Climate Narcissism

Posted: September 18, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Critique, Politics, weather

Climate is not subject to debate – because they have nothing to say except repeating dogma and empty slogans.

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By Peter Murphy~

Are humans causing extraordinarily bad weather events in the United States?

The question should seem ludicrous on its face, yet many serious, educated and accomplished people in the U.S. and globally claim we are, starting with the President of the United States, Joseph Biden. Add about half of the U.S. Congress, much of the corporate America, and the media and entertainment industries, which purportedly believe such drivel.

Making and believing evidence-free claims about human behavior contributing to catastrophic weather may be explained at least in part by the narcissistic tendencies of so many politicians and others with grandiose feelings of power and importance.

That human actions, namely, our economic behavior in an industrialized world, are causing the planet to warm in a tangible way and resulting in bad weather is belied by science and history.  Something deeper is occurring.

President Biden constantly asserts human-induced global warming…

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  1. When someone presents us with “scientific evidence” that completely omits the two primary causes, focuses solely on a distant tertiary cause, and tells you that there is no room for debate, you should know there is something wrong with more than just the equation.

    Do we need to become better stewards of the planet? Absolutely.

    Do we need to destroy the current system, resulting in wars and the unnecessary deaths of countless millions of people, and that is totally destructive to the very same environment they claim to want to protect?

    The entire “argument” is more than just counter-intuitive and foolish.

  2. Phoenix44 says:

    Climate change is simply the latest faith-based dogma that those who want to run our lives are using to justify their coercion. For millenia it was religion, for 150 years it was ideology, now its pseudo-science. Nothing changes, it’s still the same coercion, still the same restrictions on our freedom, still the same claims – people behaving as they want, people enjoying themselves, people making their own choices are being evil. And of course those that allow or encourage those things are more evil – businesses, markets, freedom of speech.

    The 5,000 year old fight for freedom never ends. The enemy just shifts their ground.

  3. JB says:

    Joe Bite’em was born senile. At least Don made a decent court jester.

  4. oldbrew says:

    BBC propaganda marches on…

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