EU countries struggle to agree approach to COP26 climate talks

Posted: September 25, 2021 by oldbrew in climate, Emissions, Politics
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COP26_2021EU countries can’t agree their best rate of economic decline due to expensive and damaging so-called climate policies that won’t have any measurable effect of the type they seek. Have they considered the possibility that there is no such rate?
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European Union countries are struggling to agree their negotiating position for the COP26 climate change conference, with rifts emerging over timeframes for emissions-cutting pledges, according to officials and documents seen by Reuters, says Euractiv.

The EU is drafting its position ahead of the November COP26 talks, where countries will attempt to finish the technical rules to put the Paris Agreement into effect.

One issue they will try to settle is whether countries’ climate targets under the 2015 accord should follow a “common timeframe”.

In an early sign of the clashes to come at COP26, where nearly 200 countries will negotiate the issue, the EU’s 27 member states are divided over whether targets should cover five or 10 year periods.

The EU’s own emissions-cutting targets are among the most ambitious of the world’s major economies, and the bloc is seeking to spur other regions to set tougher goals.

But all 27 member states must approve the EU’s COP26 negotiating position, and some diplomats are concerned the bloc will fail to present a united front.

“What signal is the EU giving the world if we can’t even get the common timeframes in line with the Paris Agreement?” said an EU diplomat from a country backing a five-year timeframe.

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  1. JB says:

    Uniformitarianism at its pinnacle.

  2. The politicians are getting together to ensure they can put on airs and appearances while at the same time protecting nothing but the status quo.

    The very idea that government will wake up suddenly benevolent and with a genuine concern for the environment and the persons living in this world is delusional on the best of days.