Wind farms are shrinking golden eagle habitats as blades make them scared

Posted: July 22, 2021 by oldbrew in Critique, Energy, turbines, wind
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Golden eagle in Scotland [image credit:]

Hardly surprising, but the destruction of the countryside will continue regardless.

H/T Windwatch UK
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Wind farms are shrinking golden eagles habitats as they are afraid of the blades, a study has found.

The birds of prey are eight times less likely to fly near turbines when they are rotating compared with when they are switched off, scientists from the ecological company Natural Research Projects have found.

It is thought the birds are avoiding areas where turbines are situated because the noise and movement makes them feel threatened.

Another theory is that the circling blades remind them of human arms, or they associate them with human activity.

The findings run contrary to earlier research, which suggested that wind turbines primarily pose an injury threat to wildlife, as birds can get caught in the blades when they fly too close.

This is believed to be the first study to expose the threat to habitat posed by wind farms.

Telegraph source: Wind farms are shrinking golden eagle habitats as blades make them scared [paywall]

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  2. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Not stupid, then. Despite the fact that many raptors die in windmills.

  3. pameladragon says:

    About time someone is checking into this but this story sounds more like an excuse than honest observational research. The noise and movement scare the birds away therefore their habitat is shrinking, nothing about the dead birds lying below the blades! If the birds are afraid of the noise and rotating blades, simple solution, turn the blasted things off!

  4. Gamecock says:

    Agreed, Pamela. No reason to trust Natural Research Projects.

  5. JB says:

    Noise/movement, hell. Does anyone like flying in turbulent winds? Wind turbines create a vortex; pressure differentials that are hard to navigate. All they have to do is look at the wind tunnel studies. Idiots.

  6. oldbrew says:

    The Telegraph article says:
    A “species reintroductions task force”, run by Natural England, is examining how to bring back creatures lost due to human activities to reverse the decline of wildlife.
    – – –
    Another public bill to pay due to the wind industry.

  7. oldmanK says:

    The greater threat are aerial electricity lines. Turtle doves migrating in strong wind fly at tree-top level and seemingly never see the lines. Similarly swallows. Birds of prey like pole tops as perches and frequently get fried.
    However the major decline is due to pesticides. In ancestral fields the lizards I remember completely disappeared, in spite of their rapid proliferation where safe. My rooftop nursery has become also a lizard hatchery.

  8. ivan says:

    The other thing they seem to forget about is the number of birds killed by wind farms that have been built on traditional migration paths.

    Wind farms are not good for wildlife or producing electricity – even coal has been producing more electricity than wind in the UK during the past week.

  9. saighdear says:

    How does that work, then ?

  10. ivan says:

    Try using it will give you the full picture, including the incoming from Europe.

  11. saighdear says:

    @ Ivan, Point I was making – for those who care to look: “Next to” ZERO power produced and I don’t want to put thoughts or words in people’s heads.
    May I also take this opportunity to mention that tonights local news tells us that SNP Gov. is AUCTIONING OFF SITES for slaughtering Seabirds. ….
    Looking at the DAILY output of Wind ‘n Solar, one sees the actual production is just so low despite the investment. ( Solar can be so high, only for a short time) – and wind just comes and goes ( Like Faertz) no sustained delivery ofany reliable use.

  12. JohnA says:

    Yeah just like the natives of our former colonies who were petrified fighting with their spears and sticks against the red coats machine guns and swords. Similarly its the lower and middle classes who are now being trod on by the politicians who meet out the orders to brainwash and force the public to accept they must not aspire to have the same quality of life as them as their empire has gone. The real irony is this pee brained idea cant work and has hurt everyone. The only way we can have a United Kingdome (and a new World presence in all things made here and exported again) is to work together and free ourselves from the shackles of our oppressive undemocratic political system. So can we re run and correct the corrupt climate dictate and make Brexit work as CO2 cannot and does not drive Earths Climate.

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