    Sounds like the thousand acres a month is made up.

  5. JB says:

    Mother Nature can be counted on to rectify the situation err long. Then it will be clean up and recycling of some of the materials.

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    a dozen SMR’s strategically located about the country would not take up more than about 250 acres or less and are recyclable in the long run. Add in one or two fast neutron reactors to burn up ‘spent’ fuel and you are good for at least 100 years. You could put the replacements units right next to the old shut down units. Good for another 100 years.

    Oh… AND they are reliable 24/7/365 power. Duh.

  7. gbaikie says:

    ” You could put the replacements units right next to the old shut down units. Good for another 100 years.”

    Oh. Is that purpose of solar farms? Create wastelands?

  8. oldbrew says:

    Net Zero solar farm stampede threatens Britain’s food supply
    Date: 30/05/21 Global Warming Policy Forum

    London, 30 May — The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) today is calling for immediate ministerial intervention to prevent solar developers taking advantage of a loophole in the planning guidance to build on thousands of acres of British farmland, threatening UK food supply.

  9. saighdear says:

    @Oldbrew: any original agricultural farmer could have told that! Only the woke or ‘systems farming / funding farming’ generation don’t care. Money’s money, after all. godda live. And if that is what Society wants, then let them eat cake – there’ll NOT be jam tomorrow. How exciting isn’t it, living in modern times!

  10. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Have we reached peak insanity yet?

  11. stpaulchuck says:

    gbaikie says:
    May 31, 2021 at 5:14 am

    do you not know that SMR means small modular reactor? My ending statement meant that when one gets to it end of life you can just plunk a new one down next to it. The total footprint of an SMR is a couple acres at most.

  12. The Mail on Sunday article is accompanied by this video:

  13. tom0mason says:

    I note that at they find that “Built solar assets are ‘chronically underperforming’ and modules degrading faster than expected, research finds”

    Oh what not a surprise! 🙂

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