Warmist researchers agonise over air conditioners

Posted: July 21, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Energy, modelling, radiative theory, research
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Cooling off in Amsterdam [image credit: Amsterdamian]

Once you start believing that a change to 0.01% of the atmosphere of the Earth is a big issue, all sorts of climate hobgoblins appear on the horizon. The example here is the increasing use of air conditioners in Europe, which gets blown up out of all proportion to its importance. Enjoy the fine weather when you get it.
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“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,” Noel Coward famously sang in 1931, mocking British colonials who ventured out into the scorching midday sun at the hottest time of day.

“The Dutch also still think the sun is their friend,” says researcher Lenneke Kuijer. During the August 2020 heat wave she investigated how Dutch households deal with hot weather, reports TechXplore.

“It’s time for change while it’s still possible,” she believes. “Less air conditioning, more outdoor shading and a different way of dealing with heat.”

The number of tropical days in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. Only a hundred years ago, the temperature rose above 30 degrees Celsius on average about one day a year. Now it is already an average of five times a year, with a peak of 8 days in 2020.

And the problem will only get worse in the coming decades, not only in the Netherlands, but also elsewhere in Europe.

According to the latest models [Talkshop comment – which always overestimate current temperatures], heat waves (five consecutive days above 25 degrees Celsius, including three above 30) will not only become more frequent in the second half of this century, but also hotter and longer lasting.

The cause, it is now generally accepted, is the greenhouse effect. [Talkshop comment – most so-called greenhouse gas is water vapour].

Air conditioners: easy and fast

What to do? You can of course try to prevent the greenhouse effect (or mitigate it, as attempted in the Paris climate accords), but many people are not waiting for that.

“They are already choosing the easiest and fastest solution: air conditioning,” says Lenneke Kuijer, researcher at the Future Everyday Group at the Faculty of Industrial Design. Through interviews, she investigated into how Dutch households deal with hot weather.

“As a society, we’re in danger of becoming more and more dependent on mechanical cooling to keep our heads and bodies cool, which is not only inefficient, but also unhealthy. Look at what happened last year, during the August heat wave here in the Netherlands. Essent, one of our main energy providers, saw energy demand increase by 30 percent then.”

“This is something that concerns me greatly. The increasing demand for air conditioners and the increasing energy consumption of these devices are jeopardizing our goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Not to mention the fact that the coolants in many air conditioners act like a super greenhouse gas. The irony is that in our effort to stay cool, we are actually making the earth—and our immediate environment—even hotter.”

Full report here.

  1. RexAlan says:

    I’m in Sydney and my reverse cycle air conditioner is currently keeping me warm. It’s 11C outside at 6.30pm. With man made catastrophic global warming that shouldn’t be happening, thus I can only assume that what we have been told re AGW is wrong.

  2. Joe Public says:

    “The number of tropical days in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. Only a hundred years ago, the temperature rose above 30 degrees Celsius on average about one day a year. Now it is already an average of five times a year …”

    So nothing to do with the UHI consequential upon all the buildings, roads & infrastructure to accommodate the population growth from 6.75m to 17.2m during the past hundred years?

  3. cognog2 says:

    Yes. Pumping heat out of your house for others to deal with does not qualify as a virtue. All you are doing is increasing the Urban heat effect. We are a lazy bunch we humans.

  4. Gamecock says:

    There are on the order of 200,000,000 air conditioners in the US. The Dutch getting A/C will change nothing. It will not make ‘the earth even hotter.’ (Even hotter than what?)

    I find people like Lenneke Kuijer, researcher at the Future Everyday Group at the Faculty of Industrial Design, to be creepy fascists. She is trying to create the future, rather than allowing it to just evolve. She believes that it must be directed. Evolution of society and the economy can’t be allowed, because people will make mistakes, like getting air conditioning.

  5. JB says:

    Lenneke Kuije “investigated how Dutch households deal with hot weather”

    Probably as effectively as my father investigated religion. Just far enough to attain confirmation bias.

    Chicken Littles

    A/C allows me to do things my metabolism wouldn’t otherwise allow me to do, and live in an area that is reasonably warm in the winter.

    Lenneke needs to inspect ice core graphics and “investigate” how much warmer the planet was in before she was born–which is effectively just this morning by comparison.

  6. Chaswarnertoo says:

    So Holland is also recovering from the Little Ice Age. 30 C is a pleasantly hot day, 10x more people die of cold than heat.

  7. pochas94 says:

    Amazing the stuff these brainless idiots come up with.

  8. ivan says:

    I find it quite amusing that this stupid wackademic should be decrying a/c when the UK is pushing to replace domestic gas boilers with air source heat pumps (otherwise known as reverse cycle air conditioners).

    Can’t the idiots get their stories from the same page of the ‘great book of lies of climate change’?

  9. oldbrew says:

    Brits at least are supposed to need to greatly improve their home insulation…which will increase the need for powered cooling in the fearsome summer heatwaves threatened by alarmists 🙄

  10. stpaulchuck says:

    somewhere along the way engineering and science students came to believe they are all powerful demi-gods who can bend nature entirely to their will. Mother Nature and her cousin Lady Karma have a way of slapping the stupid off clowns like this. Sometimes it takes a while though.

  11. Jc Collins says:

    That article is, I dunno. I can’t even. The Euros uniformly conflate a heat pump with geothermal. Yay geothermal! It’s all groovy and stuff. Buddy of mine designed and installed the geothermal cooling system for Bush the younger’s place in the hill country. Works like a champ. It’s failure in detail when you’re dealing with an alluvial soil that behaves like a liquid, like Houston or worse the Netherlands, with a high water table and everyone living cheek by jowl.
    How about a chill water system? The Texas Medical Center, Museum District, and Rice University pretty much work off ONE big chill water system.

  12. oldbrew says:

    International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics > Vol.10 No.2, June 2020
    Changes in Barents Sea ice Edge Positions in the Last 440 years: A Review of Possible Driving Forces
    Nils-Axel Mörner1#, Jan-Erik Solheim2, Ole Humlum3, Stig Falk-Petersen4

    During the period 10,000 to 6000 years ago, Arctic climate was significantly warmer than today.

    Source… ‘https://www.scirp.org/(S(351jmbntvnsjt1aadkposzje))/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=100781’
    – – –
    Today’s ‘hottest ever’ news is empty-box nonsense.

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