Human action (not gases) blamed for most of Italy’s summer fires

Posted: August 11, 2021 by oldbrew in alarmism, flames, trees

Greece-firesWhatever the motivations of forest fire arsonists, they’re out there in numbers. Climate propagandists may not want to look too closely at such inconvenient details. Dry conditions in summer are not necessarily evidence of ‘climate change’ due to humans.
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More than 70 percent of fires that have swept Italy this summer are caused by human action, aided by climate change, a government minister said Thursday.

Firefighting planes were deployed again overnight to tackle forest fires in the southern region of Calabria and on the island of Sicily, where flames threatened a nature reserve in the north, reports Euractiv.

They are the latest in hundreds of blazes that have broken out across the peninsula in recent weeks, with one, in the west of the island of Sardinia, ravaging almost 20,000 hectares.

Roberto Cingolani, the minister for ecological transition, told parliament Thursday that 57.4 percent of the fires are caused by arson and 13.7 percent the result of unintentional human action.

“Our actions are responsible for more than 70 percent,” he said, adding that less than two percent of fires were down to natural causes such as lightning.

He said the impact of climate change was felt through “a reduction in the average humidity of the soil, to which are added… dry, high temperature winds.”

Cingolani said he did not understand why people would start such fires, as they brought no economic benefit.

Full report here.
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College Professor Suspected Of Setting SEVEN Fires In California — Aug. 11, 2021

  1. Pablo says:

    Click to access 06310.pdf

    ‘During hunting season or target practice, be aware of fires that may ignite due to stray bullets hitting solid objects and thus creating sparks.”

  2. peterandnen says:

    The Rt honourable Alok Sharma, who has a degree in physics, commented today that we should celebrate the increase the number of A and A* physics A level passes.
    OK. Here’s a pub quiz for these physic students while celebrating: (yes/no answers)
    1 Can all molecules on the surface of Earth and in the atmosphere radiate to space?
    2 Comparing the two gases CO2 and N2 it is true that CO2 radiates better than N2?
    3 Imagine the atmosphere of Earth was 100% N2 (no oceans, no water). Would this N2 world be much hotter than our real world?
    4 Imagine the atmosphere of Earth was 100% CO2 (no oceans, no water). Would this CO2 world be cooler than the N2 world of question 3?
    5 Bearing in mind how photosynthesis works: Would a small increase in concentration of CO2 in Earth’s present atmosphere be beneficial for plant life and food supplies?
    6 So an increase in atmospheric CO2 is good for the planet, would also cool our world and reduce natural wildfires?
    (I know Q5 is not strictly physics but neither is text book AGW physics.)
    How would Sharma score in pub quiz?

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